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Griffey Branch ca1960's

This is a picture of the Milten & Castria (Bond) Griffey homeplace outside west of Olive Hill.  It was taken in probably the mid 1960s 
but I don't know the exact date.  I suspect my cousin, Noah Greenhill, may have taken it.  He is and always has been heavily into photography. 

Obviously it's around fall or winter time judging by the shadow lengths and lack of leaves.  But it could be early spring for all I know.   
Anyway, I have identified all of the features that I can remember.  Even though I was young at the time, 10 or less, I can still remember 
watching them dig the hill side out for US Hwy 60 from my maternal grandparents' (i.e. Osborne) place which had a direct view. 

Submitted by: Dave Griffey

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