The Carter County Commercial Bank on Railroad Street in Olive Hill

"I would very much like to know the identities of the three gentlemen. They do look like bankers." John Grace

I beleieve this photo was taken about 1925. Note the reflects of the buildings behind the photographer in the left window.

Submitted by: Jim and Roberta Hillman

With respect to that fine photograph, this excerpt is from from - Carter 
County A Pictorial History by George Wolfford:

".......townspeople wept and defended H.Greene Hicks in 1927 after a 
shortage of $87,000 was found by examiners at Carter County Commercial 
Bank. Hicks too, was imprisoned. Ironically, President Stamper had 
advertised the bank, "safe, as far as burglary and robbery is concerned" 
and offered a $1,000 reward for burglars, dead or alive. "I prefer them 
dead."  Hicks kept a dual set of records....."

Submitted by: Glen Haney

This is a photo of the same spot taken June 1, 2008

These are the two Railroad Street entrances to the old Commercial Bank Building.
I've just begun a project to get the plywood removed from the windows of downtown buildings.
If successful, we will be able to greatly enhance the appearance of this area.

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