The Stamper and Cooper General Store/Eby Post Office, built circa 1877

The building is still standing today. If you look closely at the left-hand photo, you can just make out the "EBY KY" postal designation, in faded paint, to the left of the front door.

Sylvester Cooper b. May 26, 1849 the s/o Cyrus Cooper (1824-1892) and Synthia Stamper (1824-1924) m. Lucinda Elizabeth Stafford b. March 21, 1855. Sylvester, better known as "Vess" and Lucinda started a country store next
door to their home on Stafford Hill.  The Stamper and Cooper General Store sold work clothes, shoes, dry goods, hardware and food -- all the staple items needed for the average family.  As was common in those days, the Coopers took in eggs and chickens to be sold in the store or in exchange for merchandise.  Transportation was slow in those days and the nearest place for the Stafford Hill community to get mail was at Wesleyville.  Eventually, a post office was established and Ves was sworn in as the first postmaster for the new facility called "Eby".  His daughter, Ollie, took over the responsibility of handling the mail when Ves was sick or needed assistance. She was described as being "strict" where the mail was concerned because she never allowed unauthorized person to touch the mail.

Children of Lucinda and Sylvester were:  George W. Cooper; William H. Cooper, John A. Cooper, Rebecca CooperWatson, Cynthia Cooper, Sophia Weaver Cooper, Ollie D. CooperCarver and Ida Cooper.

Submitted by  Garrett and Sherry Lowe

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