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Chronology of
Gabriel Winters Price

[yet unpublished]History of Price Family of Sonora CA
with McQuade Ancestors from Ireland/Australia and
Garrard/ Price Ancestors from Virginia/ Kentucky

By Sue Rydberg Canavan          
copyright 2001

Contributed by: Sue Rydberg
May 23, 2005

This is part of the book section named “Chronologies”
[Documentation sources listed in italics within brackets.]
{notes/comments listed between curly brackets]

 1801 KY Birth [Parents: probably Kalem/Kellum/Cullum and Elizabeth PRICE.]*                                        
[1850, 1860,  US CENSUS  KY  Clay Co.]  
          [Inscription on tombstone. Photo with clear markings.]
          {Unknown, exact place of birth. Many different clues: Family letter says Bluegrass           Country and one of his census records lists Boone Co.  Sister, Betsy Robinson is in 1860
Census b. NC and 1870 census b. SC and several clues that his parents came from SC.                        Several Kalem Price descendants research includes Gabriel as one of his children}

1807/1811There is no PRICE on the Clay Co. Tax lists for 1807 or 1811.

1820KY Census lists neither Kalem nor Gabriel though it does list Adam, Gabriel’s brother.

1822, Jan 19KY Bourbon Co. “Mt. Lebanon”. Death of future wife’s grandfather, James Garrard,
nd Gov. of KY. {He was influential in early KY and encouraged son, Daniel, to settle Clay Co. His religious and ethical positions were extraordinary. His integrity great.}

 1824, Nov 11 KY, Clay Co. Marriage to Eliza Ann GARRARD, daughter of Daniel and Lucinda
Jane Toulmin GARRARD.

[KY Clay County Marriage Index, Book L, 1805-1859 File #4. FHL-SLC #976.9145.V28C]

1824, DecAL Mobile. Death of Lucinda’s grandfather, Judge Harry Toulmin.
{Illustrious person of great intellect, activism and ethics.}
[F326D3 INDEX to AL Wills 1808-1870 by AL Soc. of DAR

1827-1888 p.7TOULMIN, Harry  Washington Co.  Found in  Book Wills 1. 
TOULMIN, Harry  Washington Co.  Found in Book Wills B.   1827p.4]

1825KY, State Senator Daniel Garrard, of Knox, Harlan, Clay, Perry and Whitley Counties,
introduced a bill entitled “An act to establish the county of Laurel”. Apparently the creation
of this county was a political hot spot and secrecy surrounded its passage. It was passed and
one of its first appointed commissioners was Daniel’s new son-in-law, Gabriel W. Price.
[Clark, Thomas D. A History of Laurel Co. p. 406, para. 3.]

1826KY, Laurel Co. “Birth” of Laurel Co.” Appointed to Laurel Co.'s 1st Board of supervisors
with John Jackson Sr., John Pearl, John McNeill, Abraham Chestnut, William Pitman, William
McHargue, John Hogan, Joshua Norris and Jesse Moore.
[Dyche, Russell. Laurel Co [KY] and Its Government. P. 35.2]

1826 Mar 7KY, Laurel Co.” Birth” of London, County Seat of Laurel Co. Appointed Commissioner
to “lay off and survey a town on the piece of ground designated...and to make out and return to
this Court and plan of the court house and jail...and superintend the building of the same. It is
also ordered that the Town shall be called and known by the name of London." This order by
the court appointed Wm. H. McKee, Gabriel W. Price, Thos. Buford, and Lot Pitman to be
Commissioners for this task.
[A History of Laurel County by Thomas D. Clark 976.9143 H2c pg. 38, 39.]

 1826/25/27?, DecKY, [Probably Laurel Co.] Birth of son, James T/S. to Gabriel and Eliza
Ann Price. d. after 1900 Clay Co. KY Another researcher gives undocumented birth date
as Dec. 1825.
{Discrepancy. Same birth year as brother, Daniel, whose tombstone lists this date.
[1900 US CENSUS KY Clay Co. age 73, b. Dec 1826. ] {Probable error in year}
{He is living with his mother, Eliza A. Price and nephew Gabriel Potter in this census.
Evidence of marriage and divorce to Sally Ann Jackson 1850 and 1853.}

 1826, Sept 12KY Birth of son, Daniel Garrard Price. Murdered. Died 4 Mar 1850 age 23y 6m 2d.
[Tombstone inscription. Clearly read photo]
{Unknown date and place of murder. Discrepancy in identity of murderer: Cundiff and Hays
by one source and Howard Redneor, by another.}

 1830KY, Laurel Co. [US CENSUS]  [Gabriel’s birthplace not noted.]
Males under 5 Two [speculate: James and  Daniel]
Males bet. 20-30 One [Gabriel Winters Price]
Females bet. 20-30 two {Eliza and possibly her widowed mother, Lucinda Jane Toulmin}

