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The Roberts Family Cemetery is located in South Irvine, Estill County, KY. All but two of the graves there are members of the family or descendants of L.C. Roberts and his wife Mary Taylor Roberts. The two people interred there who aren't family members were personal friends of Dud and Effie Roberts, son of L.C. and Mary Roberts. The cemetery is located on the property previously owned by Dud and Effie. It is now occupied by their grandson, Larry D. Horn, and his family, who bought it from the Roberts children after the death of Effie Roberts.

This documentation was done June 17, 1998, by Patricia Newton Brown, daughter of Fleming and Rowena Roberts Newton and granddaughter of Dud and Effie Roberts. She has copied all names and dates on these stones exactly as they were cut into the stone. She states she saw no evidence of any unmarked graves and only one that was unreadable, but she knows who that is. To the best of her knowledge, these are all the graves there. If she has left any unmarked graves out or have any wrong dates or names, she asked that you let her know. You can contact her at or Patricia Newton Brown, 1201 Walt Williams Rd., Lakeland, FL 33809-4616

Name Birth Date Death Date Comments/Inscriptions
Arvin, Harrison 06-06-1929 03-23-1993 h/o Christine Tipton
Barnes, Fred Asa 09-24-1947 09-25-1947 grandson of Barsha and Joe Benton
Barnes, James "Pete" 01-26-1950 07-06-1956 grandson of Barsha and Joe Benton
Barnes, Dora Francis "Midge" 06-07-1926 02-06-1957 d/o Barsha and Joe Benton
Benton, Barsha 05-14-1901 03-25-1953 d/o L.C. & Mary Taylor Roberts
Brandenburg, Cecil D. 10-30-1970 10-30-1970 s/o Wilma Horn Brandenburg
Courtney, Joyce Ann 01-29-1941 06-05-1996 d/o Roy and Mary Roberts Horn
Flynn, A.G. 01-12-1925 01-17-1972 h/o ImaJean Tipton
Flynn, Bobby G. 09-03-1954 09-04-1954 s/o ImaJean and A.G. Flynn
Fowler, Verna R. 01-13-1929 09-16-1997 d/o Joe and Ollie Roberts
Fowler, Ronnie Lewis 02-14-1956 03-21-1996 s/o Vernie Roberts Fowler
Hale, Dora Lee 12-24-1940 01-17-1941 d/o Lillian Roberts
Horn, Beverly 10-28-1939 12-07-1939 d/o Roy and Mary Roberts Horn
Ingram, Willie 05-24-1892 02-09-1969


Ingram, Rosie 06-12-1885 09-21-1976


Metcalf, Tracy William 02-10-1936 02-20-1936 s/o William and Maggie Metcalf
Metcalf, Robert Clay 05-19-1930 11-29-1932 s/o William and Maggie Metcalf
Metcalf, William E. 11-26-1893 04-18-1972 h/o Maggie Roberts
Metcalf, Maggie R. 01-06-1899 11-18-1984 d/o L.C. & Mary Taylor Roberts
Metcalf, Joe F. 05-29-1927 04-12-1991 s/o William and Maggie Metcalf
Newman, Kenneth M. 1962 1998 h/o Joanna Tipton
Newton, Caroline 11-01-1943 03-04-1944 d/o Fleming and Rowena Roberts Newton
Newton, Princess 09-04-1951 09-05-1951 d/o Fleming and Rowena Roberts Newton
Pendergrass, Emil Earl 09-29-1924 06-17-1925 s/o Lennie Roberts Pendergrass
Roberts, Ollie S. 03-12-1892 01-06-1941 w/o Joe Roberts
Roberts, Joe 03-15-1892 04-22-1971 s/o L.C. & Mary Taylor Roberts
Roberts, Arvil 11-30-1917 11-25-1959 s/o Joe and Ollie Roberts
Roberts, L.C. (Lloyd Clementine) 02-16-1858 10-15-1924


Roberts, Mary 04-06-1867 01-01-1931


Roberts, Arco 06-25-1928 01-01-1929 s/o James Roberts
Roberts, James 03-17-1905 05-20-1905 s/o L.C. & Mary Taylor Roberts
Roberts, Jerry Wayne 03-22-1955 10-21-1961 s/o Cleda Mae Roberts
Roberts, Lillian 07-10-1920 08-09-1996 d/o Joe and Ollie Roberts
Roberts, Effie Lee 07-20-1894 04-19-1985 w/o Dud Roberts
Roberts, Dudley Grant 10-21-1889 03-18-1966 s/o L.C. & Mary Taylor Roberts
Roberts, Eula Mae 11-03-1913 03-29-1936 d/o Dud and Effie Roberts
Roberts, Brown 10-01-1931 12-09-1978 s/o Dud and Effie Roberts
Roberts, Benjamin Franklin     s/o Brown Roberts - died in 1955 or 56. Stone was broken and unreadable
Roberts, Terry 06-14-1963 06-14-1963 s/o Herbert of Delma Roberts
Roberts, Rickie 09-22-1954 01-03-1975 s/o Herbert and Delma Roberts
Roberts, Herbert Hoover 02-04-1929 03-03-1993 s/o Dud and Effie Roberts
Roberts, Printess S. 01-10-1922 03-23-1950 s/o Green and Renee Roberts
Thornberry, Mark Thomas 03-01-1974 06-01-1990 grandson of Prentess Roberts
Tipton, Dora 10-10-1908 01-25-1990 d/o L.C. & Mary Taylor Roberts
Tipton, Ralph Douglas 05-20-1939 10-13-1961 s/o William and Euphemia Tipton
Tipton, Fannie Faye 04-28-1942 08-26-1967 w/o Ralph Douglas Tipton
Tipton, William 08-12-1913 12-31-1996 h/o Euphemia Roberts
Tipton, Billy D. 09-14-1937 10-04-1937 s/o Euphemia and Bill Tipton
Tipton, Brenda S. 01-22-1945 02-06-1945 d/o Bill and Euphemia Tipton
Tipton, Jake 09-30-1902 06-14-1993 h/o Fannie Roberts
Tipton, Fannie 03-18-1906 07-24-1974 d/o L.C. & Mary Taylor Roberts
Tipton, Magalene 12-09-1934 12-21-1934 d/o Jake and Fannie Tipton
Tipton, Rosene 09-29-1937 09-30-1937 d/o Jake and Fannie Tipton

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