Veterans of Campbell County, Kentucky

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Veterans of Campbell County, Kentucky
Volume 1

Transcribed by Shirlene Jensen

Rachford,Milton Herbert Navy Seabees 1942-45
Racke,Andrew S Marines 1955-59
Racke,Chester A Army 1944-46
Racke,Dorothy Smith Army Nurse 1945
Racke,Stanley Army Air Force 1942-45
Ramsey,Robert Paul Navy Seabees 1942-45
Ramsey,Robert Russell Army 1967-69
Rankin,Victor F Navy 1941-47
Rath,Greg Navy 1968-71
Rath,Harold E Army 1945-47
Rath,Norman Lee Army Airborne 1944-46
Ratliff,Gilbert A Army 1944-46
Rawe,Lawrence W Army Air Force 1941-45
Rawe.Norbert J Army 1941-44
Rawe,Richard L Sr Army 1946-47
Rawe,Vincent J Army 1943-46
Rebholz,Arthur C Marines 1944-46
Rebholz,Joseph P Army 1969-70
Rebholz,Matthew Army 1861-64
Rechtin,Carl Henry Army 1941-44
Rechtin,Helen Snyder WAVE/Reserves 1944-46/48-57
Reinert,Vernon C Army Air Force 1943-46
Reinhart,Albert J Army Air Force 1942-45
Reinhart,Joseph Timothy Navy 1969-73
Reinke,Leo A Army/Reserves 1951-53/60
Reis,Gilbert Anthony Navy 1944-46
Reising,George W Sr Marines 1942-45
Reitman,Jack N Army 1943-46
Reitman,Wendel Army 1918-19
Reppetto,Earl C Army Air Corps WW2
Rhoden,Clifford J Army Korea
Rice,William Eugene Army Air Force 1942-45
Richard,Joseph B Army Air Force 1942-46
Riley,Ernest B Army WW2
Riley,Wilaon Army WW2
Risch,William J Sr Navy Seabees 1942-45
Ritter,Edwin Michael Army 1942-45
Ritter,Robert F Marines 1948-52
Roach,James S Sr Air Force 1952-56
Roberts,Elden Army WW2
Roberts,Goebel Army WW2
Rogers,Charles Fredrick Air Force/Army Reserves 1963-67/76-93
Rogers,Travis Leamon Air Force 1987-90
Rogg,Francis M Army 1951-53
Rohrer,Gary E Air Force Vietnam
Roland,Edwin Army WW2
Rolf,Gerald R Army 1964-66
Root,Albert Hawthorne Jr Army Air Corps 1942-46
Root,Bailey Southgate Army Air Corps 1943-45
Root,Jack Hayman Army 1940-45
Root,Richard Ira Army Air Corps 1943-45
Rose,Ora E Navy 1943-45
Rose,Robert L Army 1953-55
Rosenhagen,Victor W Army Air Force 1941-45
Ross,Andrew Joseph Army Air Force WW2
Roth,Harold B Army 1942-46
Rowekamp,John Marines 1944-46
Rulon,Lewis M Marines 1944-46
Rulon,Thomas L Army 1976-84
Runyan,Pat Thomas Marines 1943-45
Ruschman,Elmer F Army Air Corps 1942-45
Ruschman,Raymond F Army Quartermaster 1942-45
Russell,Howard Army Air Corps WW2
Russell,James Edward Navy 1954-62
Rust,Alvin J Army-
Rust,Edward J Army Air Force 1942-45
Rust,Paul W Army Air Force Infantry 1942-45
Rust,Urban F Navy 1944-46
Rust,Wilbert Army 1944-46
Ruth,Charles S Jr - Vietnam
Ryan,Diana L Army 1979-83
Ryan,Robert F Navy 1942-45
Sabie,William D Army 1949-51
Sacksteder,Agatha Klump WAC 1942-45
Sacksteder,Bernard Navy Seabees 1940-46
Sacksteder,Raymond A Army Air Force 1943-46
Sacksteder,William Army 1942-45
Saelinger,William H Army 1942-45
Sandfoss,Arthur J Army 1943-46
Sandfoss,Luke Henry Navy 1945-46
Saner,Edward H Jr Army 1968-70
Saner,Jonathan E Navy 1992-97
Santini,Frank Army 1963-65
Santini,Joe Army 1965-67
Santini,Tony Army 1952-58
Satterlee,Ray Army Air Corp Band 1943-44
Schabell,Bruce Army 1941-45
