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I'll be happy to scan the obit and photo for those interested.
">Wilma Moore
Cheyenne, WY.

1975  New Salem Association Minutes Obituaries Index


Ada Akers d/o Floyd and Nannie Justice Akers, m. Elmon Akers.

Herman Honeycutt s/o John Wesley and Amanda Jane Bates Honeycutt, m. Dorothy Hildebrand.

Estill Ratliff  m. Hattie Terry Grigsby.

John Combs s/o Shade and Ellen Terry Combs, m. Clara.

Andy Akers s/o Kenis and Jude Hamilton Akers, m. Judy Hamilton and Corsetti Akers.

Allen W. Akers s/o Elizha and Cynthia J. Rice, m. Myrtle Boyd.

Elizabeth Osborne Tackett d/o G. W. and Tilda Moore Osborne, m. Jona Tackett.

Angelina Tuttle d/o Henry and Eliza Thornsberry, m. Andrew Tuttle.

Kenas Tackett s/o Ben and Martha Hamilton Tackett, m. Lucreasie.

Jerry Lee Hamilton s/o Kinda Lee Hamilton, adopted s/o Jimmy and Lizzie Roese.

Linda Sparkman d/o Albert and Jane Conley, m. Kendall Sparkman.

Elliott Short s/o Charlie and Susan Short, m. Ezzie Moore.

Mark Bryant s/o Lewis and Polly Jane Hamilton Bryant,  m. Mary Bentley.

Mary Alice Dunk Hall d/o Annie Mullins, m. Alford Hall.

Charlie Evans s/o Mose and Frances Evans, m. Minnie Howell.

Pink Akers s/o Robert and Hulda Akers, m. Cloie Caudill.

Gertrude Smith d/o Squint and Cloia Johnson m. C. B.  Smith.

Martha Hale Wireman d/o Sam and Jane Allen Hale, m. Elliott Wireman.

Willie Bill Tackett s/o Will and Victoria Roberts Tackett, m. Zetta Johnson.

Estill Childers s/o Abe and Florie Adams Childers, m. Dorothy Reynolds.

Grover Bailey s/o Jack and Elizabeth Bailey, m. Ruby Tackett.

Martha Burnette Newsome d/o Willard and Georgia Hollifield Hall, m. Shelby Newsome.

Leanner Johnson d/o Scott and Rhoda Johnson Burke, m. Francis Marion Johnson.

Anna O. Slone d/o Henderson and Rebecca Fouts Hall, m. Calaway Osborne and Delzie Slone.

Oliver Branham m. Mary Line Roberts and Mary Francis Hall Sword.

James M. Elkins s/o William and Elizabeth Branham Elkins, m. Martha Cable.

M. C. Allen s/o Andy and Florence Stephens Allen, m. Margaret Nolan.

Nan Akers Hall m. Joe Hall

Edgel Moore s/o Lewis and Carline Hamilton Moore, m. Octava Hall.

Cordelia Tackett d/o Caleb and Elender Tackett, m. Allard Tackett.

Creed Little s/o Marion and Frankie Hall Little, m. Sarah Elswick.

Ross Hopkins s/o Fayette and Virgie Hall Hopkins, m. Josie.

Henry Layne s/o  William and Mary Jane Steel Layne, m. Offie Lush and Clara Mays.

Hauley Hall s/o Riley and Florence Hall, m. Dorothy Newman.

Lillian H. Little d/o Joseph and Janie Hopkins, m. Charles Little.

Inez Ousley d/o Willie and Lucinda Adkins, m. Hiram Ousley.

Florence Hall d/o Jeff and Roseline Johnson Hall, m. Riley hall.

Lillie Bolton d/o Alfred and Matilda Damron Branham, m. Link Bolton, Sr.

Sarah Bridgeman Newsome d/o Floyd and Mary Anderson Bridgeman, m. Johnny Dennis Newsome.

