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Harry Dixon's Diner in Olive Hill

Submitted by: Star Buckner

If this photo was taken in the 1930's, and if that's Tuesday, August the 4th on the calendar, then the photo was taken in 1931 or 1936. JWG
The wording of the Lucky Strike poster may be in part: "and Luckies are less irritating". In 1930, Lucky Stike started using the slogan,
"20,679 Physicians say LUCKIES are less irritating.", and this ad may be a variation on that theme.

It appears that Harry is plying more than hot dogs and hot liver here. Lo, we have a Champagne Velvet beer sign present as well as
some bottles on display. Given that Carter was wet from the end of prohibition in 1933 until Carter voted it out in 1937, I would say August 4
1936 is right on. Glen haney

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