The Civil War Draft for Campbell County

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The Civil War Draft for Campbell County

From the July 1999 Campbell CO. History News

The Civil War Draft for Campbell County

After the first year or two of the civil war, the number of volunteers dwindled to near zero. The Union needed men to continue the war and so the Enrollment Act was passed and signed by by President Lincoln March, 3, 1863. Under the new draft bill, white males and aliens who had declared their intent to become citizens were eligible for the draft if between ages 20 and 45.

An article in the Kentucky Times Star on April 30, 1917 recalled the local Civil War draft and reprinted the notice received in June 1864 by Conrad Hafner of Newport. It read: .

Provost Marshal's Office, Sixth District, State of Kentucky, June 23, 1864, Conrad Hafner, Campbell County, KY. You are hearby notified that you were legally drafted into the service of the United States for the period of three years in accordance with the provisions of the Act of Congress for enrolling and calling out the National Forces and for other purposes, approved March 3, 1863. You will accordingly report on or before the 29th day of June, 1864 at the place of rendezvous or be deemed a deserter and subject to the penalty prescribed therefor by the rules and articles of war. Transportation will be furnished you on presenting the notification at Covington KY., or the station nearest your place of residence. (Signed) Henry A Mitchell, Major 17th Regiment, V.R.C. Acct Provost Marshall, Sixth District of Kentucky. .

The list of drafted Campbell County men shown below was found in the Saturday Evening American for August 27, 1864. This newspaper was published in Covington and is found on microfilm in the Covington Branch of the Kenton County Public Library. The original article lists those drafted on the second supplemental draft for Kenton and Campbell Counties and mentions that Campbell County had 2208 tickets put in the wheel out of which 362 were drawn. The reader should be aware that transcription errors are likely due to smeared ink and small print on the microfilm. .


