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Samuel May House Archives

Wheelwright  1920

Old McDowell Jail  

Harold, KY   

Wheelwright Hotel  

Photos of Wayland, Kentucky  

Photos of Garrett, Kentucky  

Estill, Kentucky  

George & Nannie Auxier's Homeplace  

Wayland Flood Photo's  

Tunnel at Gearheart 1920's  

Big Sandy River  

Coal Town, Floyd County KY ca 1915 

Garrett, Kentucky ca 1914  

Train Depot, West Prestonsburg  

Beaver Valley Hospital

Broadway Service Station

Harkin Law Offices

Riverboat Cricket

Price Theater

Maytown Methodist Church

Click Saw Mill

Price Tipple

Train at Price, KY

Dewey lake

Lee Frasure Memorial Children's Home

Martin, KY

Wayland houses under construction

Glo Kentucky

C & O Cafe at Martin, Kentucky

Wesley N. Martin's Garage at Allen, Kentucky

Simpson Martin Cabin

John Burke Turner Store at Drift, Kentucky

Minnie Post Office

Residential section of Wayland

Bird's-Eye View of Auxier, Kentucky

Fed, Kentucky

Hollow in Weeksbury, KY

Salisbury House on Left Beaver

Garrett School

Boyd Station

C & O Ticket Office at Emma

Main Street of Wheelwright, KY ca 1949  

Downtown Wheelwright ca 1946  

Wheelwright Business district and Inland Steel Housing Project  

Wheelwright Hospital, Company Owned, Wheelwright, KY  

Company General Store, Wheelwright

Harmon Station