Photos from the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Historical Society web site

Three unit eastbound Lexington Suibdivision freight stopped at Olive Hill, Ky. depot for orders Aug. 1969. GP39 No. 3919 and GP9 No. 5911 visible. Photo by Gene Huddleston.

C&O Manifest frt. eastbound climbs 2.66%grade near Mountain Top, Ky. on Lexington SD. 2-6-6-2 pusher (from Olive Hill)backing up. Road engine 2-8-4 (smoke in distnace). Pusher will cut off on the fly at Mtn. Top. Gene Huddleston Photo.

C&O GP9 No. 5837 switching near Harbison-Walker Refactories brick plant near Olive Hill, Ky., June 1952. Gene Huddleston Photo.

In 1951 C&O Lexington SD local freight for Ashland leaves Olive Hill, Ky. with G-7 2-8-0 No. 979. Stations, water station, etc. in left background. Train has 5 cars and caboose. Gene Huddleston Photo

C&O H-4 No. 1346 2-6-6-2 pusher waits for assignment at Olive Hill, Ky. in 1950. Engineer in white coveralls is oiling valve gear. Gene Huddletson Photo.


C&O J-2 4-8-2 Mountain No. 544 with Train No. 23, The FFV, staring up Little Sinking Creek in Carter County, Ky. on Lxington SD in 1948. A tunnel was once in this curve. Photo by Gene Huddleston.

Submitted by John Hudson

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