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Unidentified Photos


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scan0005.jpg (53166 bytes) Anyone know who these two girls are?? Could be friends of or part of Combs, Turner, Moore, Caudill, Cox, Brown, Martin families???? Around McDowell or Hi Hat, Floyd Co. Ky. 

Submitted by Bay Anderson

Clarence2.jpg (62151 bytes) I was wondering if I could get some help from the Floyd County site in trying to identify the place where this picture was taken. I think it says Rocky Valley Inn. Clarence went to Pippapassas but I don't know if this was there. Please help!

Submitted by  Becky Blystone

this-could-have-been-taken-.jpg (30872 bytes) May be from Skip Branch.

Submitted by

Man on the right is my great-grandfather John Fouts. I have the original photo. Thanks Sue Bolen

beaver-creek.jpg (42762 bytes) Don't know but think this one is on beaver Creek


Submitted by

unknown1.jpg (23374 bytes) Thinking this was taken on Right Beaver. Wyatt Martin's son Alamander's Daughter had these Pictures. Would love to know who they are.

Submitted by

3-girls.jpg (34463 bytes) Can anyone help me with this Photo? I think it is conected to the Hunter

Family or the Moore Family.

Submitted by Terry Trip

Men.jpg (105525 bytes) Men…this is the one that we have no idea about and hope that someone may shed some light to i

Submitted by Carol Scott

Lydia-grave.jpg (86691 bytes) This photo is another mystery. I am sitting on a the grave site of a Civil War Veteran. I can't  remember where it is located ( maybe on Bull Creek )or the name on the stone. The photo was made in the mid 1960's. I would like to share it with everyone and hope some one can add information I have forgotten

Submitted by The Neal's

Funeral-of-unknown..jpg (16638 bytes) The picture belongs to April Smith, and her mother found this in a hope chest in a box. The pictures came from Fred and Minvera Prater Miller, who were April's gg grandparents. Would like to have the people identified. Thank you. Sharon Cornell 
Unknown-0023.jpg (94281 bytes) We have no Ideal who is in the 2nd photo. We know it is Louisa High School or it could be a graduating class of Louisa Normal College ,George's father graduated from the college in 1921. We have his Diploma. But George can't identify any of the Students in the photo.

Submitted by

unknown-couple.jpg (44789 bytes) Unknown
Could be Derossett or Laffertys

Submitted by Minervia

The unknown people in the photo submitted by Minervia with the note "Could be Derossett or Laffertys" are Albert Hall and Anna J. Stephens. I sent the photo to my cousin, Karen Nelson Marcum, who lives in Floyd County. Karen took the photos to folks living on Bull Creek. Clara Lucille Derossett Garrett and her brother Gerald Derossett identified Albert and Anna.

Anna's parents were Andrew Jackson Stephens and Sarah Elizabeth Lafferty. Albert's parents were William Hall and Mary Jane Wallen.

Kathy (Hubbard) Hanlon

Unknown-lake-photo.jpg (24891 bytes) Unknown Photo found in my grandmother's things that appears to be at taken possibly at Dewey Lake

Submitted by

UK-betsy-osborne.jpg (14868 bytes)
Could be a Osborne or a Culbertson

Submitted by

UN_group11-20-2003.jpg (6038 bytes) Submitted by
UN_two-women-on-porch.jpg (14766 bytes) Submitted by
UN_woman-by-window.jpg (21449 bytes) Submitted by
UN-woman-house.jpg (16704 bytes) Submitted by 
UNK-11-20-2003.jpg (31890 bytes) This photo was given to me several years ago and I was told it was Jeremiah Moore and His wife Eliza Jane Moore?  Now I have found the same picture under the names of Samuel Prater and Rebecca Pitts ca1840's.  Anyone  know who this is ?  Submitted by
Unknow-Hackworth.jpg (9791 bytes) Maybe a Hackworth but not sure

Submitted by

11.jpg (106970 bytes) Need ID  Submitted by Minerva
Need ID 5.jpg (175697 bytes) Need ID  Jerry Powell
unknown-Charles.jpg (55483 bytes) This photo was found in the pictures of Leota "Shepherd" Howard . This looks like it could be Charles Howard and Margaret Shepherd. Does any one know who these people are. Thank you and My E-Mail is Also my mailing address is Dallas Howard P.O. Box 5, 60 North First St. Liberty Mills, IN 46946. 
unk-bparsons2.jpg (34549 bytes) Would like to know if anyone knows who this

