Israel & Barbara Meadows


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Israel and Barbara Meadows

On the 22nd of September 1818, in Estill County, Kentucky, Israel Meadows, aged 62 years, appeared and made oath: That he is a resident of Estill County, Kentucky, that he was enlisted for 2 years at Sweet Springs, Virginia, in July 1776, by one James McNutt and served in the company commanded by Major Arbuckle of the 12th or 13th regiment of the Virginia Line of the Continental Establishment. That he continued to serve in said corps till Argust 1778 when he was honorably discharged from the service at Point Pleasant, Virginia. That he was discharged after being in the service for 2 years and 3 months.

On that same date, Alexander Reed made oath: That he was a soldier of the Revolutionary War and served in the company with the within applicant, for about 18 months and knows that said Meadows did serve for that period in the company and regiment as stated.

In Clark County, Kentucky, on the 23rd of October, 1820, Israel Meadows, aged 65 years, resident of Estill County, made oath: that he served on the Revolutionary War as private in Captain Arbuckle's company of General Harris's brigade of the Virginia Line. That in lieu of his orginial declaration of September 22, 1818, he received a pension certificated dated May 12, 1819.

In Estill County, Kentucky, on the 5th of October 1838, before Aaron McMonigle, Justice of the Peace, Barbara Meadows, widow of Israel Meadows deceased, made oath that she is the widow of Israel Meadows, dec'd., who was a private in the Revolutionary War. That she is satisfied he was in the army previous to their marriage, and that after the army, he was again in service for several months. He was stationed, after their marriage, at Point Pleasant on the Kentucky (?) River. That she has always understood that she was born in the year of General Braddock's defeat, on Easter Day, in 1775 and to the best of her recollection she was married at the age of 23, going on 24 years old and on the 8th day of July. At the time of her marriage, she and her husband resided in Greenbrier County, but there being no parson near, she recollects that they went over Peter's Mountain and married on the east side, at the house of one Henry Smith. Her first child was born the next spring after her marriage and if living would be 60 years of age next spring. She had 10 children by her deceased husband, but has no record of their ages except a mutilated one from which she can tell that her 7th child was born in November 1792 and her 10th child and last one, was born on the 18th day of July 1799. That after her marriage, she and her husband continued to reside in Greenbrier County, Virginia till the year or two after the birth of the youngest child. They then moved to Madison County, Kentucky where they resided a few years before they moved to Estill County, Kentucky, where her husband died 11 years since in September, and where she has ever since continued to reside.

Israel Meadows of Estill County, Kentucky, who was a private in the virginia Regiment for 2 years was inscribed on the Roll of Kentucky, to commence on September 22, 1818. Certificate of the pension was issued May 12, 1814.

Zachariah Phillips, of Estill County, Kentucky, made oath on October 5, 1838, that: He was born in 1763 and first became acquainted with Israel Meadows aforesaid about 50 years ago in Greenbrier County, Virginia. That he and his wife Barbara Meadows were then married. That when he first became acquainted with them, they had several children. That he married their daughter, Nanny, who fifty years ago was only 8 or 10 years age and from what he has always understood from his wife, she would, if living, be 60 years old next spring. He thinks the place of marriage of Barbara and Israel Meadows is what at that time was known as Botetourt County, Virginia.

Said Zachariah Phillips appeard before Aaron McMonigh and made affidavit to the truthfulness of the above statements.

Samuel Kelly, Sr., aged near 73, made oath, that he has known Israel Meadows, deceased and his wife, Barbara, between 55 and 60 years. That they then lived in Greenbrier County, Virginia.

Mrs. Elizabeth Cole, aged 52, made oath on the 26th day of July, 1839, that she is the daughter of Israel Meadows, deceased, and his surviving widow. That her father, said Israel Meadows died September 30, 1827. That her father, many years previous to his death had a family Dutch Bible, which Bible got wet some previous to his death and was all destroyed except a small part which is a very much mutilated by contains enough to see the age of the seventh child, Jacob Meadows was born November 8, 1791 or 92 The deponent is quite confident that it is in the handwriting of her brother, Jacob Meadows, now a resident of Indiana. Her oldest sister, if living, would now be about 60 years of age. Her oldest brother, Wm. Meadows, is now 58 years old. Said Bible Records were in the possession of her brother for many years previous to his death and has been in her mother's possession ever since. The lief containing the record of her brother Jacob's age, she thinks, will make a good part in her deposition of this day. Also on the same record, there was part of a record which read: Rebecakah Meadows was born --

Isabella Howard, aged 84, resident of Montgomery County, Kentucky, made affidavit to be used in favor of Barbara Meadows, that she was acquainted with Israel Meadows, deceased, and Barbara, his widow, before their marriage and ever since. The deponent lived in Burntrides (?) Fort in Greenbrier County, Virginia, with said Barbara before and at the time of said Barbara and Israel's marriage. This marriage took place as early as the year 1776. That they were married previous to said Israel Meadows enlistment as a regular soldier, under Captain Arbuckle, whose company belonged to Colonel Lewis's regiment. Henry Howard, to whom this deponent was married in 1779, belonged to the same regiment as said Israel and Barbara, and lived near the Fort where said Israel performed service as above recited.

Gordon Griffin, aged 85, resident of Bath County, Kentucky, made oath that: He was well acquainted with Israel Meadows, deceased, and Barbara, his wife, before they were married as aforesaid in Greenbrier County, Virginia, and though the deponent was not at the wedding, he was in the neighborhood when it took place. That said Israel Meadows marched with said Captain Arbuckle down to the Point in Virginia and there continued till his term of enlistment had expired and while stationed at the Point, his wife made clothing and sent him by a brother of the deponent, whose name is William Griffen and who belonged to the same regiment and deponent thinks the same company in which Israel Meadows belonged.

Barbara Meadows, who was a widow of Israel Meadows, was inscribed on the Roll of the Kentucky Agency, for her pension to begin on March 4, 1836. Certificate of the pension was issued 6th of November, 1839.

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