Published by the Asland Daily Independent on February 10, 2008           

MyPhoto Special: A Carter County Homeplace

This submission for the MyPhoto section is a bit special. Tim Webb, who's name you occasionally see 
under basketball pictures in The Independent, has been walking his mother's homeplace near Carter City for years.

This photographic journey began for Tim in 1978 as a second grader in Clay City, Kentucky. His father set up a 
makeshift darkroom in their living room, and he was amazed as the image of a flooded barn magically appeared 
in the developer tray. That magic eventually turned into a career of photography.

Today, Tim is a successful commercial photographer in Richmond with a strong visual bond to the family farm 
along McGlone Creek, near the Carter County-Lewis County line. It's a place we've been hearing about for years; 
and looking at as the portfolio of photographs expands. 

That's the special part of the submission. It comes with a gallery that can be found by clicking on the link below.

McGlone Creek Photo Gallery

Tim Webb

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