 1833 (abt)KY Birth of son, Robert F. {never married}Died during Civil War, perhaps
in Union POW Camp Chase, Ohio.
[1850 US CENSUS KY Clay Co. ]

1834KYClay Co. Birth of daughter, Lucinda Jane. Death data unknown.
{Several family researchers record her as daughter of Gabriel Winters Price and
Eliza Ann Garrard. She married James Slaughter. She is not with her family in 1850 at age 16.}

1835, Apr 24KY, Laurel Co. London. Birth of son, William Luther Price. d. Sonora 17 Dec 1925.
{m. Margaret “Polly” McQuade on 13 July 1864, Sonora, Tuolumne Co. CA}
[1850 US CENSUS KY Clay Co.] [Family Prayer book, written in his own hand.]
[Death certificate][ 1900 US CENSUS CA Tuolumne Co. Sonora]

 1838, Feb 22KY, Clay Co. Birth of daughter, Martha E. Price. d. 3 Oct 1936
{m. Charles C. Ramsay 16 May 1855 Clay Co. KY}
{m. William Letcher White 16 Feb. 1860 Laurel Co. KY}
[1850 US CENSUS KY Clay Co.]

1839, Oct 22 KY, Laurel Co. Purchase 400 A. Laurel River.
[Jillson, KY Land Grants Bk. 6 p. 74 Call #446.48 Also Bk 6, pt. 1. P. 46]

1839, Dec 16 KY, Laurel Co. KY General Assembly established Laurel Co. library with
7 commissioners including John A. Slaughter [related to Lucinda's husband?] and G. W. Price.
"if these commissioners ever took action to organize a library they apparently made no record
of the fact. It is doubtful that they did because both the US Census reports and those of the
KY State Auditor indicate there were few books in the county."
[A History Of Laurel Co. by Thomas D. Clark. P. 406. Chapter, 'The Profile of a Modern County']

1840 cal.KY Birth of son, Edmund Pendleton Price. Died 12 Aug 1900 Tuol. Co. CA
[1850 US CENSUS KY Clay Co. 20, Sept. 1850 Microfilm T 6 Roll 110 Bottom of P. 307
aka 154. Dwelling 777]
{Several events in Penn’s life give dates that greatly vary the calculated dates of his birth.
This discrepancy goes from 1830 through 1848 is noted. Listed here as 1840 because his                           that age was given to the census taker when Penn was 10 and it is the most common.}
{Married Maranda Graves  16 Feb 1860. Laurel Co. This looks to be a double wedding
with his sister, Martha E. Price Ramsay and W. L.. White. Penn and Maranda divorced by 1880}
[KY Laurel Co. Marriage Index 1826-1937 p. 188. Book 976.9143 v22g]

1840[KY, Laurel Co. US CENSUS.Roll 117 p. 1617 p. 017. NARA San Bruno CA]
Males under 5 Two [Bill b. 1835 and Penn b. abt 1840]
Males bet 5 – 19 None. [But Robert b. 1833 should be here.]
Males bet. 10-15 Two [Daniel and James, b. 1826 and ?1828?]
Males bet. 15-20 One [Who is this?]
Males bet. 30-40 One [Gabriel age 39 b. 1801] [No occ. Given}
Females under 5 One [Martha age 2.  b.1838]
Females bet. 10-15 One [Lucinda  age 12 b. abt 1824]
Females bet. 30-40 One [Eliza Ann, age 31 b. 1809]

 1843, Jul 22KY Laurel Co. Birth of daughter, Ann Maria. died 1880 Clay Co.
[Married James George Potter 8 Jun 1865 Clay Co.]
[US CENSUS 1850 KY Clay C.]
[Clay Co. Ancestral News Vol. 15 #1 Spring/Summer 1999 “The Barton Potter
Cemetery in Manchester, KY”]

1849 KY Clay Co. Death of mother-in-law, Lucinda Jane Toulmin.
[Early Families of Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky. P. 245. FHL-SLC 976.9 D 2ke]

1848, Jan 19 KY Clay Co. {probably}. Birth of son, Theophilus Garrard Price. Died OK, El Reno
[Obituary from Oklahoma newspaper: Jan. 19, 1848
[US CENSUS 1850 KY Clay Co.]

