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Elizabeth Preston, wife of Nathan Preston Floyd Co., KY
Surnames: Preston

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Surnames: Preston
11-173 R

Nathan Preston
of Floyd County in the state of Kentucky who was private in the regiment commanded by Colonel Lewis of the Virginia line, for the term of three years.

Inscribed on the Roll of Kentucky at the rate of 8 Dollars per month, to commence 
on the 20th of May 1818.

Certificate of Pension issued the 37th of May 1819 and sent to Benjamin ???? 
Judge, Paint Kentucky.

Arrears to 4th of Mar. 1819: 9 ????? $76-12

Semiannual ???? 4th Sept. 1799. $48


{Revolutionary clam. Act 18th March, 1818}

Listed below is the front page on the packet of information about Elizabeth:


Elizabeth Preston, widow of Nathan Preston who was a private in the Revolution.

Inscribed on the roll at the rate of 80 dollars ant ?? per annum, to commence on 
the 4th day of March, 1843.

Certificate of Pension issued the 29th day of Jan 1844 and sent to J.R. Martin 
Prestonburg, KY

[Act of March 9, 1843]

Recorded in book A

Vol 1 Page 172

This is the letter in which Elizabeth applied for Nathan's pension.

State of Kentucky
Floyd County

On this the 29th day of August 1839 personally appeared before me J. M. Huff a 
justice of the peace in and for the County of Floyd and State aforesaid Elizabeth 
Preston a resident of Floyd County, Kentucky aged seventy-nine years, who being 
first duly sworn ???? on her oath makes the following declaration in order to 
obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress ??? July 7, 1838 
????, the act of granting half pay and pension to certain widows, that she is the 
widow of Nathaniel Preston deceased, a late pensioner in the rolls of the 
Kentucky agency. She further declares that she was lawfully married to the
said Nathaniel Preston by publication ??? times at church by the Rev. M. Ramsey 
in the county of Bedford in the State of Virginia in the month of August 1780. 
That her husband the aforesaid Nathaniel Preston died on the sixth day of August 

That she was not married to him prior to his leaving the ???? but the marriage 
took place previous tot he first of Jane 1794 ??? at the time about stated she 
further declares she knows of no reason ???? of her marriage or at the age of her 
children nor does she know of any person now living that she's remarried.

Elizabeth (her mark) Preston

The following is the disposition in which Jeffrey Preston, Nathan's son, gave 
regarding his mother.

The disposition of Jeffrey Preston a resident of Floyd County, Kentucky Taken 
this 29th day of August 1839 to be used as ???

in favour of the application of Elizabeth Preston for a pension ??? act by 
Congress passed July 7, 1838, ???? being 48 years old next fall ???? that he is 
the son of Nathaniel Preston, deceased and Elizabeth Preston, his surviving widow 
that he knows his father was a pensioner on the role of the Kentucky Agency at 
the time of his death and as such ??? ninety-six dollars per annum and the said 
Nathaniel Preston died on the sixth day of August 1832 and that his ???? is 
aforesaid Elizabeth Preston has remained a widow ever since to the present ???? 
further saith that he has always understood from both of his parents that they 
have eight children the oldest of which was born after ??? was taken but in the 
seventh month which was October 1781. The next oldest child of the ??? Nathaniel 
and Elizabeth is ??? of 55 years old. Jay the next is about 5? years old and the 
next oldest, Polly, is about 50 year old. ???? is the next oldest being the age 
he has stated so he has always understood from his parents their being no record 
of the ages of his sisters and brothers to refer to, his said father ??????? has 
always lived together as man and wife and recognized as such ever since the 
deponents earliest recollection and he has no doubt they were lawfully married 
never having heard it doubted by any person what ?????? not.

The forgoing declaration of ???? Elizabeth Preston and the deposition of Jeffrey 
Preston was each separately given to ???? by ???? before me that ???? Justice of 
the Peace in and for the County of Floyd and state aforementioned ???? justify 
the said Elizabeth Preston and Jeffrey Preston are persons of good moral 
character and persons of truth ????? of old age and ???? infirmity the said 
Elizabeth Preston is unable to attend court.

Given from under my hand this 29th day of August 1839.

??????? JPFC

The deposition of Elizabeth Burgess, Nathan's sister.

The deposition of Elizabeth Burgess, a resident of Floyd County, Kentucky to be 
used as evidence in favor of the application of Elizabeth Preston for a pension.

Despondent being 68 years old, deposeth and saith that she is is a sister of 
Nathaniel Preston, deceased, they were raised together and she recollects being 
at the wedding which took place at her father's when the said Nathaniel Preston 
got married to Elizabeth his now surviving widow. She ?????? as the parties went 
to the ???? to be married and on their return from the Parsons reported 
themselves as being married which marriage between the said Nathaniel Preston and 
Elizabeth Vaun his now surviving widow, took place in the County of Bedford in 
the state of Virginia in the month of August, 1780 and they lived together as man 
and wife from that time until the death of said Nathaniel Preston and Elizabeth 
his wife has remain a widow ever since, the said Nathaniel and Elizabeth raised 
several children the oldest was Nancy is now about 58 years old. And further 
saith not.

Elizabeth (her mark) Preston

State of Kentucky
Floyd County

................2? day of September 1839

S. Preston JPFC