Will of Daniel McLease

Book 5 Page 319

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have concluded to deduct $114.33 to cover the debts remaiined from
the $464.33, which leaves $350.00 for disbursement.
From the affadavits of Daniel & Martin McLease there were eight
children alive or who had children between whom said $350.00
must be divided which leaves due to each from said Administrator
as follows viz:
1. Thomas McLease alive $43.75
2. Rachel & Andrew Zornes four children $43.75
3. Catherine & Richard Ross five children $43.75
4. Squire McLease alive $43.75
5. John McLease 2 children (??????) $43.75
6. Daniel McLease alive $43.75
7. Margaret & Robert McLease alive $43.75
8. Martin McLease alive $43.75

The above $43.75 due to Rachel & Andrew Zones' children is
divided between said four children as follows (???):
Eunice and Thomas Campbell and their 5 children $10.93 3/4
Martin Zornes alive $10.93 3/4
Rebecca & John McLease $10.93 3/4
Rachel & Jacob (?) Gilbert $10.93 3/4 ------ $43.75

The above $43.75 due to the 5 children of Catherine & Richard

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Ross is divided between them as follows, to viz:

1 Margaret & Arthur Prince alive $8.75
2 Elizabeth & William Zornes alive $8.75
3 Susanna Ross alive $8.75
4 Reuben Ross alive $8.75
5 Mary Ann & Reuben Wilburn alive $8.75

The Administrator in account with John McLease:
Credit by John McLease receipt Jan 1-1853 voucher A. $50.00
" by interest on (???) to Oct. 12-1859 $20.35
On to account due to John McLease $70.35
as herein wherein $43.75
Which makes an over payment of $26.60
Twenty six 60/100 Dollars to John McLease which includes
interest to Oct. 12-1859 - See John McLease receipts which binds
him to refund with interest if his share did not amount
to as much as he drew.

Sarue (?) in account with Margaret & Robert McGlone:
D (?) to amount due them as alowed (?) $43.75
Viz By their receipt in full Apl. 29-54 voucher B $34.61
viz By interest on (????) to Oct. 12-59 9.14 43.75
Which settles the account even (?) and in full -- See their receipt
----- -----
in full. The interest amounts to a few cents more than the

Editorial comments:

On several census listings, there is a Susannah Ross who is listed as "blind".
Daniel McLease's Will leaves open the possibility that Richard Ross
was the father of the "blind" Susannah Ross. This also implies that the father
of John Nelson Ross may have been a son of Richard Ross.

In the Will, "Reuben Ross" is Reuben Truman Ross.

Submitted by: John Grace

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