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Old Floyd Documents

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Death Certificate Minnie Belle Darby Howell, w/o Pharmer Howell
Death Certificate of Caroline Darby mother of Minnie belle Darby
Booten Hamilton Draft Papers for WWI
Benjamin Howard was the son of Thomas Howard, Sr., and Letty Durham.   In his Revolutionary War pension, pg 7, Benjamin mentions that he served during the Revolution with his brothers, James and Thomas, of Floyd County.   James Howard was the great grandfather of Sarah Howard Hubbard, gg grandfather of Frances Hubbard Addington, ggg grandfather of Inez Addington Hubbard.

Kathy (Hubbard) Hanlon



Marriage license of William Wiley and Sarah O'Bryan

Submitted by Bonnie Wiley

As you look at this document see the entry beside March 11th, This was obtained for the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City Utah via microfilm
I thought you would be interested.
The same roll of micro-film has Anthony Hall marring Mary Hepple on Nov 13th 1744. Also lists the birth of two other child to Anthony and Mary, Randall born June the 9th 1748 and Thomas born May the 5th, 1750. All entries list Kirkhill Parish of Scotland as place of residence.
Submitted by Bob Hall


Revolutionary War Pension of Abiud Fairchild

Submitted by


Elisha-Eliza-Marraige-licen.jpg (332894 bytes) This is the marriage Certificate of Elisha Johnson born 1819 and Eliza Bates Hall widow of Marshall Hall. b 1837 Eliza is the daughter of John Wallace Bates Jr. and Elizabeth Hall. Elisha is one of my brick walls. I do not know who his parents are. Eliza was Elisha's second wife. He married first Elizabeth Mullins September 22, 1840. and married Eliza after her death This Marriage Certificate. Came down thru the family thru William Johnson, Elisha's son by Elizabeth Mullins. Elisha married a third time after the death of Eliza to Jennie Adams Widow of William Cook. Elisha Johnson and Eliza Bates Hall Johnson are my ggrandparents. My grandmother was Martha Elizabeth Johnson Isaacs B 1874 second wife of Hiram Isaacs b 1862 who was the son of William W "Billy" Isaacs b 1818 and Sarah Jane Hall b 1823

Submitted by Eloise Adams Sakmar

DC-Greenville-Tackett.jpg (261726 bytes) Death certificate for Greenville Tackett

Submitted by Elora Goshe

Reuben-Herrell-Herald-1.jpg (255106 bytes) Reuben-Harrell-Herald-2.jpg (116292 bytes) Reuben-Harrell-Herald-3.jpg (142171 bytes) Reuben-Harrell-Herald-4.jpg (191023 bytes) Reuben-Harrell-Herald-5.jpg (182040 bytes) Reuben-Harrell-Herald-6.jpg (190963 bytes) Reuben-Harrell-Herald-7.jpg (179591 bytes) Reuben-Harrell-Herald-8.jpg (233315 bytes) Reuben-Harrell-Herald--9.jpg (140986 bytes) Reuben-Harrell-Herald-10.jpg (123221 bytes) Reuben-Harrell-Herald-11.jpg (448789 bytes) Revolutionary War pension application of Reuben Herrell
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James-Howard-Sr1.jpg (456824 bytes) James-Howard-Sr-101.jpg (244023 bytes)

James-Howard-Sr-21.jpg (249139 bytes) James-Howard-Sr-31.jpg (433457 bytes) James-Howard-Sr-41.jpg (428530 bytes) James-Howard-Sr-51.jpg (421611 bytes)  James-Howard-Sr-61.jpg (448044 bytes) James-Howard-Sr-71.jpg (439057 bytes) James-Howard-Sr-81.jpg (441088 bytes) James-Howard-Sr-91.jpg (391914 bytes)

Revolutionary War pension for James Howard, Sr.

Submitted by

MR-Sarah-Hubbard-George-Bra.jpg (138314 bytes) Marriage Records
Sarah Hubbard was the daughter of William Hubbard, Sr. and Sarah Howard. She was the mother of Malcolm Hubbard, James Hubbard, Mary Hubbard Burchett and Louisa Hubbard Hatfield. She was the full sister of Frances Hubbard Addington (m. Monroe Addington) and James Jack Hubbard (m. Katherine McKee). Sarah was the half sister of William Hubbard, Jr. (m. Sarah Hammons), Marshall Hubbard (m. Susan Hammons), Mary Hubbard Banks, America Hubbard Crisp, Theophiilus Hubbard (m. Cinderella "Ellen" McCarty), Harvey Hubbard (m. Mary Cameron), Jane Hubbard Wright, Rebecca Hubbard Howard, and Henry Clay Hubbard. Provided by Karen Marcum and Becky Funk.

