Railroad St., Grayson, Ky.

Railroad St., Grayson, Ky.

Submitted by: Joel Carter

In the small park where they moved a log cabin as a visitor center there 
is a stone building facing main street. That is where the city police and 
jail is. That street, Route 7  is where the old E.K. railroad ran. The 
train crossed Main there . The street is now full of motels and fast food places.

The top photo is what the street used to look like looking north . The vacant 
property to the right, where that little park is today, used to be the 
train yard and depot. I think the tracks ran along that vacant strip of 
land between the road and the sidewalk.

For some reason Railroad street never developed south of main street until 
much later when they built the dam.

Contributed by Glen Haney

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