The Adkins Family Home

This is the Adkins family home that was built by Wiser Adkins in 1897.  The entire house was built out of one poplar tree that grew in Pickle Hollow. The tree was over 200 feet tall and was over seven feet in diameter at the base.  All the material for the house came from that one poplar tree except the nails, two doors and the windows.  The nails, doors and windows came from Ashland, Boyd Co., KY.

The house was built on 400 acres on the Shanty Branch of Williams Creek next to his father's farm where Wiser was born.  The house was torn down in 1998 and it stood 300 yards off Route 1654, facing the old Williams Creek Road (now Route 1654) and is about 3 miles south of old Route 60 at Kilgor.

Wiser Carnilues Adkins was born March 10, 1840, on Shanty Branch, Williams Creek to Isaac and Polly Lusk Adkins.  Isaac and Polly were both born in Virginia and moved to Shanty Branch, Carter Co., KY in 1835.  Wiser married Margaret Jane Williams in 1859 and they had ten children who were born and raised in the house that he built in 1897.

Submitted by Meredith Paul Leadingham

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