Campbell County Casualty Lists

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October 1997

Campbell County Casualty Lists

The Campbell County Historical Society continues to collect information on local veterans. If you have a family member that lived at least one year in Campbell County and served in the military, you are encouraged to complete a veterans information form and submit it to the historical society.

The following casualty lists were provided by the Kentucky Department of Military Affairs. The lists possibly are incomplete. Any member with knowledge of additional casualties from Campbell County are requested to provide the information to the historical society.

Spanish American War Casualties
Ky State Guardsman from Campbell County

This list shows Name, Rank, Date of Death, Cause of Death and Place of Death. "?" indicates unknown information.

-Boedeker, Albert J. PVT, Aug 8, 1898, Typhoid Fever at Newport Kentucky
-Huesman, William PVT, Jul 30, 1898, ? at Leiter Hospital, Camp Thomas, GA.
-Knan, Louis A. PVT, Aug 26, 1898 Typhoid Fever at Newport KY.

W W I Casualties from Campbell County

This list shows Name, Rank, Date of Death, Cause of Death and Branch of Service. "?" indicates unknown information.

-Armstrong, William E. PVT, 10-07-18, Lobar Pneumonia, Army.
-Banger, Charles, ?, ?, Disease, ?.
-Baugh, Thomas L. PVT, 10-05-18, Lobar Pneumonia, Army.
-Belz, Elmore F. PVT, 10-07-18, Broncho Pneumonia, Army.
-Berry, Edward M. PVT, ?, Disease, ?.
-Browning, Walter W. PFC, 09-13-18, KIA, Army.
-Campbell, Ernest P. ?, ?, Disease, Navy.
-Carius, Edward A. JR. PVT, 10-07-18, KIA, Army.
-Cope, Tobe C. MAJ, 10-23-18, Disease, Army.
-Corgriffe, Earl C. CPL, ?, Disease, Army/MC.
-Coyne, Anthony C. PVT, 10-11-18, Influenza & Broncho Pneumonia, Army.
-Cronin, James J. CPL, 10-7-18, Broncho Pneumonia, Army.
-Delaney, Leroy H. PVT, 07-19-18, KIA, Marines.
-Dews, Earl PVT, 07-19-18, KIA, Army.
-Farmer, Lawrence PVT, 12-07-18, Broncho Pneumonia, Army.
-Findley, Charles ?, ?, Disease, ?
-Goetz, Benjamin J. PVT, 12-02-18, Pneumonia, Army
-Hall, Harold C. PVT, ?, Disease, Army
-Hastings, Roy ?, ?, Disease, ?
-Hawthorn, Howard PVT, 10-18-18, Flu., Meningitis, & Pneumonia, Army.
-Heidemann, William C. PVT, 12-24-18, Lobar Pneumonia, Army.
-Heis, Rowell J. PVT, 10-15-18, KIA, Army.
-Herwig, Phillip PVT, 11-13-18, DOW, Army.
-Johnson, Elijah PVT, 06-08-18, Tubercular Peritonitis, Army.
-Johnson, Robert D. SGT, 06-10-18, KIA, Marines.
-Jones, Clarence E. PVT, ?, DOW, Army.
-Karman, William A. PFC, 10-13-18, Influenza & Broncho Pneumonia, Army.
-Kerrsten, Herman ?, ?, ?, ?.
-Kessen, Martin J. PFC, 11-11-18, Lobar Pneumonia & Empyema, Army.
-Klein, Harry F. LLM-A, 09-24-18, Disease, Navy.
-Kudell, Ernest C. PVT, 10-12-18, KIA, Marines
-Kyle, Thomas J. SGT, 10-06-17, Chronic Bronchitis, Army.
-Ladorer, Frank RCT, ?, Disease, Army.
-Leslie, Harry, A. PVT, 08-27-18, KIA, Army.
-Lewis, Frank J. PFC, 02-28-19, Lobar Pneumonia, Army.
-Link, John, JR. RCT, 10-17-17, Cerebral Hem. (Fractured Skull), Army.
-Maisch, John C. PVT, 10-09-18, Broncho Pneumonia, Army.
-Marksberry, Dave PVT, 10-02-18, KIA, Army.
-McCarty, Jesse E. COOK, 03-10-18, Pneumonia, Army.
-McDonough, Robert H. PVT, 10-09-18, KIA, Army.
-McMinn, David SGT, 07-15-18, KIA, Army.
-Miller, Edmund J. PVT, 02-10-18, Lobar Pneumonia, Army.
-Mumme, William A. PVT, 10-03-18, Lobar Pneumonia, Army.
-Novak, Frank PFC, 04-18-17, Run over by a train, Army.
-O’Day, Nicholas J. SN, 06-14-18, Accident (USS Cyclops), Navy.
-Offenbacher, Wilbert H. PVT, 10-20-18, Influenza & Broncho Pneumonia, Army.
-Prizer, Lawrence F. MSG, ?, KIA, Army.
-Prout, Ray M. PFC, 07-03-18, KIA, Army.
-Pryer, Raymond ?, ?, ?, ?.
-Racke, William A. RCT, 09-11-18, Unknown (Found Dead) CP Greene, Army.
-Radcliffe, Carl ?, ?, Disease, ?.
-Ratcliff, William M. PVT, 10-31-18, Measles & Pneumonia, Army.
-Record, Alvie PVT, 10-07-18, Broncho Pneumonia, Army.
-Renger, Martin ?, ?, ?, ?.
-Reuther, George E. SA, 09-25-18, Disease, Navy.
-Roettger, Carl F. PVT, PVT, 10-11-18, Lobar Pneumonia, Army.
-Schuchter, Albert G. PVT, 11-01-18, KIA, Army.
-Schwienber, William W. PVT, 11-10-18, Acute Alcoholic Poisoning, Army.
-Shiffer, Charles H. CPL, 10-28-18, Pneumonia, Navy.
-Simon, George B. PVT, 10-13-18, Broncho Pneumonia & Pleurisy, Army.
-Sullivan, John P. PVT, 07-24-18, KIA, Army.
-Tackett, Morya CPL, 09-28-18, KIA, Army.
-Teichmoller, John G. 2LT, ?, DOW, ?
-Timme, Leroy B. PVT, 11-21-18, Influenza & Pneumonia, Army.
-Totten, Harold CPL, 10-17-18, Broncho Pneumonia & Influenza, Army.
-Van Agthoven, Rowland J. PVT, 09-02-17, Car Accident (Fractured Skull), Army.
-Wald, Lawrence ?, ?, Disease, ?.
-Weinel, George W. RCT, 10-26-18, Lobar Pneumonia, Army.
-Welch, William F. PVT, 06-07-18, KIA, Marines.
-Wessling, Roy ?, ?, KIA, ?
-West, George ?, ?, ?, ?.
-Whaley, George ?, ?, Disease, ?.
-Wilson, Charles W. PVT, 07-18-18, KIA, Army
-Zientak, Walter SGT, ?, Diaease, Army.
-Zier, Joseph PVT, 10-10-18, KIA, Army.

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