1849 KY, Clay Co. Listed on tax list.

1850, Mar 4? {unknown place} Death of son, Daniel Garrard Price.
Murdered by Cundiff & Hays or Howard Redneor. [Dickey Diaries}
[KY Clay Co. History and Families. P. 83. Turner Pub. Co. Paducah. 9769145 H2c]

1850, Sep 22KY, Clay Co. US CENSUS. Listed as brick mason. Family #777. 9
[US CENSUS 1850 KY Clay Co]. Family Archive Viewer CD 303 Census Microfilm     
Records Roll 197, First Part. P. 154. c/o Broderbund Software, Inc. Banner Blue Division .
Census enumerator is Hugh L. White. Dwelling # 777 and Family #777]
PRICE G. W.  45 m Brick Mason KY
Alisa A.   41 f. [sic, Eliza Ann] 
Robert  11 m        {sic, age 17]   “attended school within the year     
PRICE William     15 m                                       
Martha                12 f                                                                                               Edmund                10 m                                                                                             Ann M.    7 f                                                                 
Theophilus 1 m    

1851KY Clay Co. Tax List. Gabriel is listed as well as son, James T. Price and another James.
[Clay Co. Ancestral News Fall-Winter 2002 Vol. 18 #2. Hilltop Pub. Manchester KY]

1853, NovKY, Clay Co. Birth of son Gabriel Winters Price[Jr.] d. aft 1930 [Married Alice Baker.]
[976.9145 V28sh KY Vital Records Clay Co. ”Births 1852- ?”; line 36 p. 9.]

1860KY, Clay Co. US CENSUS. Listed as clerk, age 59. Family #39.
[976.9145 X 28w FHL-SLC 1860 US CENSUS KY CLAY CO. Dwelling #39 ]
PRICE, Gabril [sic]59 b. Boone Co .KY Clerk  Pers. estate worth $1000.
Eliza A. 50 b. Clay Co. KY    Real Estate worth 1500.
Ann  15 b. Laurel Co. KY
Theophilus G. 11 b. Clay Co.
Gabril [sic] W.7 b. Clay Co.
CLARK, Margaret18 FM [mulatto].b. Clay Co. servant

1860 census cont.Daniel B.  1/12 MM b. Clay Co.
BUTCHER, Cintha6FM b. Clay Co.

1861KY, Clay Co. Estate of David V. Walker paid to G. W. Price "for keeping
Liz & Children”. Unknown story or family connections.

1861, Oct. KY, Clay Co. Estate of John Gilbert pays debts to many incl. G. W. Price
as “part of judgment vs. Isaac McCollum”. Also to "Sheriff -- Claim Isaac McCollum C.A."
Unknown what this refers to or what C.A. means.  G. W. Price recorded estate as clerk.

1864KY, Clay Co.{Major G. W .PRICE is listed several times in the ledger of James W.
Reid's store. This seems to indicate that he was officer in some army. He was 63 years old
and this is unlikely as he is too old for Civil War and too young for 1812. It remains a mystery.
Considered an honorary title.}

1866, Aug 17KY Clay Co. Purchase of 100 A. Bailey Springs Fork.
[Jillson,   KY Land Grants Bk. 6 p. 74 Call #446.48. Also Bk 6, pt. 1. P. 46]

1868, Aug 19KY Clay Co. Purchase of 200A Moses Br. And 100A Moses Br.
[Jillson, KY Land Grants Bk. 71 p. 46 Call #446.48. Also Bk 6, pt. 1. P. 46]

1870, Sep 22[KY Clay Co. US CENSUS] Dist 32. Precinct 1.
Microfilm Call 40 Box 456  Page 62, Sheet 172 Dwelling 446/7
PRICE, Gabriel W.69 County Clerk born KY (abt 1801)
Liziean61 housekeeperKY (abt 1809)
Gabriel17 works on farm   KY (abt 1853)      
CHESTNUT, Chantethy30 f. Black hired servant b. VA
Florence8 f. Black               b. MO
James5 m. Black               b. KY
[Gabriel and Eliza’s daughters, Martha E. Price White and Ann Maria Price Potter live
at either side of their parents and brother.}

1873, Aug 30KY [Probably Clay Co.] Death according to tombstone inscription.
[KY Clay Co. Manchester, Garrard Cemetery.
Tombstone record as shown in photo: Birth 1801, Death Aug 23, 1873]

1873KY, Clay Co. Manchester. Burial in Garrard Cemetery.


Adam PRICE m. ? maybe Polly or Holly

{these found in KY Clay Co. Marriage Index 1807}

Charles PRICE m. Jane BECKNEL 17 Aug 1831
Anna PRICE m. Enoch ABNER 23 Jan 1822
Rebecca "Becca" PRICE m. Paul J. HENSON 4 Jan 1810
Betsy PRICE m. Murrill BARRETT 1 Mar 1817 m. William Robinson/Robertson

{Elizabeth Robertson  age 48 b. SC in 1850 census with William Robertson, age 72 and James age                 11.  She would be 15 at marriage.}Nathan PRICE m. Sally Littoral

 NOTE: In 1795 Elizabeth PRICE m. William WINTERS. 6 years before birth of Gabriel Winters Price. Winters name not found in either family. Speculation that this marriage is of relative. Possibly
grandmother remarried Winters; or other family members. 


