Photos from Life Magazine taken by Wallace Kirkland in July 1948

"It seems that the photographer first followed the folks into town and then again as they went back home. 
The route is out old 60, west as far as just beyond Gregoryille. Some of the landscape and buildings still look the same today.

Many folks did not have a vehicle. An area driver with a pick up, for a small fee, would pick up and drop the family off at the entrance to their hollow. 
In one photograph I clearly recognize the Gregoryille church at the entrance to Smith's Branch. 
A family laden down with their purchases is making their way back up the hollow on foot.

Some would arrive in town with items to trade. Cans of milk and cream can be seen to be used for that purpose.

Most of the photos center around the grocery although a few were taken down at The Grayson Mill where people would take corn for grinding.

I get a lump in my throat just looking at these great shots. What a snapshot of life as it was. 
Every photo tells a story. The folks sitting and leaning on the porch outside the store are so typical. 
The guy with the tin cup picking and singing. The beautiful young lady, fashionably dressed, leaning all to herself. Who is she waiting for ?

Despite their hardships these people all look happy.  Much more so than the harried people you see these days at the local supermarket."

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