Photo is the Stephens Theater, Hitchins about 1950. The theater burned down in the mid 70's. The show was over.

"In 1948 when I was 6 years old we moved from Carter to Beech Grove which is about half way between 
Grayson and Hitchins.  Although no  match in size to the big town of Grayson, Hitchins did have a movie theater. 
In addition to movies, theaters back then would sometimes have what was called a "stage show". 
(These days they call them concerts.) 

Anyway, at one particular stage show in Hitchins they had appearing none 
other than Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys. My mother, brothers and I went. After the show ended, my mother somehow talked the 
Bluegrass boys in to coming back to our place for coffee. Being a lad of 6, I was not impressed with who they were, Bluegrass 
Boys and all, but one band member in particular changed that opinion. "Boy, do you like card tricks he asked ?"  I said I reckon so. I 
boasted how I could already do the four king trick and find his card in the middle of the deck. Taking the challenge, 
he then proceeded to put on a hour long magic show in our living room that amazed us all. He pulled coins from 
my nose and cards from my brothers ear.  He somehow made cards float in the air and do all sorts of things we could scarcely believe. 
It was a Bluegrass show I will never forget and not a banjo was played."


Submitted by Glen Haney

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