Susan Day Fields d/o Hiram and Liza Day,  m. Cleveland Fields.

M. C. (McClelland) Hall  m. Mary E Hall.

Franklin Grady Adkins s/o Grady and Minty Brown Adkins, m. Eunice Trimble

Charlie Hughes Adkins s/o Grady and Minty Brown Adkins, m. Irene Ratliff.

Minty Brown Adkins d/o John and Margaret Ellis Brown, m. Grady Adkins.

Emmitt Tackett s/o Freel and Sarah Tackett, m. Nannie Hall.

Nannie Tackett d/o Bill and Linda Hamilton Hall, m. Emmitt Tackett.

Phillip Newsome s/o Wilse and Retty Hopkins Newsome, m. Alpha Mitchell.

Lee Stumbo s/o Greenville and Hanna Stewart Stumbo, m. Anna Mae Hall.

Cassie Williams d/o Mr. and Mrs. Albert Moore, m. Silas Williams.

Mary Alice Justice Ousley d/o Hager and Sarah Adkins Justice, m. Ellis Ousley.

Mary B. Rogers d/o Robert and Mindy Hall.

Mary E. Hall d/o Hen and Amy Johnson Hall, m. McClelland Hall.

Minnie Angeline Gullett Syck d/o Frank and Nancy Ann Honaker Gullett, m. Hiram Syck.

Hiram Syck s/o Daniel Webster and Sophie Jane Stration Syck, m. Minnie Angeline Gullett.

Oscar Combs s/o Kenis and Nanny Combs, m. Mae Beverly.

Daniel Ratliff s/o Don and Causby Mullins Ratliff.

Julia Caudill d/o Henry and Ardella Slone, m. Hiram Caudill.

Ishmael Hall s/o Monroe and Ortha Slone Hall, m. Effie Mullins.

Silvan Tackett s/o Enoch and Elizabeth Tackett, m. Rebecca Damron.

Burton Watson s/o Morgan and Nancy Watson, m. Stella Sparkman.

Maggie Conn d/o Kelly and Susie Hamilton Keathly, m. James Melvin Conn.

Kate Turner Spencer d/o Jake and Cynthia Allen Turner, m. Alec Lackey Spencer.

Belle Sparkman d/o Adam and Tenia Reynolds Slone, m. John Sparkman.

Cordelia H. Powers d/o Epp and Lethia Jane Bates Hall, m. Elbert Powers.

George W. Hensley  m. Nancy J. Tackett.

Sadie Belvins Gillespie d/o George and Lona Blevins, m. Melvin Gillespie.

Minnie Hunter d/o Russell and Mary Elizabeth Soward, m. Chester Newsome and Tom Hunter.

Sam P. Collins m. Darke Moore and Peggy Soward.

Charlie Yeary m. Maude Maggard.

Hulda Napier Godsey d/o James and Sally Stacy Napier, m. Sidney Godsey.

Maudie K. Tackett d/o Clark and Lettie McCoy Holbrook, m. Ervin Tackett.

Roy Hughes b. October 31, 1960 Perry Co., KY  d. July 1, 1974.

Tilda Hall d/o Nathanial and Mary Fouts, m. William Hall.

Melvin Corbett Johnson s/o Shade and Rhoda Childress Johnson, m. Ellen Watts.

Willard Ousley s/o Monroe and Arvilla Allen Ousley, m. Annie Riffitt.

Kendle Frasure s/o Jack and Susan Frasure, m. Maggie Lawson.

Hulda Little d/o Hiram and Martha Jane Johnson Tackett, m. Marion Little.

Martin Hall s/o Hiram and Nancy Hall, m. Merinda Bryant.

Lena Dudley  d/o George and Nan Lawson Hoover, m. Felix (Sog) Dudley.

Win F. Meadows s/o Dick and Alzada Meadows, m. Maude Johnson.

Rosetta Damron d/o John and Marietta Compton, m. Reuben Damron.