Submitted by Minerva 

Unknown-0010.jpg (19721 bytes) This is a photo found with some of the Conn photos, it could be Boyd, Click, Conn, Jarrell... Does it look familiar to anyone?
Submitted by Rita Frasure
un4women1933.jpg (52454 bytes) Picture was taken by my father, the late James Ballard Goble, sometime in the early 1930's. Four women are standing in front of what appear to be stacked leaves of tobacco. Submitted by  Jim Goble

No-ID-2.jpg (21330 bytes)

No-ID.jpg (18915 bytes)


Josephine Vault  girl friend.jpg (34133 bytes)


1 & 2 Unknown

1st. From old photos that belonged to Tandy (b) 3/12/1892 and Laura (Smith) Hunters (b)3/12/1895 of Knott Co .KY

2nd. Bill Shaw ; h/o Virginia Hunter Shaw .d/o of Tandy "Dick" an Laura Smith Hunter. Actually , he was my wife's Sisters Husband and we had never met him, but I do have photos of him in uniform and he looks different. My wife's younger sister lived with them when she was 15 and she said that he always took his brief case with him where ever he went, and he has it with him in the photo. Small world ,isn't it. "Duh" on my part

3rd. photo Josephean Vault and girl friend. The spelling may not be correct on Josephine, but that is on the back of the picture that I have

Submitted by Jerry

unknown0005.jpg (44206 bytes) Unknown Woman 

Given to Ben Caudill by  Carlos Dawson

Garrett-men.jpg (84455 bytes)


taken by Dennis Morgan
Given to Ben Caudill by  Carlos Dawson


unknown-Rose-or-Conley1.jpg (7234 bytes)
I was told it was more then likely to be Rose children. Descendents of John Rose and Polly Ann Miller Rose. We are not sure who they are. Need help. If anyone know who these children are please contact me at Thanks so much.  Lydia
UN_Coosie_Layne.jpg (58933 bytes) Found in the pictures of Coosie Layne Williams upon her death. Do you know who they are? Submitted by Sherry Williams
un7.jpg (10794 bytes) Unknown Lady Submitted by
un6.jpg (22040 bytes) I received this picture and was told it was Zenith Campbell and wife Mary Ellen (Allen) Campbell. My great-grandparents. The child, I was told was my grandmother Josephine Campbell, Wallen, Hicks. Now I don't know who they are. Found another copy of this same picture identified as someone else...Any information I can get will be very helpful.  Submitted by Lydia Rose Neal 
un_ELI-5.jpg (17315 bytes) un_MAR-7.jpg (29959 bytes) These pictures were on Catherine Garrison's wall all the time and we were told they were her grandparents Martin & Elizabeth Lawson. Some said they didn't think they were. The man favors Martin's son Hiram (Catherine's Dad) enough to be his father. I wanted to know if anyone could verify that it is Martin & Elizabeth. If not, then who? Thanks, Helen Lawson
Unknown_family.jpg (31911 bytes) Do you Know This People?  Photo found in the trunk of Esther Hamilton Howell, w/o Tan Howell of Branham Creek.  Submitted by
ligonladies.jpg (57358 bytes) These Two Ladies are from the Ligon area, Do you know who they are?
Submitted by Carol Howell McGlothen

Rita McGuire and_ _ _ Hayes. 
Submitted by Brenda Moore Newman,

I'm sorry to tell you but that is not Rita Faye McGuire, on the unidentified photos that one on the left is Jeanette Elswick from Hi Hat, Ky they were hunting eggs on Easter Sunday. Thanks Bobbi McGuire

I am Garyl Johnson originally from Floyd County, Kentucky. My step-Mother is Velma Elswick. She says that is not her sister, Jeanette. I am sorry this is negative news.