Submitted by

Marriage-Elizabeth-Hammons_.jpg (25078 bytes) Marria-Elizabeth-Hammons_So.jpg (85452 bytes) Marrie-Elizabeth-Hammons_So.jpg (102639 bytes) Marriage Records
Elizabeth Hammons was the daughter of James and Stacy Broughton Hammons and the granddaughter of Peter and Martha Hale Hammons and of William and Elizabeth Nicholson Broughton. Elizabeth's sisters were Sarah Hammons Hubbard (w/o Wm Hubbard, Jr.) and Susan Hammons Hubbard (w/o Marshall Hubbard).  Documents provided by Karen Marcum and Becky Funk 

Submitted by

French and Indian War and Revolutionary War pension application of James Patrick. He was the son of Robert and Elizabeth Patrick.

James-Patrick-111.jpg (320093 bytes)  James-Patrick1.jpg (456844 bytes)   James-Patrick-21.jpg (320391 bytes) James-Patrick-31.jpg (314920 bytes) James-Patrick-41.jpg (388376 bytes) James-Patrick-51.jpg (395094 bytes) James-Patrick-61.jpg (391573 bytes) James-Patrick-81.jpg (374697 bytes)   James-Patrick-91.jpg (374988 bytes) James-Patrick-101.jpg (357910 bytes)

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JESSE-HOWELL-m-Spicey-Hall.jpg (132317 bytes) Marriage Cert. Jesse Howell and Spicy Hall

This was his second marriage, his first marriage was to Elizabeth Hall. I cannot find the record for that marriage. Riley Hall and Mary Ann Adams were Spicey's parents and Morgan Hall who is listed as being at the ceremony was probably the brother of Elizabeth Hall, the first wife.

Submitted by

squire-hall-enlistment.jpg (34700 bytes) Squire Hall Enlistment Papers

Submitted by


HallBrewerLicense.jpg (28365 bytes) Marriage Cert.  Winfield Scott Hall & Charity Ann Brewer
Submitted by
Win-scott-hall-dc.jpg (54729 bytes) Death Cert. Winfield Scott Hall
Submitted by
Military Documents of David Y. Kendrick
Submitted by
Mil-Doc-David-Y-Kendrick-1.jpg (87205 bytes) Mil-Doc-David-Y-Kendrick-2.jpg (178673 bytes) Mil-Doc-David-Y-Kendrick-3.jpg (100422 bytes) Mil-Doc-David-Y-Kendrick-4.jpg (83533 bytes) Mil-Doc-David-Y-Kendrick-5.jpg (96422 bytes)
arminta-butler-death-certif.jpg (346161 bytes) Arminta Butler death certificate

BUTLER: George Herrell, Arte c/f Robert & Lucinda Herrell Aug 23 1825

You have the following information on your marriage consent page.

In fact the marriage consent is for an Arte Herrell, however, I have a copy
of the original copy of the consent and it states that Robert Herrell is
the step-father of Arte. As it turns out, Arte is a younger sister to
Lucinda Turman Herrell. Both Lucinda and Arte are daughters of John Turman
and Rachel Jones. When John Turman and Rachel Jones moved to Lawrence
County, Kentucky, Arte stayed behind with her older sister who was by that
time married.

Further evidence of Arte being a Turman is on her daughter's death
certificate. She had a daughter who never married named Arminta Butler on
11/20/1845 in Staffordsville, Johnson County, KY. Arminta died on 1 May
1939 in Staffordsville. The informant was Colfax Butler, Arminta's Nephew
and grandson of Arte. He clearly identified that Arminta's mother was in
fact, Artie Turman. I had always suspected that she was a Turman until I
got her daughter's death certificate. Arminta's death certificate can be
found attached.

I thought you would like to update the consents to reflect this new
information. There is a lot of confusion out there over this ancestry.

Thank you for your help.

J. Michael Butler
2816 Westrock Drive
Hilliard, OH 43026
(614) 850-0314 Home
(614) 946-8528 Cell


Isabel-Blevins-dc.jpg (501344 bytes) Death certificate for Isabelle Blevins Holbrook. Isabelle Blevins is the daughter of Solomon Blevins and Elizabeth Quinley. Isabelle Blevins married Thomas Green Holbook on March 18, 1880 in Floyd County, Ky.

