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Updated 10/5/2008

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Book TitleCost if Mailed (Call for Pick up Price)
Alexandria KY Photo Book
1883 Atlas of Boone, Kenton & Campbell Co. KY
Agricultural and Domestic Outbuildings in Central and Western Ky, 1800-1865$9.00
Back Roads Tour Book of Northern KY$9.00
Pearl Bryan Murder Story$11.00
Campbell County History-200 Years$16.00
Campbell Co. Source Names and Places$5.00
Campbell Co. Small Cemeteries List & Map$9.00
Civil War in Northern Kentucky$9.00
Civil War Batteries in Northern KY (Map)$3.00
Coroner's Records$24.00
William Frances Corbin (& McGraw in Civil War)$5.00
DeJaco Family$50.00
Discover Newport (Children's Book)$7.00
Early Days of Alexandria, Ky$19.00
Ft. Thomas Military Reservation 1888-1964$14.00
Four Mile - Campbell Co. Ky$11.00
Genealogy Packet$6.00
History of Ft. Thomas - Campbell Co. Ky$14.00
The Legendary Queen - by Leslie Glenn$14.00
Newport Barracks - Kentucky$13.85
History of Melbourne - Campbell Co. Ky$10.85
Oneonta - Campbell Co. Ky$10.85
Pioneer Log House in Kentucky$7.85
History of Silver Grove - Campbell Co. Ky$10.85
They Came Down Two Rivers$14.00
Washington Fire Engine Hose Co. - Newport, Ky$14.00

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