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Frank C. Dunn's Old Houses of
Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky

Source: Old Houses of Lexington, C. Frank Dunn, typescript, n.d.
Copy located in the
Kentucky Room, Lexington (Kentucky) Public Library.

new on this site October 29 2006:  Joseph H. Hawkins - Danl. Bradford, Warner Hawkins, Samuel Hays, Thomas Huggins, David Hulett, Charles Humphreys, Francis Key Hunt, John W. Hunt's Duck Factory, Independence Hall, Janett Ingles, Ingleside, Innes (Pindell) House, Wm. Iucho's Music Academy, Misses Jackson Seminary, Thomas January's Little Brick House, Thomas January Log House, John C. Johnson, Bill Jones, John Jones, Matthew Jouett's Studio, Dan Kastle, Samuel McMeekin, Robert McMullen, Robert McNitt, Charles McPheeters House

Julius W. Adams - Wm. Victor House 148 Barr Street 1840s
Aldridge - Harris House Second & Skillman Alley 1795
Elisha Allen House 347 South Upper Street 1805
Elisha Allen, Jr. House Bolivar Street, next to Upper Street, corner ca. 1814
Captain William Allen Tavern Spring Street between Main and Short 1812
John R. Cleary's "Alta Myra" West Main and Jefferson Bef. 1838
John Anderson I House 183 North Limestone Street 1807
Ashland - Henry Clay House Richmond Road 1790 & 1850s
Jacob Ashton House - "The Little Inn" 145 East High Street 1834
Aylesford . Aft. 1850
Samuel Ayres House - "The Madison House" SW corner High and Limestone Streets 1810
Ayres Tavern SW corner Main & Spring Streets 1795
Patterson Bain's Row Broadway Bet. Main and Short Streets 1843
Joseph Barbee (Alfred Warner) House 327 South Upper 1813
Mrs. Elizabeth Barry House  360 South Upper Street 1833
Abraham S. Barton Home Northeast Corner Upper and 2d Streets 1812
Hannah Baxter House 115-117 East Constitution (2nd) 1831
Thos. B. Baxter House 419 South Broadway 1840
Jesse Bayles House Hill Street (High) 1839
Jabez Beach (John Pew) House North Broadway 1841
Joseph Beard Cottage 510 South Upper Street 1846
J.B. Beck - Dr. Levi Herr House Nicholasville Road 1852
Senator J.B. Beck Home East High Street Abt. 1840
Dr. David Bell Home Spring Street 1814
Dr. David Bell House 315 S. Broadway 1845
Wm. Bell House 420 W. High St. (Corner Brown Street) 1818
Wm. C. Bell (Jos. C. Harrison) House 337 S. Mill Street 1816
(Rev.) Edw. W. Berkeley (David Williamson) House Mill and Third Streets 1814
John Besore House 132 E. Third Street (Combs Square) 1849
Asa Blanchard's Corner S.E. Corner Short & Mill Streets 1810
Bodley-Higgins House S.E. Corner High and Upper 1804
Bodley House N.E. Corner 2d and Market 1814
Bodley's Stable Rear of 219 N. Upper Street 1808
Botherum South side Versailles Turnpike/High Street 1851
William Bowman House High Street Aft. 1818
George A. Bowyer House 324 South Upper Street 1846
Alfred Boyer - Geo. Norton House 311 South Upper Street 1832
Thomas Bradley House 171 North Upper Street 1847
William M. Brand House N. E. Corner Walnut and Fourth Streets .
Col. William C.P. Breckinridge House Parrish Apts., No. 211 West High Street .
C.F. Brower House 346 South Mill Street .
Bruce-Loughridge House N.W. Corner 7th & Limestone Streets Abt. 1838
James C. Butler House South Broadway 1846
Porter Clay's Cabinet Shop
(Burrowe's Mustard Factory)
"Bank Alley" Main to Short Streets 1805
Frederick Bush House   138 East Third Street 1847
Andrew Caldwell House   West High Street Bef. 1805
John Caldwell House   #219 South Broadway Bef. 1818
Dr. Arthur Campbell - Mrs. Ryman Houses   Vine Street 4th & 5th from SW Corner Upper Bef. 181?