Submitted by

pic-37-Thomas--and-Isabelle.jpg (94170 bytes) Marriage record for Thomas Green Holbrook and Isabelle Blevins married March 18, 1880 in Floyd County , KY

Submitted by

B0004--Layne-Anna.jpg (65136 bytes)
D0064 Anna Layne Dove
Buried @ Oakwood Cemetery, Warsaw, Kosciusko Co., IN
Warsaw Times Union Newspaper, Date: May 14, 1999, page 3A

Submitted by

D0036---WILEY-LAYNE.jpg (116212 bytes)
Certificate of Death
Source Document #
D0036 Wiley Layne
Buried @ Mullins Cemetery, Hunter, Floyd Co., KY

Submitted by

D0037---MARTHA-LAYNE.jpg (95830 bytes) Certificate of Death

Martha Layne Hall

Submitted by

D0040---TAYLOR-LAYNE.jpg (107067 bytes)
Certificate of Death

D0040 Taylor Layne

Buried @ Hale Cemetery, Martin, Floyd Co., KY

Submitted by

D0072---JOHNNY-DOVE.jpg (148711 bytes)
Record of Death:
Source Document #
D0073 Johnny Dove
Buried @ Fraley Cemetery, Thealka, Johnson Co., KY


B0005---Dove-Johnie.jpg (101738 bytes)
Record of Birth:
Source Document #
B0005 Johnie Dove 

Submitted by

D0070---SARAH-KENNEDY-HALE.jpg (150745 bytes)
Certificate of Death
Sarah Hale
Buried @ Hale Cemetery, Martin, Floyd Co., KY
Submitted by
Lawsuit-Family-of-Stacy-Bro.jpg (64691 bytes) Karen Nelson Marcum located this legal document in Book H at the Floyd County Clerk's office. This document names the family of Stacy Broughton Hammons. The purpose of this document was to appoint Solomon Derossett as the power of attorney by the heirs of Stacy Broughton Hammons and her mother, Elizabeth Nicholson Broughton. Job Broughton, the grandfather of Stacy, was a Revolutionary War patriot.

Submitted by

Death-Certificate-Malcom-Hu.jpg (212526 bytes) Malcom Hubbard was the son of William M. Hubbard, Jr. and Sarah "Sallie" Hammons. He was born in Floyd County on August 23, 1871. Malcom was a circuit rider. He was married to Lula Kendrick on December 28, 1896 in Floyd County. Lula Kendrick Hubbard was born on December 30, 1881. Malcom and Lula removed to Ohio around 1932. They both died in Ohio and are buried in Gallia County, Ohio. They were my great grandparents

Submitted by

Marshall-Hubbard_Susan-Hamm.jpg (164486 bytes) Marriage certificate of Marshall Hubbard and Susan Hammons. They were married in Floyd County on January 11, 1855. Marshall was the son of William Hubbard, Sr. His mother is believed to have been Frances Jackson. Susan was the daughter of James and Stacy Broughton Hammons. They were the great great grandparents of Karen Nelson Marcum who located and provided me a copy of this document. Marshall was the brother of William M. Hubbard, Jr. and Susan was the sister of Sarah "Sallie" Hammons Hubbard.

Submitted by

Death-Certificate-George-T.jpg (155228 bytes) Dr. George T. Kendrick was married to Dicy E. May. They were my great great grandparents and the parents of Lula Kendrick Hubbard.

Submitted by

William_Hubbard_MC.jpg (72650 bytes) Marriage certificate of William Hubbard, Sr. and Sarah Howard. Sarah is believed to have been the third wife of William Hubbard, Sr.

Submitted by

Military-Documents-of-Henr1.jpg (115187 bytes)  Military-Documents-Henry-Cl.jpg (74684 bytes) 

Military-Documents-of-Henr3.jpg (56483 bytes) Military-Documents-of-Henry.jpg (72668 bytes) Military-Documts-of-Henry-C.jpg (126729 bytes)


Henry Clay Hubbard was the son of William Hubbard, Sr.  He enlisted as a 4th Sergeant in Company A of the 10th KY Cavalry (Diamond's) of the CSA on September 10, 1862, in Prestonsburg.  Henry was promoted to 1st Corporal on April 1, 1863.  1st Sgt. Henry Clay Hubbard was wounded in the left leg and captured at Mount Sterling on June 10, 1864.  He was in the hospital in Lexington until June 24, 1864, and was then transferred to Camp Morton, a prison in Indianapolis, IN.  Henry died of Spinal Meningitis on February 27, 1865, while a POW.  He is buried in Section 32 at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, IN. 
Henry Clay Hubbard was the son of William HubbardSr., the brother of William HubbardJr., was also a Confederate POW.  Henry died at the appoximate age of 22 years.
Submitted by


Soldiers-Pension-Applicatio.jpg (359096 bytes) Soldier's-Pension-Applicati.jpg (402456 bytes) SoldierPension-Application3.jpg (639302 bytes) Pension App.

