Camp 60, 1942

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Site coordinator comment: Note the house to the rear of Camp 60. It looks like the
orginal house (with the porch) was added on to (the long narrow structure).
Perhaps the original house pre-dates the road, and thus did not front on it.

Submitted by John W. Grace

Camp 60, 1942

Submitted by: Glen Haney

"Here's one my dad ran in Olive Hill,KY at one time. Known as CAMP 60 it had gas pumps, restauraunt and travel court.
These are postcards I've bought that show how it looked back in the late 40s and early 50s. Those days it was on US Highway 60, later
the government moved the road."

"Last year I thought it wise to get some current shots to show how it looks today. It's now a residental dwelling
and the cabins have fallen into disrepair. One or two have survived to be used as storage."

"I've never really thought that owning a motel would be my cup of tea, but as I get older the thought of having a retro style auto court with a gas station as part of the business sounds more and more appealing."

Submitted by: John B. and Glen Haney

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