These notes are designed to help researchers find the original source and so the call numbers and repositories, where known, are shown in curved brackets {}.


Abbreviations for Repositories:

FHL- SLC                               Family History Library, Salt Lake City

FHL – SROSA                      Family History Library, Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co. CA

INT                                         Internet

NARA-SB                             National Archives, San Bruno, CA

NARA-DC                             National Archives, Washington DC

SONOCO                               Sonoma Co CA Library, Genealogy Annex

SRC                                        Sue Rydberg Canavan [author]  Personal library and  Family Papers

SUT                                        Sutro Library, San Francisco CA

CGS                                        California Genealogy Society


1.Price Family Records. Letter from his daughter, Martha E. Price White, to his granddaughter, her niece, Katherine Price Sullivan in Seattle WA. 1932. “Father was from Bluegrass Country [KY]”.

2.Internet: Researchers of siblings of Gabriel Winters Price.

3.KY Clay County Marriage Index, Book L, 1805-1859 File #4. FHL-SLC #976.9145.V28C

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5.US Dept. Of Commerce and Labor, Bureau of the Census. S. N. D. North, Director 1908

US First Census of the United States 1790 Census “Heads of Families” South Carolina.
This census gives many clues supporting the theory that Gabriel Winters Price’s family was from SC.

On p.83, in the 96th District, Pendleton Co.
PRICE, Kellum 1 white male, incl. Head of family. 4 white males 1 white female, no age
3 listings later is a HENSON family. Paul Henson Jr. m. Kalem’s daughter, Rebecca. years later in KY.

Also in the 1790 Census in SC:

PRICE, Nathan  in Georgetown District, Prince George Parish.
PRICE, Charles in Cheraws District, Chesterfield Co.
Neither of these is near Kellum’s res., but 2 of Kalem’s sons were named Nathan and Charles.

6.SC 1800 US Census. Roll 50, No page numbers. Some number #258. FHL-SLC
PRICE, Kellam with 2 males under 10, 1 male bet. 26 – 45.
4 females under 10, 1 female bet. 10-16, 1 female bet. 26-45.

Other PRICE families in this district were Isaac, John, and William.  Also families named:
Holly, Barrett, Henson, all names of spouses of Kalem’s children.

7.Clark, Thomas D. A History of Laurel Co. p. 406, para. 3. Another item criticized the library
and inferred that it was the fault of the commissioners.

8.Jillson,KY Land Grants Bk. 6 p. 74 Call #446.48----Also Bk 6, pt. 1. P. 46

9.   US CENSUS 1850 KY Clay Co. Family Archive Viewer CD 303 Census Microfilm Records Roll   197, First Part. P. 154. c/o Broderbund Software, Inc. Banner Blue Division March 13, 1999. SOCOLIB

Census enumerator is Hugh L. White, Dwelling # 777 and Family #777

PRICEG. W.45 m Brick MasonKY
Alisa A.41 f.[sic, Eliza Ann]             
Robert11 m[sic, age 17]attended school within the year
PRICEWilliam15 m                                                                                     
Martha12 f               
Edmund10 m
Ann M.7 f
Theophilus 1 m       

 10.INTERNET via Rich Nallenweg, respected researcher. US CENSUS 1860 KY Clay Co. Fam #39.

 11.Welch, James E., Sr. Compiler. US CENSUS 1870 KY Clay County 1870, Precinct 1. 21 June 1870 – 22 Sept. 1870. Call #976.9145 Vx2w p.67.Yates Pub. Co. P.O. Box 237 Ozark, MO 65721 FHL-SLC

Family # 447. [Daughter Ann Maria Potter is Family #446. Daughter Martha E. White is #448.]

PRICE, Gabriel W. m. Age 69 County Clerk
Lizie Annf.61 Housekeeper
Chestnut, Charlottyf. black30 b. VA hired servant
Florencef. black8 b.MO
Jamesm. black5 b. ?

 12.US CENSUS 1870 KY Clay Co. Manchester Township Dist. 32, Prec. 1 Film box 451 Sheet
172, SUTP. 62 Dwelling #447, Family #447

 13.US CENSUS KY Clay Co. 1900. Lists James’s birthdate at Dec 1826.

 14.Skeens, Gloria Transcriber of Garrard Cemetery Inscriptions. Daniel Garrard Price’s
tombstone says death at age 23 and birthdate as 12 Sep 1826.

 15.KY Clay Co. Manchester, Garrard Cemetery.

Tombstone record as shown in photo: Birth 1801, Death Aug 23, 1873


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