William M. Hubbard, Jr. served in the CSA, Company A, 10 KY Cavalry (Diamond's). He was a POW, captured at Blue Springs, TN and exchanged for Union Solidiers at Rough and Ready, Georgia. William enlisted and served with his brother, Henry Clay Hubbard. William Hubbard was my great-great grandfather.

Submitted by

Wm-Hubbard-Indorsement.jpg (421506 bytes)    Wm-Hubbard-War-Dept-Memo.jpg (354695 bytes)

Solomon-Hubbard-Sarah-Baldw.jpg (221410 bytes) Marriage record of Solomon Hubbard and Sarah Elliott Baldwin

Submitted by

William-M-Hubbard-Jr.jpg (111954 bytes) Marriage record of William M. Hubbard and Sarah "Sallly Hammons

Submitted by

risner-johnson-deathcert-19.jpg (109371 bytes) Johnson Risner Death Cert.  1942  Submitted by Sharon Cornell

Indenture for George Blanton, Sr., Floyd Co. KY
Submitted by Sheila Bradley

Indenture for James H. Blanton  Floyd Co. KY
Submitted by Sheila Bradley
Wm-Anna Trustee.jpg (86492 bytes) Marriage bond for William Trustee and Anny Robens.

Submitted by Velma Atkinson


charityxd-x18243.jpg (132447 bytes) Death certificate for my Great Grand Mother Charity Johnson.
Submitted by Garyl A Johnson
Shepherd_WilliamH1_ML.jpg (164339 bytes) Marriage License

June 15, 1906
William Hoot & Della Wallen Shepherd, son of Andrew & Emaline Goodman Shepherd

Submitted by Sidney Turner

Shepherd_Abel.jpg (214665 bytes) Marriage License

July 21, 1853. Abel & Mary Poly Hale Shepherd, son of Jacob & Elizabeth Hale Shepherd

Submitted by Sidney Turner

Pitts_Maxaco.jpg (201284 bytes) Marriage License

July 25, 1833. Maxaco & Dicy Shepherd Pitts, daughter of David Henderson & Lucretia Hale Shepherd

Submitted by Sidney Turner

Johnson_Miles.jpg (199799 bytes)

Marriage License

March 13, 1925. Miles & Glady Shepherd Johnson, daughter of Calvin & Rebecca Calhoun Shepherd

Submitted by Sidney Turner

Shepherd_David.jpg (139527 bytes) Marriage License

October 15, 1846 David Henderson & Rebecca Prewitt Shepherd, son of Jonathan Shepherd
Submitted by Sidney Turner

Shepherd_David1.jpg (122263 bytes)
Carroll_Lunda.jpg (259355 bytes) Marriage License

May 21, 1932. Lunda & Gabie Conley Carroll, son of Melvin & Maude Crisp Carroll

Submitted by Sidney Turner

Carroll_Lunda1.jpg (277068 bytes)
Sheppard_Calvin_ML.jpg (128884 bytes) Marriage License

July 12, 1906. Calvin & Rebecca Calhoun Shepherd, son of Andrew & Emaline Goodman Shepherd

Submitted by Sidney Turner

Armstrong_Mead1_ML.jpg (201859 bytes) Marriage License

K.M. Armstrong & Mary Jane Shepherd

Submitted by Sidney Turner


Armstrong_Mead_ML.jpg (166354 bytes)
Shepherd_Calvin_ML.jpg (165882 bytes) Marriage License