Schadler,Edward C US Maritime 1944-46
Schaefer,John E Army Air Corp 1942-45
Schaefer,Leroy C Navy 1942-45/51-52
Schafer,Arthur Army 1942-46
Schafer,Marvin Albert Marines Vietnam
Schalk,Charles F Army 1954-56
Schalk,Ralph Army 1944-46
Scheibly,Donald J Navy 1951-55
Scheibly,William E Army WW2
Schewene,Louis Elmer Army 1944-45
Schewene,Paul John Army 1958-62
Schewene,Paul John II Marines 1988-90
Schindler,Robert Marines WW2
Schlake,Howard M Army WW2
Schmidt,Arthur L Navy 1945-46
Schmidt,Henry Jr Army Air Corps 1943-45
Schmidt,John Albert Marines 1942-46
Schmidt,John Thomas Army 1917-18
Schmidt,Joseph E Army-Signal Corp 1916-18
Schmidt,William M Army 1942-76
Schneider,Vernon Joseph Army 1951-59
Schnelle,Jerry T Navy 1953-57
Schofield,John E Jack Air Force 1968-71
Schomaker,Robert George Army Air Force 1941-45
Schorman,Charles H Army Air Force 1942-45
Schroer,James A MD Navy 1943-45/50-52
Schuerman,John H Army 1942-46
Schulkens,Larry J Army 1943-46
Schultz,Alfred E Tiny Army 1952-54
Schultz,Carl G Army 1944-47
Schultz,Earl G Army 1950-52
Schultz,Edward L Army 1942-45
Schwartz,Fred W Army Air Force 1942-45
Schweitzer,Chris Army 1942-45
Schweitzer,David C Army 1963-65
Schweitzer,Harold Navy-Seabees 1944-46
Schweitzer,John P Air Force 1967-71
Schweitzer,Willard Army 1941-45
Schwerling,Joseph F - WW2
Schwierjohann,William C Army 1943-45
Schwierjohann,William Paul Army 1980-82
Scott,James Army 1944-46
Sebastian,Truman Navy 1951-55
Seibert,Vincent Army 1945-46
Selby,James O Army 1966-68
Sensel,Elmer F Marines 1942-45
Sexton,James O Army Air Corp WW2
Shaw,David W Army 1955-57
Shaw,Gordon W Army Air Corp 1944-45
Shay,Carl A Army 1944-46
Sheanshang,Galvin B Army 1942-46
Shelton,David Franklin Army 1968-71
Shepherd,Samuel E Navy 1942-62
Shuck,Walter Donald Navy 1941-45
Sickmeier,Charles Anthony Coast Guard 1963-66
Sickmeier,Charles Lewis Coast Guard 1943-45
Simms,Nicholas R Army Air Force 1942-45
Simpson,Gary Elwood Air Force 1969-73
Simpson,Herbert Elwood Army Med 1942-46
Simpson,Larry James Navy Med 1968-76
Singer,Robert Martin Army 1943-46
Smith,Carl C Army 1943-46/51-60
Smith,Glenn William Marines 1945-49
Smith,H W Bill Army 1944-46
Smith,Leroy A Army WW2
Smith,Lloyd G Army 1951-52
Smith,Louis E Marines 1943-45
Smith,Morris Thomas Air Force 1948-70
Snyder,Ralph Army 1957-61
Sohnlein,Howard Joseph Army 1941-45
Speier,Jim Army 1981-present
Spencer,Clinton Warren --
Spilman,Frank Army Revolution
Sprague,Jack Army-
Spreher,William Porter Air Force 1952-54
Stadtmiller,William B Army Korea
Stahl,Michael William Army 1968-70
Stanley,August J Army 1908-11
Stauber,Christian Henry Army 1942-45
Stauber,Leo William Air Force 1951-55
Staudinger,Frank J Army WW2
Staviski,Leo Army 1943-53
Steely,Will Frank Navy 1943-46
Steffen,Paul E Army 1950-52
Steffen,William J Army 1941-45
Steinhauer,Leonard G Army 1942-46
Steinhauer,Lester M Army 1945
Steinhauer,Orville L Army 1943-46
Stewart,James Army/Air Force 1925-51
Stith,George L Navy 1942-45
Stoeckle,Louis J Army/Reserves 1943-46/49-83
Strasinger,Carl Marines 1951-53
Strickley,James Robert Army 1963-66
