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January 1998


The following information on tavern owners was copied from a license register maintained at the Alexandria Courthouse from November 4, 1878 till January 2, 1894. The list appears to be incomplete with no listings for the years 1881 and 1891 and limited entries in some other years. Entries starting in 1884 list the Tavern location in the remarks column. The license fee was $50 in 1878, $100 starting in July 1884, and $150 beginning in 1887. The fee from 1892 through 1894 was $50 for some and $150 for others with no explanation for the price difference given.

The license holder was given a certificate that read: (NAME) This day appeared in open Court, and made application for a LICENSE TO KEEP A TAVERN, with the privilege of retailing Spirituous, Vinous and Malt liquors in (LOCATION) and he having executed bond, which was approved by the Court, and taken the oath prescribed by law, and having paid the tax due the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the Court therefore ordered that a License be granted him to keep a Tavern as aforesaid for the ensuing twelve months, with the privilege of retailing Spirituous Liquors, subject to the restrictions imposed by the Statutes of Kentucky. Therefore the License is hereby issued, but is not transferable, and will expire on the (DAY) of (MONTH), (YEAR).

The certificate then has a place to list the Tavern Rates charged for:
- Breakfast, Dinner and Supper, each (BLANK TIME PERIOD).
- Lodging per night.
- Common Whisky per drink.
- All other Whisky, per drink.
- All Brandy, Rum, Gin and Wine per drink.
- Grain, per gallon or feed.
- Horse, per night, with hay and grain.
- Pasturage, per day.

The list gives the owner’s name, year(s) that person was issued a permit, tavern location when shown and individuals who received a $50 permit instead of the $150 permit between 1892 and 1894.
Henry Asplan 1879-80-83-84-86-87-88. Alexandria.
Frederick Barth 1879-80- 83-84. 9 Mile
F Barth and sons 1885 Alexandria.
Adam Bendell 1879-80.
Stephen Blau 1879
Edwin Bray 1893 Braysville $50.
J N Chalk 1893 12 Mile Pike $50.
Dominic Deitrich 1993 6 Mile House.
Alois Eshau (Eshan?) 1885-86-87 Alexandria.
Catherine Farrenholtz(?) 1893 Cold Spring.
Wm Farhuoltz 1880. says Pd in Npt.
B. B. Gosney 1893 Grants Lick.
Ben P. Gosney 1879-80-83.
Robert Gosney 1893 Claryville.
George Groh 1990 Alexandria.
Jacob Martz 1892 8 Mile, 1893 Ross.
August Meister 1883-84-85. Alexandria.
John Miller 1893 Pond Creek.
John Reitman 1893 Four Mile Pike.
Stephen Schinschang 1878.
Jno S Sheaushaug (Scheanshang?) 1883-84-85 Grants Lick.
Guy Smith 1893 Melbourne.
M. Tritschler 1893 Alexandria.
Mathias Tritschler 1879.
A.W. Uthe 1893. Four Mile.
Wm Uthe 1879.
Peter Wagoner 1893 Four Mile $50.
Ferdinand Winterhalter 1879-80.
Susan Winterhalter 1883-84-85-89-90. (89 listed as a "C.H." License. Also listed and scratched out in 1893) Alexandria.
A.G. Wolborn 1893 12 Mile $50, 1894 Gubser Mill $50.
Harry Yost 1893 Licking Pike.
Balser Zieglar 82-93 10 Mile Road $50.
Barth Ziegler 1878-79-80.

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