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Would you like to give a few hours a week helping others!  Volunteers are needed to perform lookups.  If you have informational CD's, published
material or private research material pertaining to Franklin county, your services are desperately needed. Your material must meet USGenWeb
guidelines. If you have material that meets these guidelines, and are interested in volunteering your time let me hear from you!

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When making a request for information, please follow the following guidelines. Subject of your email message should read:  FRANKLIN COUNTY LOOKUP.
Limit each request to ONE name per email. Please be specific!  Supply ADEQUATE INFORMATION for a successful search.  Above all, THANK your volunteer.


The volunteers listed below will gladly perform a search Only from sources that each has listed.
 Please follow the guidelines for requesting a Franklin County, Kentucky Lookup.

Franklin County, Kentucky Resources

Franklin County, Kentucky Birth Records, Vol. I, by Frances T. Ingmire
Compiled from vital statistics for years 1852-53, 54,55,57 & 59

Judy Bisiq

Franklin County, Kentucky Birth Records, Vol. II, by Frances T. Ingmire
Compiled from vital statistics for years 1860, 61, 1874 - 76 & 1878

Judy Bisiq

Franklin County, Kentucky census
Jean has access to all Franklin census                        

Jean Heck

1810-1870 Franklin County, Kentucky census    
Dave will perform census lookups. Just send name of head of household


1850 Franklin County, Kentucky Microfilmed Census, FTM CD # 303
List all members of a particular household by name, age, and birthplace.

Anne H. Lee

1880 Franklin County, Kentucky Census, LDS Microfilm
List all members of a particular household by name


Franklin County, Kentucky Death Records, by Frances T. Ingmire
Compiled from vital statistics for years 1852, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 1859, 1860, 61, 1874, 75, 76, 77

Judy Bisiq

History of  Franklin County, Kentucky, by L. F. Johnson
Published in 1912, contains general information, no, biographies.

Anne H. Lee

Stephanie Lind

Repeat After Me, Marriage Bonds 1795-1810, by Fint & Lee
Information does vary for each bond. Some contain consents and or minister return.

Anne H. Lee

Franklin County, Kentucky Marriage Records, by Frances T. Ingmire
Compiled from vital statistics for years 1852, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 1859, 1860, 1875, 76, 77                    

Judy Bisiq

Church of the Ascension Records, Frankfort, Kentucky
baptism, marriage, burial, parent and children

Information may be lengthy for some families.  Please make your request
specific.  A search for a particular surname alone, will not be accepted.

Barb Bognetti
June Forbes Walley

Forks of Elkhorn Church, by Ermina Jett Darnell
Contains a lot of good information.  Please be specific in your request.  

  Suzanne Russell  

John McAnally   

100 Years of North Benson Baptist Church, Frankfort, KY      

Cecie Harris Ballinger

Kentucky Resources
1860 Census Index, US Selected States/Counties, FTM CD # 318
Index Only!                                                                                                                                    

  Robert T. Boone, III  

Kentucky Genealogical Records & Abstracts, Vol. 1, 1781-1839, by Sherida K. Eddelman

Stephanie Lind

Kentucky Genealogies # 1, 1700's-1800's - FTM CD #185
Family history articles from The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society
and the Filson Club History Quarterly.

Judy Freeman

Kentucky Obituaries, 1787-1854, by G. Glenn Clift

Stephanie Lind

Historic Families of Kentucky, by Thomas Marshall Green

Stephanie Lind

General History of Kentucky, by F. A. Beatty
A general history, may contain Franklin County information.

Jean Mahaffey

Family History: Southern Genealogies # 1, 1600-1800 - FTM CD #191
Information from 23 volumes of Historical Southern Families and 6 volumes of Notable Southern
Families, published by Genealogical Publishing Company.

Judy Freeman

Marriage Index: Kentucky, 1851-1900, FTM CD #233
Index only! Contains groom, bride, date and county.  Franklin County marriages represented on this
CD are for years 1852-1877.  Appears information was taken from the Vital Statistics.

Anne H. Lee 

Marriage Index: KY, NC, TN, VA, WV, 1728-1850 - FTM CD #229
Index Only! Contains, groom, bride, date, county and state.

Barbara Manley Hernden

Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN, 1720-1926 - FTM CD #229
Index Only!  Contains, groom, bride, date, county and state.

Barbara Manley Hernden

Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky, by Anderson Chenault Quisenberry
Published by Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland, 1999.

Judy Bisiq

Abstracts Early Kentucky Wills and Inventories


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