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     Antioch Church of Christ

May 27, 1855, 16 people met, probably in a home of a schoolhouse, and joined by confession a new church call Antioch Christian Church.  The new members were:  William O. Ellis, Anna Ellis, Mary Ellis, Louis Ellis, Rebecca Ellis, Amanda Ellis, J. P. Louis, Margaret Louis, Todd Renick, Elisha Allen, Henrietta Allen, Mary R. Pettit, E. T. Pettit, Catherine Moore, T. A. Sales and William N. Pettit.  Their leader and organizer is believed to have been William Handy Wittington, a well-known Christian minister of Franklin County, who was also active in other area churches.

The church lot was deeded by Frederick and Catherine Roberts, August 12, 1857, to W. O. Ellis, James Keaton and John H. Smith, trustees.

"The new building was of the traditional pattern, with two front doors, the right for the women and the lett for the men.  The pulpit was placed between the doors, so that people entered facing the congregation.  Those who could remember that period said it  was a most embarrassing custom, but still it had its advantages.  Sermons were often two or three hours long but we are told that many people moved in and out rather freely during the services and the only respite for the congregation was in watching them"l  So wrote Ermina Jett Darnell in her sketch "First 50 years of Antioch Reviewed."

The old auditorium had three rows of benches arranged to create two aisles lengthwise of the church.  Each bench in the longer center section was equipped with a dividing rod near the top and center of the bench, designed to keep the women seated on the right and the men on the left.

In the 1930's the separate doors were removed in favor of the one entrance and the seating in the auditorium was rearranged to accommodate one center aisle.  The dividing rods were removed many years earlier.

The church building has been remodeled several times. In 1938, the old foundation was removed and a new stone put in.  A basement and three Sunday School rooms were added in 1952, and another major renovation took place in 1968-69 when a baptistry, bathrooms and three more Sunday School rooms were added.  The brick exterior was added at this time.

By deed dated December 30, 1974, Clayton and Myrtle Goins gave to the church approximately 50 acres of land located on Bark Branch Road to be used as a Christian youth camp.  A comfortable log parsonage has been built on the property, along with a large kitchen and dining hall, a shower house, and five cabins.  Five weeks of camp are held each summer, serving about 125 young people.

Source:  Written by: Mrs. Leo (Ramona) Slattery
Taken from the Homecoming Day Program, September 8, 1991
Submitted by:  Harold W. Rarden

The Antioch Church of Christ Cemetery is located by the church on Harvieland Road, 1/2 mile from Highway 421 North. The cemetery contains over three hundred known graves.  Families buried at Antioch include; Brawner, Chism, Flynn, Goins, Harrod, Hulette, Moore, Penn, Phillips, Pulliam, Quire, Rearden, to name a few.  For a listing of the tombstone inscriptions you can refer to Church and Family Graveyards of Franklin
, published by the Kentucky Genealogical Society, 1976.  


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