Hugh Carlan House   #149 Fourth Street 1814
John Carty, Sr. Pottery S.W. Corner Vine and Upper Sts. Bef. 1818
John Carty, Jr. House N.E. Corner High and Limestone Sts. Bef. 1796
Mrs. Casey's House 125 West High Street 1829
Castle Haggin  (Hamilton College) North Broadway 1816
Cherry Grove Kilmore Court Bef. 1814
Mrs. Juretta W. Chinn's House 245 South Limestone Street 1835
(Old) Christian Church West High Street 1815
Jacob Claar House 375-377 South Upper Street Bef. 1811
Clark House 422 North Limestone 1840's
John Clarke's House 217-219 North Upper Street 1813
John Clarke House 551 South Upper Street 1819
Henry Clay's Law Office 176 North Mill Street 1803
Henry Clay's Building in Jordan's Row 112 North Upper Street 1805
Jas. B. Clay Forest Avenue 1845
Conover House and Shiddell House Jefferson Street (bet. Short and Second) Abt. 1820
Coolavin Bellaire Avenue 1813
James Craig (Jos. McAdams House 375 South Mill 1812
James Crutcher Cottage 147 Georgetown Street 1847
Curd House 250-52 West Vine Street 1829
Major S. Dallam House SW corner Mill and Pine Streets 1812
Rev. Robert Davidson House NE corner Walnut and Second Streets 1838
Joseph Day House 175 North Broadway 1804
John D. Dillon House 639-641 W. Main St. 1814
Charles Donnelly House 159 Barr Street 1844
J.S. Dooley Cottage 208 E. third Street 1844
Abraham S. Drake House 133 W. High Street 1814
Dr. Benjamin P. Drake House 159 Georgetown Street 1841
Dr. Benjamin W. Dudley's Office N.E. Corner Mill and Church Streets .
Col. Josiah Dunham's Academy  No. 333 S. Upper St. 1817
Dunlap's Tavern  Richmond Road 1819
James Dunn's House  N. Mill St. 1807
Thomas Duvall House 155 Constitution St. (East 2nd) Bef. 1818
Alexander S. Elliott House 102 W. High Street 1840's
Joseph P. Elliott House SW corner Short & Georgetown Streets 18__
Wm. H. Ellis House 430,436 N. Limestone 1820-1860
Wm. B. Emmal House 140 E. Third Street 1844
Wm. Emmons House 156-158 N. Upper Street 1806
Josiah Ennis House NW corner Broadway & Third 1838
Episcopal Church Market and Church Streets .
Episcopal Theological Seminary
Thomas January House
Second Street 1818
John Estes - William Purnell House 721 West Main Street 1842
Fairlawn - Dr. Benj. W. Dudley Place  Head of N. Broadway Bef. 1836
London Ferrill's House  260 E. Short Street 1839
Dr. James Fishback   North Broadway 1838
David Fisher 348 South Mill 1812
Maddox Fisher East Main next Dewees Corner 1805
Benjamin Ford West Short 1835
Jacob Ford 645 West Short Street 1818
John F. Ford 230 North Walnut 1845
Perry W. Gaugh North Broadway 1841
William Geers - Jas. O'Mara Tavern S.E. Corner Limestone and Vine 1818
Elizabeth Geoghegan 544-546 West Main (corner Patterson 1830
Z. Gibbons . 1850's
Dr. R.A. Gibney 625 West Short Street 1843
Gibson Place Reservoir No. 2 Abt. 1800
Henry Gilbert North Broadway 1835
Andrew Gilmore 715 West Main 1850
Mathurin Giron (& Vauxhall) Mill Street 1810
Benjamin Gratz North Mill Street 1819
Greenwood 692 South Broadway 1840
Robert Grinstead House 257-259 North Limestone Street 1809
Mrs. Frances Guerin Residence 230 East Second (Constitution) 1838
Daniel Halstead - Hugh Maglone No. 5 Cheapside 1817
Dr. Halstead - Dr. Todd   N. Upper Street Abt. 1836
James Haggin 161-171 North Limestone 1821
Garland B. Hale (Thornton) 328 North Limestone .
Lewis Haller 410 South Broadway 1817
James Halliday 526 South Upper Street 1838
Robert B. Hamilton North Broadway 1839
Wesley C. Hamilton S.W. Corner Third and Broadway By 1814
James Harlow 248 East Second 1836
James Harrison 117 West High Street 1830
Elizabeth Harrison Corner Main and Dewees Streets Bef. 1814
Capt. Nathaniel G.S. Hart 404 North Limestone Early 1800s
Col. Thomas Hart "Poplar Row" S.W. corner Mill and Second Streets .
