September 3, 2006

"About five years ago I photographed this old store building in Grayson on 
Robert & Mary Avenue. I am so glad that glad I did, because when I went 
back a few years later it was gone."

"The structure appears to be the kind that was built in the 1920's with gas 
pumps out front. Located as it was on old US 60, it would have been a good 
location for that purpose. When the new US 60 was built, the store was 
passed by and began its slide to the end."

"As a boy, I would pass by the store every day on my way to Prichard School 
and again on my way back home. If it was raining the overhang was useful as 
a layover between the rain clouds. Another added feature was the large 
window panes that provided a convenient mirror for a last appearance 
once-over before arriving at school. On the rare - very rare - occasion 
that I would have a nickel,  I would walk in and treat myself to a 
delicious four ounce Zagnut candy bar."


Submitted by: Glen Haney

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