Kentucky Historical Marker No. 211

Within the city limits of Grayson, near the entrance to Kentucky Christian College, across Landsdown Avenue from the Grayson Memorial Cemetery and the Hillcrest Cemetery, stands Kentucky Historical Marker No. 221.

Where now stands the Administration Building for the college, once stood cabins, the school's only buildings.  Where now runs a dead-end Landsdown Ave., once ran Kentucky State Route 7.  State Route 7 is now 4 lanes wide and runs on the other side of the college.

On the lawn of what is now the college, as shown in the picture, was once the camp grounds where Civil War soldiers gathered annually for a reunion.

The marker states as follows:

"In their blue and gray uniforms for over forty years, Civil War Veterans gathered here annually.  Around campfires, with song and story, friends and former foes revived war memories, and always a pilgrimage to graves of their comrades in cemetery on the hill."

Submitted by  Garrett and Sherry Lowe

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