Stickley,Victor William Navy WW2
Strohm,Elwood Army Air Corp WW2
Studer,Gene J Army 1952-53
Studer,James Gregory Army 1951-53
Sullivan,Edward William Marine WW2
Swafford,James W Army WW2
Tapp,Elkins C Army Air Corp 1922-45
Tapp,Howard H Army 1942-44
Tapp,Richard Irland Navy 1933-44
Tapp,William O'Brien Navy 1921-45
Tarvin,William O Army 1864-65
Taylor,Charles E Army 1943-45
Tharp,Charles Ralph Navy-Seabees 1943-46
Thatcher,John Clayton Navy 1942-45
Thiem,Richard J Air Force 1951-55
Thoeny,William E Navy-Seabees 1942-46
Thoeny,William F Army WW2
Thoman,Raymond Marines-
Thomas,John H Army 1942-46
Thomas,Michael Allen Air Force 1986-93
Thomas,Walter G Army 1942-46
Tiemeier,Harry W Navy WW2
Tischner,Harry L Pat Army WW2
Toner,William T Army 1941-45
Traylor,Gary L Navy 1957-63
Tucker,Harry Army 1944-46
Tucker,Kenneth Harry Army 1967-73
Tuerpe,Earl Army Air Force 1946-48
Tuerpe,Roy Stanley Army 1951-53
Tutt,William Army WW2
Uchtmann,Donald K Marines 1951-54
Usleaman,Roy Thomas Air Force 1960-68
Vaal,Paul J Army 1945-47
VanBenschoten,Benjamin H Army 1942-46
Vater,Charles Ralph Army 1942-45
Veatch,Norman P Air Force 1955-59
Venneman,John Henry Marines 1943-45
Verax,Edward W Army 1942-45
Verax,Michael Edward Navy 1966-69
Vinson,W Michael Army Korea
Voelker,Erwin J Army 1944-46
Volge,John H Navy 1943-52
Vossmeyer,Thomas H Marines 1948-52
Votel,Edward L Coast Guard WW2
Wagner,George Army Air Force WW2
Wagner,Harry C Army 1941-45
Wagner,John James Army Air Corp WW2
Wagner,Joseph D Army 1943-46
Wagner,Leroy B Army 1944-46
Wagner,Leroy Kenneth Army 1917-19
Wagner,Rosella WAC 1945-46
Walker,Charles Army 1917-19
Walker,George Edward Marines 1941-46
Walter,Irvin Charles Army WW2
Warner,Robert Navy WW2
Wasser,Albert C Army Signal Corp 1943-46
Wasson,Donald L Air Force 1966-90
Watson,James Carl Army 1944-45
Watson,John Wilbur Army 1949-52
Watson,John Wilbur Army 1960-62
Weber,Elmer Army 1942-46
Weber,Mary Elizabeth Army Nurse Corp 1917-18
Weber,Paul Navy 1946-48
Weckback,Robert William Jr Army/Reserves 1966-68/73-94
Wegert,Richard O Army/Air Force 1942-65
Weinal,John Army/Union 1861-65
Weinel,Thomas Howard Army 1976-80
Weisbrodt,Joe Ryan Army WW2
Weller,Norbert George Jr Navy Seabees 1942
Wendel,Alfred L Army Korea
Wessling,John H Jack Jr Navy 1948-49
Wheeler,Ellen Almira WAC 1943-45
White,Charlie B Army 1949-52
White,Emory L Army WW2
White,Jacob Army 1791
White,John Daniel JD Sr Army 1942-45
White,Joseph J Army 1918-19
Wiesman,Joseph C Army-
Wiethorn,Ray G Army Air Corp WW2
Wiley,Gladys Elizabeth WAC 1942-45
Willard,Elmer E Army Air Force 1942-46
Williams,Howard Cecil Navy 1942-45
Wilson,Harold Leroy Army 1945-46
Wilson,Leiton Russell Army 1919-22
Windgassen,William Albert Army 1941
Winters,Leroy Alvin Air Force 1960-86
Witte,Edward Louis Army 1942-46
Woeste,Anthony B Army 1943-46
Wright,Junior W Navy 1943
Yeager,John J Army 1942-46
Yelton,Edwin Ellis Army -
Yerkes,William G Navy 1944-69
Young,James W Army 1970-73
Yutze,Louis Army 1944
Zinn,Newton D Army 1942-45

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