Long Ago and Far Away - One Brinegar Family History

by Jerry L Brinegar, Ph.D.


 Table of Contents

Foreword 3

Chapter One - The Britannia 7 Veith Bruninger

Chapter Two - Early Pioneers 11 Hans Adam, etc.

Chapter Three - Family Stories 17 Thomas William Brinegar, Thomas David Brinegar, David Thomas Brinegar

Chapter Four - A Tragic Story: Andrew Jackson Brinegar 25 William AJ Brinegar

Chapter Five - The Carpenter: Binus Brinegar 35

Chapter Six - W.A. and Gladys! 45

Chapter Seven - It's Just Us 57

Chapter Eight - Brinegar Women 75

Chapter Nine - The Brinegar Men 97

Chapter Ten - Brinegar Music 113

Chapter Eleven - Homeplaces and more Photos 123

Chapter Twelve - The Beginning 131

Standard Pedigree Tree of Veith Bruninger 133

Standard Pedigree Tree of Jerry Lee Brinegar 134

Contributors and Resources 139

Standard Pedigree Tree of Joyce Bissell Hory 145

About the Author 146

Register Report for Hans Jacob Brinegar Sr. 147

Index 260

Pages 1-34 is the history of the Brinegars that connect back to Veith Bruninger who came over on the Britannia in 1731. This lineage is written via the line of his son Hans Adam, then Jacob, then Thomas William Brinegar, Thomas David Brinegar, Andrew Jackson Brinegar and my great grandfather William Andrew Jackson Brinegar. I have woven bits of American history into the timelines of our ancestors.

Pages 35 to 74 is the history of my direct family from William Andrew Jackson Brinegar's son, my grandfather Binus Brinegar, my father William Albinus Brinegar, myself of course, and my son Kyffon Joseph Lee Brinegar.

Pages 75 to 96 is on Brinegar women and women who married Brinegars

Pages 97 to 112 is on Brinegar men and men who married Brinegars.

Pages 113 to 122 is on Brinegar music

Pages 123 to 131 is on old homeplaces and a two page ending chapter.

The rest of the book is genealogical charts, reports, as follows:

Page 133 is a standard pedigree chart for Veith Bruninger.

Pages 134 to 138 is my family's standard pedigree chart

Pages 139 to 144 is a list of resources and sources that I have quoted, shared research with, including sites of information on the web, and personal contact such as face to face interviews, phone calls, emails and other correspondence.

Page 145 is a standard pedigree chart for Joyce Bissett Hory

Page 146 is information about the author (actually been moved to the front of the book)

Pages 147 to 259 is the genealogical report of Hans Jacob Bruninger (father of Veith Bruninger) and it includes many of the branches of Veith Bruninger's descendants. It is quite extensive and is where much family information will be.

Pages 260 to 272 is the index where alphabetically you can look up a surname related to and including brinegars in the genealogical report section of this book.

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