"The Southern Queen"

"This is a photo of the Southern Queen in 1933. The Southern Queen was adapted for use on the abandoned E.K.
railroad between Webbville and Grayson. It utilized a gasoline engine."

Note that this was originally identified as the "Blue Goose".

Submitted by: Glen Haney

Click here for a larger image of this photo.

Photo of the Blue Goose

Submitted by: Jane Adams and Terry Baldridge at the EK Railroad web site.

Additional note from Glen:

I don't recall when I obtained my photo however it is the identical  photo that the Terry used on his original EK website.
My photo was blown up from a smaller photo and you cannot see the  writing on the side of the coach. But, on the side of his photo you can make out 

Quoting from Carter County History 1838-1976 book it says, "On February 7, 1929 the Blue Goose.........was sidetracked in favor of a new and more 
modern vehicle, "THE SOUTHERN QUEEN."

Based on this, it would seem that Terry is correct and his old web site as well as my description of the submitted photo was in error.
I would think that most of the passengers rode on both or one or the other and over time it was was more romantic to describe the ride as having 
traveled on the "Blue Goose".

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