Station Camp


This article was originally written by Bobby Rose in the early 1970's.

Submitted by Norwood Thorpe

Historically speaking, Station Camp is one of the oldest and best known communities in Estill County. It is located approximately 6 1/2 miles south-west of Irvine on Station Camp Creek. Station Camp Creek has been listed in Collins' History of Kentucky among "Stations and Early Settlements In Kentucky." Collins' History goes on to record that "An Indian camping ground on the banks of Station Camp Creek near the mouth of Red Lick Creek, in the early settlement of the state gave name to the creek. It is an understood fact that the Indians procured their supply of lead in this vicinity". Many Indian artifacts have been found at Station Camp. According to legend, Daniel Boone used this area as a station in 1769 when he and several companions explored "the beautiful levels of Kentucky". Station Camp Creek is also one of the principal tributaries of the Kentucky River, consequently the river and creek bottom land of the area is rich and productive. The community was named for the Creek upon which it is located.

The Station Camp Christian Church is one of the oldest churches in the county, having been organized in 1840. The original building has been kept in excellent condition and regular services have been maintained since the church was organized. The large congregation of olden days has dwindled with the passing of time and with the advent of the automobile which has carried former members into other churches. Present church membership, with Bobby Premberton as pastor, is approximately 25.

Station Camp was also the home locality of Captain John Wilson of the 8th Kentucky Infantry, Union Forces, who with five other Estill County soldiers, planted the United States Flag at the peak of Lookout Mountain on November 25, 1863, during the Civil War. Captain Wilson died in May, 1896, and is buried near his home in the Wilson Family graveyard. The family of Mr. David Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Oakley French, and Miss Senora Newton presently own and live in the home owned by Captain Wilson.

The Station Camp post office was first established March 27, 1828, with James Scrivner as postmaster. The post office was discontinued September 8, 1843. The office was re-established November 19, 1878, with John Wilson as postmaster. Later postmasters were: Abram Kelley, John W. Wilson, Thomas Henderson, Luther Scott, Allen Wilson, Turner Kelley, Sue M. Scrivner, Mollie A. Flynn, Everett E. Newton, David N. Newton, and Miss Senora D. Newton who assumed charge after the death of her father, David, on May 1, 1950. She served until the post office was discontinued April 18, 1969. Among the families who received mail at the Station Camp Post Office were: John Scrivner, Dr. James Scrivner, Benjamin Warford, Anderson Wagers, Sidney Rice, Allen Garrett, W.A. Scrivner, James Rice, Arch Wagers, S.B. Gumm, David Newton and Ambrose Newton. Mail Route #3, Irvine now serves Station Camp community.


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