Pactolus Bridge, 1899

Prior to 1899, it was necessary for people living on the east side of the Little Sandy River to cross the river in order to reach the village or the railroad.  Squire Will Goble, Magistrate; Frank Prater, Bridge Commissioner; and County Judge J. G. Morris went to Frankfort, Kentucky, and asked the Commission there to give them the bridge across the Little Sandy River.  The people in and around Pactolus were vitally interested in securing the bridge.  The members of the Fiscal Court tied in their voting on the proposition of whether or not to construct it.  Judge Morris cast the deciding vote in favor of the construction, stating as he did so that perhaps a majority of the people of the entire county would be against it, but that he believed the people of this community should have their bridge--and they did.  The bridge was completed in 1899, by the Lafayette Bridge Company.  At that time, it was the longest of its kind in Kentucky.

Submitted by  Garrett and Sherry Lowe

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