Link to photos of Dr. Fultz's home taken November 5, 2008

Sadie (Forrest) Robert's doctor's house at Carter City, Ky. Home of Dr. Harvey M. Fultz.

"I took the above photo 20+ years ago. The house holds an interest for me because Dr. Fultz delivered several of my grandmother's (Sadie Belle (Forrest) Roberts) children including my mother, Donna (Roberts) Carter. I'm surprised that it's still standing."

"A distant cousin told me she could see a "ghost" in the older photo, so I went back and took more photos in April, 2006. She now says she can see multiple ghosts in these. I can't see anything but the house and a lens-light aberration. That's not what she's referring to anyway. I'm sort of disappointed that I never see "ghosts."

"I didn't go inside the house because I didn't have permission to be there at all. The pictures of the inside were taken through the windows."

Barn on Dr. Fultz property.

Right side of rear out building.


Submitted by: Joel Carter

"Dr. Fultz died in 1935. I took this attached photo of the house that I took in 1978.
When I was a boy in the late 1940's Mrs. Fultz still lived there but rarely ventured out."

This is a copy of the insurance policy that was purchased for this house in 1928.
It was bought by Mallie (Underwood) Fultz wife of Dr. Fultz.
Mallie was a granddaughter of George W. Underwood principal in the Underwood-Stamper feud of Carter County.

The barn for this house was built very close by.
The utility of the barn was Dr Fultz's buggy, horses, hay, grain and so on.

Text on the reverse side reads in part: "Warranty that no fire shall be used in barns"

An interesting addendum to the insurance policy is that a discount of $1.55 was given if the insured
agreed that there would be no fire in or within 20 feet of the barn.

The image is here flipped to reveal additional text on the reverse side.

"Notice, - This policy is not ...nable for purposes of colateral security, but only where there has been actual
sale and the title to the property assignment to the new owner will be valid until written consent
has been endorsed hereon ... at its Farm Dev ..... in Chicago Illinois."

Submitted by: Glen Haney

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