William Hart (Stephen H. Reed) 575 West Short Street 1806-1820
Capt. Richard Hawes, Jr. N.W. corner Limestone and Second Streets 1814
Josevius Happy's House 210 East Second Street 1837
Joseph H. Hawkins - Danl. Bradford 324 West High Street 1810
Warner Hawkins 359 South Upper Street 1807
Samuel Hays 358 South Mill 1823
Abel Headington's House 146 Georgetown Street 1810
Wm. Hearne 357 West Short Street 1838
Dr. Levi Herr - Francis Weaver 226 East Third Street 1839
Jos. H. Hervey 381 & 385 South Mill Street 1812 & 1820's
Joel Higgins' Mansion Lexington Avenue 1826
Mrs. Higgins - McClelland Home 315 North Broadway 1838
James Hill 316-318 North Upper Street 1813
Alexander Hodge 319 South Upper Street 1838
John Holmes 309 North Broadway 1838
Francis Hostetter 242 East Third Street 1840
Capt. Joseph Hudson N.W. corner Mill & Maxwell Streets Abt. 1800
Thomas Huggins 416-418 & 422-426 South Mill Street 1836
David Hulett 152 East Third Street 1849
Charles Humphreys 224 1/2 West Main Street 1793
Francis Key Hunt 133 Barr Street 1840
John W. Hunt's Duck Factory North Upper bet. Mechanic and Third  
Independence Hall Church Street bet. Limestone and Upper 1822
Janett Ingles 530 South Upper Street 1838
Ingleside South Broadway 1852
Innes (Pindell) House 471 West Second Street 1839
Wm. Iucho's Music Academy 168 Market Street Bef. 1830
Misses Jackson Seminary 343 South Broadway 1855
Thomas January's Little Brick House Third bet, Mill and Broadway Bef. 1817
Thomas January Log House Third Street bet, Mill & Broadway Bef. 1817
John C. Johnson 206-208 West Third Street 1810
Bill Jones 468 West Second Street 1850's
John Jones 321 West High Street Abt. 1800
Matthew Jouett's Studio Short Street  
Dan Kastle 301 West High Street NW cor. Mill  
Benjamin C. Keiser 554 West Main Street 1829
Col. John Keiser 344 South Upper Street Bef. 1818
John Keizer (Michael Clarke) 344 South Upper  
William S. Keiser 118 East Third Street  
Ezekiel Kelly 500 South Upper Street 1843
James Kelly - Wm. Van Pelt South Limestone 1831
Kennard and King Houses 225-27 South Limestone Street 1844
Matthew Kennedy (frame) House Second Street 1813
James Kenning 135 East 3rd Street Bef. 1838
Robert King W. Short corner Felix Street 1836
Kitchen Gratz Park  
Francis Krickel - Henry Lancaster 306 West Maxwell Street Bef. 1829
Francis Krickel's Shop 215 South Broadway Bef. 1806
Joseph Lanckart House 633 West Short Street 1842
Isabella Lake-A.T. Skillman House 177 North Limestone Street Bef. 1806
Polly Laudry (Gunn) House 353 S. Mill Street .
Thomas K. Layton House Constitution Street Bef. 1838
John Leiby - Leslie Combs House High & Upper Streets, NW corner 1805
James Lemon (Grooms) Houses 329 & 331 S. Mill Street 1812
Lemon-Menifee-Breckinridge-Huston House 498 Angliana Avenue 1818
Lewis Tavern Main and Mill 1834
Stephen D. Lewis House 151 Jefferson Street 1818
Caleb F. Lilly House 218 E. Third Street 1848
Logan's Corner S.W. Corner Main and Broadway 1830's
Archibald Logan Row Main to Water Street .
Hugh Loney Residence 220 South Broadway Bef. 1839
Samuel Long's House 206 N. Upper Stret 1812
John Lowman House 316 West High Street 1808
Loudon . 1851
Lyndhurst Lyndhurst and Stone Avenues 1860
Wm. Macbean - Luke Usher Houses 501-503 W. High Street Abt. 179_
Macalester 216 North Limestone Street 1831
Mansfield Richmond Road 1846
Marrs - Reynolds 216 Lexington Avenue 1883
James Masterson (frame) 349 South Mill Street 1812
James Masterson (James Bryan) 334 West Short Street 1820
McCauley House Maxwell and Lexington Avenues 1851
Wm. S. McChesney 172 Georgetown Street 1813
Rev. James McChord House North Limestone 1814
Noah McClelland 248 Market Street 1850s
Jacob McConathy 114 West Euclid Avenue 1817
Samuel D. McCullough West High Street Before 1800
S.D. McCullough's Female Academy 164 Market Street About 1834
McFarland Home East High Street near viaduct 1839
John McGarvey 362 South Mill Street 1830's
John C. McGoffin West High Street Before 1817
Samuel McMeekin 592 West Short Street  
Robert McMullen 346 South Upper Street 1816
Robert McNitt Nos. 119-121 Fourth Street Abt. 1806
Charles McPheeters House 352 South Mill 1824
Robards Jail (The Theatre Lot) Short Street .
Rule-Pilkington-Krauss-Baker Carriage Shop NW Corner Walnut and Short Streets 1844
John Schrock - Chas. R. Thompson 609 West Short Street 1817
Gabriel S. Slaughter (Harvey McGuire) 565 West Short Street 1835
James R. Sloan East Second Street 1839
William R. Snyder 623 West Short Street 1844
William "King" Solomon 432 South Upper 1814
Rebecca Spiller 234-236 East Third Street 1845
Daniel Talbot 151 East Second Street 1818
W.M. Taylor North Broadway 1843
William Thompson 269 East High Street 1845
Thorn Hill 462 North Limestone Street 1812
Thwaits-King 640 West Short Street 1840
John B. Tilford 247 North Broadway 1845
Mary Todd Home 574 West Main Street 1811-1812
Polly O. Todd 486 West Second Street 1814
Darius L. Vigus House 131 [135] East Second Street 1831
Charles Wickliffe House NW corner Broadway and Short Streets 1807
Charles H. Wickliffe Home 323 South Upper Street 1813
Wood-McCaw 125 Barr Street 1838
D.L. Zimmerman House East High Street 1838
The Old Third Street Cemetery . .

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