An Early Olive Hill Album

Submitted by Mike Barker

The photos accessed through the link below are from an album that was purchased at auction in 2007.
A copy of the album was given to Mike Barker, who in turn contributed these images to our Photo Gallery.
We do not know who created the original album, nor do we know the relationships among the individuals in the photographs.

Few of these individuals have been identified thus far. If you recognize any people or places in this album, please 
contact me an I will post your information/comments here. I expect that identifying many of these photos will take several years, 
but our greatest chance of success will be if we all work together.

Mike Barker has identified the locations of some of these photos as being in around Olive Hill. 
I will work with Mike and our other contributors to add as much information as possible to each individual photo.

These photos could have been lost, but now we have a rare opportunity to preserve them for future generations. 

Please send your information to  John W. Grace

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