Campbell County Land Grants

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October 1997

Campbell County Land Grants

The following land grants were found in one of the books recovered from the attic of the Alexandria courthouse. The grants are numbered one through thirteen with a blank page between Grants numbered ten and twelve. Grant number twelve shows two individuals acquiring land together as partners. The County Clerk may have considered this double grant as being both grant eleven and twelve.

The wording for each grant is precisely the same except for:
- {1}The name of the grant recipient;
- {2}The acres acquired and total price (always 5 cents / acre);
- {3}The date of the certificate given the recipient;
- {4}The date authorization was given the surveyor.

Only grant one will be printed here with the items that change marked with a { }. Information from the later grants will be shown at the end of the article. The first section shows the receipt that was apparently given the grant recipient when he paid his 5 cents per acre to the County Treasurer. The second section is the instructions given to the county surveyor. All abbreviations were typed as shown in the original document.

Recd of {1}Hubbard D. Helm fifty Dollars in county Claims for {2}one thousand acres of unappropriated land in Campbell County in pursuance to an act of Legislature of Kentucky approved 21st February 1837 and in conformity with an order of the Campbell County Court made at the September Term 1842. Given under my hand this {3}7, Octr 1842. {signed} Jno. N Taleaferro, Cty Treas.

County Land Warrant no. one. State of Kentucky. Campbell County To William K. Franklin, surveyor of Campbell County Greetings. This shall be your sufficient warrant to survey and lay off for {1}Hubbard D. Helm or his assigns {2}one thousand acres of land in any vacant land in Campbell County in consideration of fifty dollars paid to the treasurer of Campbell County as appears by his certificate and receipt dated the {3}7th day of Octr 1842 on file in my office, and by virtue of an act of the Legislature of Kentucky approved 21st day of Feby 1837, entitled an act to amend the 2nd section of the act of 1835 appropriating the vacant lands of this commonílth North and East of the Tennessee river to the counties in which they lie for Internal improvement. Given under my hand and seal as clerk of the County Court for the County of Campbell this {4}10th day of Octr 1842. {Signed} Benjn D. Beall clk {SEAL drawn in}

The complete list of warrants with the information that changed is listed below.
Please remember that:
{1} is the name of the grant recipient;
{2} is the acres acquired (at 5 cents per acre);
{3} is the date of the certificate given the recipient;
{4}is the date authorization was given the surveyor.

#1 {1}Hubbard D. Helm, {2}1,000, {3} Oct 7, 1842, {4} Oct 10, 1842.
#2 {1}Joseph Colshear {2} 141, {3} Oct 16, 1843, {4} Nov. 2 1843
#3 {1}Philip Huffman {2} 60, {3} Feb 26, 1844, {4} Feb 27, 1844
#4 {1}Benjamin Harris {2} 65 {3} Mar 8, 1844, {4} Mar 9 1844
#5 {1}James F. Bartlow {2} 30 {4} Apr 2. 1844 {4} Apr 24 1845
#6 {1}Genr James Taylor {2} 285 {3} April 8, 1845 {4} Apr 8, 1845.
#7 {1}Ben D. Beall {2} 200 {3} Feb 13, 1847, {4} No surveyor info. listed.
#8 {1}Thomas Quantrill {2}10 acres {3} Sept 20, 1847 {4} Sept 21, 1847
#9 {1}Thomas Quantrill {2} 50 acres {3} Sept 30, 1847 {4} Sept 30, 1847
#10 {1} Jesse Yelton {2} 100 acres {3} 20 July 1848 {4} 16 Aug 1848
#11 Blank page only. Possibly included in warrent 12
#12 {1} Levi Dicken & Christopher Kercheval {2}150 acres {3}July 9, 1850 {4} July 12, 1850
#13 {1} George W. Vandivir {2}10 acres {3} Sept 23 1851 {4} Sept 23 1851.

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