Will of Daniel McLease

Book 5 Page 317

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To balance brought forward------------------------------ $280.00
to interest on same from Feb. 28-1857 to Oct. 10-1859--- 44.00
By Clerks (????) (???) $38.50
(??) my fee for making this settlemente - 3 days 4.50 43.00
(????????) which leaves a balance of ---------------------- $281.00
Two hundred and eighty one dollars in the hands of the Ad-
ministrator October 11th, 1859, subject to all deductions for other pay-
menhave madets he may have made where proper vouchers are produced.
It appears from the proof refered to that the (?????) only set-
apart to the widow one house and appraised the other; by the
(???) of Kentucky approved March 6-1856 are a a a (???) house was
allowed to be set apart to the widow of a (?????); the house that
was appraised at $40.00 sold for $51.00 - see copy of Sale Bill
herein with filed - and the Administrator hand over to the widow
$57.00 as her receipt for the said house, therefore I have given
herein credit there for. From the proof refered to I consider my self
authorized to allow the Administrator about ten percent on
the account received by him for his services, which I have
done. There are some costs paid by the Administrator and
credited to him herein that must hereafter be charged to
him if he succeeds incollecting the samefrom the parties
with whom......

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with whom he had suits in which the costs "avoid"(???)
All of which is respectfully reported. October 11 - 1859
John Seaton, Commissioner
State of Kentucky
Greenup County
I Wm. Courier, Clerk of the County Court
for the County and State foresaid, do certify that a County
Court held for said County on the 5th day of December 1859.
the (????) settlement with John M. Blevins as Administrator
after (???) over one term for exceptions and (???) being
filed thereto, was approved by the Court and ordered
recorded; whereupon the same and this certificate hath been
duly recorded in my office. Wm. Courier, C. G. C. C.

State of Kentucky
Greenup County

As Commissioner to state and settle the
accounts of "feduciaries" (?), I met at my office in Greenupsburgh
October 11 - 1859 with "Martin" (?) McLease and Daniel McLease
to state and settle "Martin" (?) McLease his accounts as Ad-
ministrator of the Estate of Daniel McLease deceased.
Said Martin & Daniel being the the only children & heirs of said
Daniel deceased that are in Greenup County or reside therein.

Submitted by: John Grace

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