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The Solomon Snow Family Bible

The files of Miss Vivian C Moore (1906-1979), a life-long resident of Franklin County, Kentucky, contained photocopies of what purports to be a
Bible and New Testament originally owned by Solomon Snow (1784-1860). As found, the photocopied bible pages were stapled together and then
paper clipped to family group sheets for members of the Snow family. Miss Moore' s notes did not list a source for her copy of these bible excerpts.
Handwritten inscriptions on the first of the attached sheets suggest that the Bible was passed down to members of the Brawner and Snow
families over the years.

The Bible pages have been reproduced in the same order as they were found in Miss Moore’s files. There are title pages for both a New Testament
and a Bible containing both Old and New Testaments; both bear the imprint of The American Bible Society and the publication date of 1843. It is not
clear to this writer whether these sheets were excerpted from a single volume or from two different publications with the same publication date.

Miss Vivian Moore was not a direct descendant of Solomon Snow and his wife, Ann Brawner. One of Solomon and Ann's children, John T Snow
(b. 1834, Franklin County KY), married Miss Moore’s great-aunt, Sarah Ann Moore, a daughter of Henry Scott Moore and Margaret Robertson
Moore of Franklin County, Kentucky. John and Sarah Ann’s 1854 marriage is recorded on the last of the attached bible pages; this marriage can be
independently confirmed by reference to records found at the Franklin County Clerk’s office.

A typed transcription of handwritten material on the bible pages follows. As will be seen, quite often two bible pages were photocopied onto
a single sheet.

Carl E Moore, Jr.
Chicago, Illinois
March 26, 2010

Solomon Snow Bible Transcription

First Sheet

"Jan 10, 1928

"This Bible was presented to G. Murray Brawner by his Aunt - Mrs. Prucilla (Snow) Morgan, Wife of Francis M. Morgan"


"Mr. Euron Snow, I am presenting you this Bible of your Ancestry. I think is should be in the possession of a direct- descendant -
Snow for the rest of time.

Your Cousin
G. Murray Brawner
Frankfort, Ky"

Second Sheet (left side)

Handwritten entry on side and top margins: " Solomon Snow's Book a Present from the Bible Society 1847"

Handwritten entry on bottom margin: "Given to Prucilla June Snow"

Printed heading: "Births"
Handwrtten entries"

"Solomon Snow as Born May the 8th 1784"

"Ann Brawner my wife was born December the 21st day 1793"

"William Franklin  Snow was Born Wednesday about 11 o'clock AM October the 24th 1821 son of Sol'm and Ann Snow"

"Henry Carter Son of Do Born on Thursday evening between 9 & 10 o'clock on the 6th day of March 1823"

" Elizabeth Ann Snow was born on Thursday Morning between one and two o'clock October the 13th day 1825"

Second Sheet (right side)

Handwritten entry top margin: "1847 April 1847"

Printed heading: "Births"
Handwritten entries:

"John B. Son of do was born April the 13th and died the 29th 1827 Aged 16 days"

"John Thomas Son of do was born on Friday morning between 7  & 8 o'clock September the 30th 1831"

"Prucilla Jane daughter of do was born on Wednesday evening between 2 & 3 o'clock February the 25th 1840" [two large Xs through
part of this entry; probably ink bleed from entries on flip-side of this page]

"Emily Pilcher was born January the 2nd 1851"

"Margarette Ann Snow daughter of John D. Snow was born September [lower right-hand portion of page torn and missing] 1855"

Third Sheet (left side)

Printed heading: "Deaths"
Handwritten entries:

"Wady C. Hales was Born December the 5th 1828"

"John William Snow was Born November the 17th 1857 son of Henry C. Snow"

"William Henry Snow Son of John T. Snow was born September the 20th 1858 March [entry X'd out: "a mistake""

"Richard H. F. Snow, Son of John T. Snow, was born March the 20th 1858"

"Llewellyn Snow was born the 17th day of Nov 1860"

"Susan Elizabeth Snow was [lower left hand portion of page town and missing] April 30th day 1861"

[Lower left hand portion of page town and missing] "*lland and Mary... born  May ....1863"

Right margin: "April 7th 1828 - Prucella Jane (Snow) Morgan. Died April 7th 7:30 AM. Funeral held with that of Mrs. Hannah C. Bruner 4/11/28"

Third Sheet (right side)

This is the bible's title page, which contains both printed and written matter.

Printed Matter: "The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ:
Translated out of the original Creek . . Printed by D. Fanshaw for the American Bible Society. . . 1843"
Handwritten matter: "Dec 1st 1937:  May this Book be handed down to a Snow for Many Generations. G. Murray Brawner"

Fourth Sheet (left side)

Printed matter only (text from Revelation Chapt XXII). No extractable handwritten entries.

Fourth Sheet (right side)

Handwritten entries:

"Solomon Snow died the 5th day of December 1860"

"Sarah Ann Snow died the 9th day of May in the year of our Lord 1862"

Fifth Sheet (left side):

Handwritten entries:

"Susan E. Snow was born April the 30th 1861"

"Ann Elizabeth Pilcher was born September the 8th 1860"

"Luellen Snow was born November 17th in the year of our Lord 1860"

"[first name illegible] Elizabeth Snow was born April 1861"

Fifth Sheet (right side):

No extractable information.

Sixth Sheet:

Printed title page: "The Holy Bible containing The Old and New Testament... Printed by D. Fanshaw for the American Bible Society...1843"

No handwritten entries.

Seventh Sheet (left side)

Top portion of page comprises printed text from the Book of Malachi

Handwritten entries:

"Prucilla Jane (Snow) Mogran died April 7th 1928 at the home of her niece - Mrs. Harry Shaw (Prudence Brawner Shaw). Was buried beside
her Husband Francis M. Morgan in the Frankfort Cemetery - 4/11/28. She was (96) ninety six years of age at time death."

Left Margin: printed card "Mrs Goodlae D. Hendley" with unidentified photo of man.

Seventh Sheet (right side)

Printed heading: "Marriages"

Handwritten entries:

"Solomon Snow was married December the 21 day of 1820 to Ann Brawner"

"Elizabeth S. Ann Snow and John Pilcher was married November the 1849"

"John T. Snow and Sarah Ann Moore was married October the 5th 1854"

"Henry C. Snow & Wady Catherine Hales was married September the 4th day of 1856"


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