Calvin Shepherd & Geneva Branham

Submitted by Sidney Turner

Shepherd_Calvin_DC.jpg (195827 bytes) Death Certificate

Calvin Shepherd son of Andrew & Emaline Goodman Shepherd

Submitted by Sidney Turner

Shepard_Woodrow_DC.jpg (149061 bytes) Death Certificate

Woodrow Shepherd son of Amamander & Loraine Hanshoe Shepherd

Submitted by Sidney Turner

Shepard_AndrewJ_DC.jpg (137395 bytes) Death Certificate

Andrew Shepherd son of David & Nancy Stone Shepherd

Submitted by Sidney Turner

Goodman_Emaline_DC.jpg (158071 bytes) Death Certificate

Emaline Goodman Shepherd daughter of Willim & Mollie Wallen Goodman

Submitted by Sidney Turner


Crisp_Wilson_DC.jpg (164055 bytes) Death Certificate

Wilson Crisp son of Anderson & Kathryn Collins Crisp

Submitted by Sidney Turner

Crisp_Willie.jpg (150935 bytes) Death Certificate

Willie Crisp son of Anderson & Kathryn Collins Crisp

Submitted by Sidney Turner

Crisp_Maude_DC.jpg (147114 bytes) Death Certificate

Maude Crisp Shepherd
Daughter of Anderson & Kathryn Collins Crisp

Submitted by Sidney Turner

TJ Ferry License.jpg (36529 bytes)

Thomas Jefferson DeRossett ferry license for the Big Sandy River.

Submitted by Tami DeRossett Moorcroft

Captain_William_J._Hall.jpg (29517 bytes)

Capt_William_J_Hall_Letter.jpg (9431 bytes)

For Transcription
Click Here

William J. "Capt. Bolen Bill" Hall was born May 11th, 1825 and died July 28th, 1912 and on July 14, 1850 he married Florence Jones at Jones Fork Creek, Floyd county KY. Florence was the Daughter of "Old Clabe" Claibourne Jones. "Capt. Boleb Bill Hall" was the son of William John "Gunsmith Billy" Hall and Margaret Johnson. "Gunsmith Billy" was the son of Anthony Hall and Ruth Butler, Anthony was the son of Anthony Hall and Mary Hepple. Ruth's father was George Butler, and I do not know her mother's name.  Bob Hall

one is a copy of the original letter and the other is a copy of the letter transcribed, I left all of the spellings and the wording just as William J. "Capt. Bolen Bill" Hall wrote them in the original.


1953_Drivers_Lic_Ruben.jpg (81428 bytes) 1953 drivers license of my dad, Ruben Rose.  Submitted by Lydia Rose Neal
Marriage_Dad_Mom.jpg (53747 bytes) Marriage Certificate of Ruben Rose to Mary Ellen Wallen Bride was the daughter of Joe Baker & Josephine Campbell Wallen. Ruben was the son of Benjamin & Rennie Conley Rose. Submitted by Lydia Rose Neal

Jerry Allen Family Information1.jpg (46665 bytes)

This is a family record of Jerry Allen. He and his family lived in W. Prestonsburg in Floyd Co. I received this as part of my research on my family. Jerry was my GGrandfather on my mothers side. Wallen, Campbell, and Allen. Submitted by Lydia Rose Neal
Scan Jul 14, 1999-3.jpg (840491 bytes) This is a letter fom Minerva Fitzpatrick Hamilton to her Mother from the house of Ann
Submitted by

rbook.jpg (946569 bytes) War Ration Book from WW 2
Submitted by Carol Howell McGlothen

1953.jpg (1963170 bytes) Martin Eight Grade Class Graduation Program   May 18, 1953
Submitted by Carol Howell McGlothen

Death Certificate for William  Hamilton
s/o Samuel L. & Synthia Hill Hamilton
Submitted by

Lilburn Dye Mar. Bond.jpg (1653809 bytes)

1938 Marriage Bond
Lilburn Dye to Mary Compton
Submitted by
Charity Branham.jpg (1851724 bytes) Marriage Bond Between
John C. Branham & Mahala Mosley
Riley Jr, & Hannah Justice.JPG (605286 bytes) Marriage Bond Riley Hall Jr. to Hannah Justice
Allinson Justice Joyce Ivy Hub.jpg (756882 bytes) Marriage Bond Allinson Justice & Joyce Ivy Hubbard
Clark1.jpg (345227 bytes) Letter to Mr Sill Hall from Inland Steel Company
Letter is giving permission for a cemetery, along with map to the right.

Clarkbp.jpg (457879 bytes)

James Moore was married first to Martha Virginia Hopson James was the s/o John and Cynthia Moore.
 Submitted by Carol Howell McGlothen
Bud Hoover death cert.jpg (119340 bytes) Bud Hoover's Death Certificate
Submitted by Bob Hubbard
Oney Hoover death cert.jpg (127021 bytes) Oney Hoover's Death Certificate
Submitted by Bob Hubbard


hicks.jpg (256717 bytes) Greeley Hicks
Submitted by 
greeley_hicks_back.jpg (273608 bytes)