NameName Name
Abring, Hannon Amenn, John B. Andrews, Wm
Ashe, Bernard Alford, Richard Anderson, Samuel
Ammen, John Anderson, Geo Allbrecht, Chris
Autry, William C Ambeck, Wm Aherling, Geo
Albers, Geo Anthony, Thos Brant, Dedrich
Briggs, M. R. Bloom, John Brown, Adam
Baldwin, T. Buka, ____ Barnes, Chas
Boyd James M. Betz, Louis, Bresline, Thos
Brimstone, George Burkamper, Henry Ball, E. B. Jr.
Browner , Jos. Bowen, Lewis Bradbury, John
Bruce, James Baridan, Wm W. Brinkman, Wm
Besschman. Herman Boots(?), Jno. Bushard, Valentine
Britt, Peter Brackey, R. S. Beagle, M. Warren
Boyce, Newton Burke, Richard Brogansmith, Henry
Brooks, J. H. Baudeman(?), Fred Buckman, Wm.
Beeser, Fred Bartlow, Newton Bickey, Humphry
Bodley, A. M. Boker, Thomas, J. Bryant, Geo
Chambers, Chas T. Clinger, Conrad Corcelus, Edward
Cothoff, John Campbell, Arch Calhoun, Robert
Chalk, Nickolas Cobb, W.(?) A. Chaseman, Aaron
Clark, Wm Collins, Jno Conery, Martin
Clark, Chas H. Carmack, Saml Carson, Jos
Clary, Frank Carney, Jas F. Carr, John
Cluster, John Daniel Fletcher Dameron, W. K.
Dameron, A. Dober(?), John Dye, Theo
Demoss, John C. Demoss, Cyrus Digman, Henry
Day(?), Michael Dilling(?), Andrew Doernholfer, Henry
Darby, Jas A. Daring, Allen Davidson, E. M.
Doering(?), ???? Dulin, Geo Dillman, Chris
Dredge, Chas Doirich, John Dillon, Philip
Derrick, Joseph Durkake(?), Henry Eshler, Ellis
Evans, Edwin Evans, Thomas Ebert, Adam
Enswiler, Peter Euker, Nickolas Emerson. Samuel
Farmer, Jno Fleshman, Fred Fog?s(?), George
Fowler, Thomas Fisher, Henry Fahs, John
Francis, Martin Forstner, O(?) A. Farmer, Wm
Flehman, Conrad Fox, Alfred Frescholtz, Joseph
Fox, George Florer, John W. Gephard, George
Grifton, Oliver Gray, James J. Gosney, Coleman
Gregg, James Goffey, Michael Good Joseph
Gosney, Jno Gosney, Saml Gubser, Saml
Gubser, ?rendolin Garrett, Wm Graden, John
Greip(?), Charles Geighman, Wm Hag, John
Hall, Berry Hoffman, James Hawker, Godfried
Hind, J. D. Horner, Jos H. Hutchinson, Archy
Haldeman, John Hays, Patrick Heins, Chas
Howard, Geo II Hoops(?), Jno Hoefner(?), Sylvester
Hartwig, Xavier Hodges, Merritt L. Hayman, P. F.
Hays, Samuel Hatmaker, Lewis Holly, Jas
Hilger, Henry Harris, Joseph Henderson, Alvin
Hissick, Jas B. Harrison, A. Herman, Geo
Harris, Isaiah Henson, James Hicks, H(?) T.
Harrison, Frank Hoopel, Geo D. Hogus, Jacob
Imperon. J. Ivington, Thomas James, Chas
Jones, Thomas L. Jones, Jasper Jonakin, Wm
Jones, Jos ?? Jenkins, Oliver P. Keifer(?), Jacob
Kuer, Geo J. Kyher(?), W. F. Kinney, Alexander
Kort, Peter Kruse, Joseph Killinger, Wm
Kramer, Michael Kelterer, Jos. Kruir, Henry
Klaas, Frank Koefer, Wm Klime(?), M. A.
Kreutz, Abraham Kizer, James Littleton, Thomas
Linfert, William Lumpkin, Beverly Lampre, Barney
Libba, Edwd Lang, Henry Lasure, Joseph
Lowe, Thos Lyon, Hamilton Limberg(?), Wm
Leming, J. Link, Chas Lininger, Adam
Lee, James Lew, John Listerman, Henry
Libman, Louis Mains(?), Wm R. Morris, Isaac
Minor(?), Robert Marsh, Wm Marchinot(?), Andrew
Mann, Chas McDaniel, George Mullin, Martin
Miles, G. L. Mire, Wm Martin, V.
McDaniels, Tim McMicken, Wm Martin, E. A.
Menznuer(?), Fred McNamara, Jas Mollyneaux, James
Mitchell, Michael Maesselman, Adam Marsh, Henry
McGrew, Jas T. Mordall, Geo Martin, John B(?).
Meirs, Matthias McKibben, John Milice(?), Frank
Mell, Garrett Miller, Wesley Miller, John
McIntosh, Wm Martin, Samuel Moore, John
Newton, Isaac Nigmam, Jno Nichols, Wm
Nichols, Obed Nobloth, William Orcutt, Milton
Ott, Bernard Oeitler, Wm O. Otto, Henry
Owens, Aaron Pohl, Geo Perry, John M.
Petry, Phillis Pearce, Melancthon Phifer, Adam
Price, John Pegan, Geo Perry, Samuel R(?).
Perry, Alexander Phisterer, Wm Rhodes, Xavier
Radcliffe, John Reidinger, A. Regetz, Christian
Roell, Jos Randall, Thos Reynolds, Lawrence
Radcliff, George Reipsoltz, Samuel Rehling, Fred
Reeker, Henry Raymond, Newton A. Reynolds, Lambert
Rape, Chas L. Ryan, Patrick Ritter, Joseph
Roer, Chas L. Schroeder, Harmon Sikes, John
Surran(?), Thomas Schuner, Jas. Sunderman(?), John
Sharber(?), Gotleib Smith, Stephen Shafer, Geo
Seymour, Chas Staffin, Peter Sight, Jno
Stillwell, Joseph A. Southgate, Wm Spitzeberg, Jacob
Strahn(?), Sylver Schofield, Levi Stoll, Frank
Sroute, Henry Sweitzer, Christian Smith, Ben F(?).
Schwab, Robt Spriger, Chas Stevens, John
Schabel, Mike Smith, Armstead Shaw, Jacob
Sedgwick, Matthew Steidhonser, Henry Stroby, Conrad
Sarell(?), Thraus(?) Spalding, Hiram Sphar, Daniel
Seiber, J. G. Stark, Joseph Thompson, Joab
Thompson, E. Thompson. Julius Thompson, Wm
Thompson, Frank Teller, J. R. Turner, Geo.
Tate(?), Edward' Taryln(?). D. O(?) Tatcher, James
Taylor, Jos. Jr. Tommel, Michael Troutman(?), Wm
Ultz, Thos Umpater, Lawrence Ware(?), Robert ?
Walter, Mathias Weaver, John Wolfgang, Frank
Withett, Jas Worsing, Augustus Weaver, John
Wendt, Charles Washington, Geo. Wendel, Adam
Wright, Perry Woodberry, Chas Williamson, Jas T.
Woner, _____ White, Wm Weaver, Dan
Wetscher, Killian Wilson, H. Wagner, Lewis
Weaver, Jacob Wilhelm, Ignaz Whitehead, Jas
Wooster, High White, David Wade, Daniel
Webber, Chas Woodin, Joel Wright, Joseph
West, Samuel Walters, Wm Weaver, John
Worth, David Youtsey, Andrew J. Yuehlman, David
Yelton. John H. Yelton, James, Yelton, Wm
Yancey, Jos Zink, Frank -

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