unknown1.jpg (25702 bytes) If you know her, let us know.
Submitted by Damon Wicker
three sailors.JPG (77310 bytes) This Picture was Found in Pictures Belonging to Maudie Watkins after her Death
Submitted by Alicia Parsons
unknown0001.JPG (71429 bytes) This Picture was Found in Pictures Belonging to Maudie Watkins after her Death
Submitted by Alicia Parsons
un1.jpg (42396 bytes) Submitted by Charles Rice
un2.jpg (39919 bytes) Submitted by Charles Rice
un3.jpg (106487 bytes) Submitted by Charles Rice
un4.jpg (80209 bytes) Submitted by Charles Rice
un5.jpg (34214 bytes) Submitted by Charles Rice
schooljpeg.jpg (396001 bytes) Does anyone have info on this photo?
Submitted by Marcia Arem
menandtablejpeg1.jpg (69679 bytes) Does anyone have info on this photo?
Submitted by Marcia Arem
Unknown Girls.jpg (79789 bytes) Unknown Might be Tommy Ousley's Children
Submitted by 
February 19 2000 (12kh.jpg (45917 bytes) Unknown
Submitted by 
unknown_group.jpg (31332 bytes) Harry Everett Hager he's on the far right last back roll, , Emince School, This was associated with the Masonic Widows and Orphans Home in Louisville, Ky.
submitted by Judy Stambaugh Submitter died May, 2001
my dad.jpg (67689 bytes) Men from McDowell Area, Do you know them? Submitted by Lydia Brooks
unknown0003.jpg (88471 bytes) My wife Peggy Ann Bartlette Bass is from Wayland, Ky. We have come across some old photos of The Isaac's from around the turn of the century and later. This one we can not identify, we believe it to be either Hiram or Craner Isaac or possibly William Caudill.
Submitted by Robert Bass


unknown_salisburygirls.jpg (18749 bytes) Three Unknown girls Submitted by Carol Howell McGlothen

From: Cecil Halbert   Mom said the girl in the middle is Virginia Mullins (lived in Frogtown), and Goldie Jean Salisbury (mom's sister) is on the left.  Thank, Cecil Halbert


UN_PRATERSUNDAYSCHOOL.jpg (109326 bytes) Sunday School class at Prater Creek school.  Ca. 1930's  Any one know these people?
Photo from Phyllis Jarrell-Baumgartner
Submitted by Carol Hall-Scott
The following several Photos were found in the home of Birdie Vaughn Childers of Richardson, Lawrence Co., KY. The album was inscribed to Lizzie Ford from sister Ella D. Dec. 25, 1890. Believe Lizzie was Elizabeth Davis Ford, w/o Martin Luther Ford (son of Tom Ford) and the d/o of James McHenry Davis and Naomi Price. M. L. Ford's picture was identified as well as son James. Martin and Elizabeth married 1876 in Johnson County; believe Ford family was from Floyd Co. and Davis family from Johnson County. Submitted by Donna Cox

UN_1899.jpg (40686 bytes)

UN_3peop000.jpg (27106 bytes)

UN_beautifu.jpg (26256 bytes)

UN_scarflad.jpg (29861 bytes)

UN_youngman.jpg (28997 bytes)

UN_baby.jpg (21678 bytes)

UN_girlinpl.jpg (30154 bytes)

UN_girlinst.jpg (22808 bytes)

UN_handsome.jpg (10527 bytes)

UN_polkadot.jpg (8283 bytes)

UN_pinwoman.jpg (26412 bytes)

UN_lady.jpg (11373 bytes)

UN_noticehi.jpg (17187 bytes)

UN_manwmaso.jpg (23935 bytes)

UN_mustache.jpg (24891 bytes)

UN_manwhand.jpg (25922 bytes)

UN_blondema.jpg (31854 bytes)

UN_girlbesi.jpg (15289 bytes)

UN_febru000.jpg (18996 bytes)

UN_fromgard.jpg (35061 bytes)

UN_fromgarn.jpg (31472 bytes)

UN_boyincha.jpg (26205 bytes)

UN_gentlema.jpg (25567 bytes)

The following were found in the Photos of Cloe Mae Wicker Howell, d/o Claude & Melvina Hunter Wicker. Most were made like a post card.

Fowler's_Portsmouth.jpg (20095 bytes)
Fowler's Jul 9 1934 Portsmouth, OH On Back

UNK_0016.jpg (37768 bytes)

UNK_0002.jpg (30852 bytes)

UNK_0003.jpg (33447 bytes)

UNK_0004.jpg (36737 bytes)

UNK_0005.jpg (40899 bytes)

 UNK_0006.jpg (113995 bytes)

UNK_0007.jpg (43263 bytes)Here, Paw is the sweetest thing in the world

UNK_0008.jpg (48706 bytes)

UNK_0009.jpg (35690 bytes)

UNK_0010.jpg (37045 bytes)

UNK_0011.jpg (47009 bytes)

UNK_0014.jpg (29265 bytes)

UNK_0015.jpg (29720 bytes)

UNK_0013.jpg (44949 bytes)