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Mexican War

1846 - 1848

Between 1846 and 1848, the United States and Mexico, went to war. An event that transformed a continent.  By end of the war, Mexico had
lost most of its territory from Texas to California. Franklin County'scontribution to the War with Mexico was comprised of two companies;
Captain Ben C. Milam's Company C, First Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Volunteers and Company B, Second Regiment, Kentucky Foot

Volunteers under Captain Frank Chambers. 

   Burying the Dead

The trustees of the City of Frankfort appropriate $200 and Franklin County matched that amount to bring the bodies of the men of Franklin County
back home.  Major Ben C. Milam, along with Mr. Ruben A. Hawkins, who had agreed to return to Mexico and identify the graves of the men whom
he had buried there.  The bodies of John Sanders, John Ellingwood, James Seston, Major Updike, L. B. Bartlett, Henry Wolf, W. Blackwell,
J. J. Thorp, H. Edwards, A. Goodpaster, Enoch Burton and Robert Latta were received at Frankfort by the returned volunteers under
Major Milam and Captain Chambers and the McKee Guards, under Captain Crittenden. They were buried in the State ground at Frankfort on
Thursday, September 16, 1847, with military honors. On July 27, 1847, the burial of the remains of Colonel William R. McKee, Lieutenant
Colonel  Henry Clay, Captain William T. Willis, Adjutant E. P. Vaughn, Lieutenant Joseph Powell, W. W. Bayless, William Thwaits, N. Ramsey,

Thomas Weigert, Alex G. Morgan, C. Jones, H. Carty, McH. Dozier, H. Trotter, C. B. Thomas, and W. T. Green, the honored Kentuckians, who
were killed at the Battle of Buena Vista. 

 Soldiers Killed in Action

James Bailey

Samuel Bartlett   *
William Blackwell   *
Thomas J. Chambers
J. F. Ellingwood   *
Leander Ford
Lafayette B. Frederick
W. J. Hall
James S. Johnson
Roberta Latta
Francis LeCompte
James Lester  *
N. Newton
Rowland S. Parker
John Sanders   *
Major Updike   *
W. Williamson
Henry Wolfe  *
John White - deserted at Louisville, June 13
James Crummery - deserted at Matamoras, August 22
* Killed at the Battle of Buena Vista - February 23, 1847

Company C, First Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Volunteers

John Swigert, John Scott and W. Holeman were captured near Encarnacion by Mexican
forces.  In July 1847, they escaped from their guard. After many perilous adventures
reached their home in Frankfort.

Joel Ashley, Private   * William McLean, Private
G. W. Bailey, Private  * S. McQueen, Private    *
James Bates, Private  * T. J. Macy, Private
Ben B. Bennett, Sergeant Samuel Mars, Private    *
Johnny Calvender, Private L. Martin, Private
Silas Calvert, Private  * Ben C. Milam, Captain
Robert Church, Private F. M. Milam, Private     *
Robert Cochran, Private   * J. G. Miles, Private        *
Clinton D. W. Cook, Private A. J. Mitchell, Private
Nathanial C. Cook, Private S. Montague, Private
Richard Davenport, Private R. P. W. Noel, Private    *
Zachariah Dougherty, Private   * Ben Franklin Pearce, Private
Bennett Edwards, Private W. H. Price, Private     *
Humphrey Evans, Sergeant E. T. Parrent, Corporal  *
James E. Evans, Private John H. Redish, Private
B. S. Fields, Private A. B. Reed, Private   *
Lewis J. Foster, Corporal Joseph Robb, Private
B. S. Gayle, Private - Bugler                                     W. M. Robb, Corporal   *
Richard D. Harlan, 2nd. Lieutenant John T. Roberts, Sergeant
D. Hancock, Private  * John A. Scott, Private   *
Thomas Harper, Private   * John S. Semonis, Private
Jeremiah Harrison, Private George M. Shannon, Private
William Hassett, Private John A. Snelling, Private
Fielding S. Hawkins, Private J. J. Soward, Private
James Herring, Private   * W. W. Stapp, Private
A. W. Holman, Private  * W. C. Stockton, Private
R. B. Howard, Private    * W. H. Sudduth, Private  *
R. B. Howard, Private    * John Swigert, Corporal  *
W. P. Jones, Private    * B. Utterback, Corporal  *
J. J Kendall, Private     * William Whitehead, Private   *
James F. Lee, Private A. Wilkerson, Private   *
Samuel C. Leonard, Private J. Wilson, Private   *
A. J. McDonald, Private W. S. Woods, Private   *
J. D. McKee, Private   *
James H. D. McKee, 1st Lieutenant
* Discharged due to disabilities
* Captured by the Mexicans - January 22, 1847 

Company B, Second Regiment, Kentucky Foot Volunteers

George Allen, Private Wilson J. Jordon, Private
John Amen, Private Clark Knott, Corporal
Samuel  P. Barbee, 2nd. Lieutenant Henry C. Long, 2nd. Lieutenant
Samuel  P. Barbee, 2nd. Lieutenant                                           James E. McGune, Private
Elias T. Bartlett, Private     David McQueen, Private
Samuel S. Bartlett, Private William K. Major, Private  *
James Blazehard, Private  *  Hanson S. Mayhall, Sergeant
Benjamin O. Branham, Private Moses L. Milam, Private
Emil Brea, Private Thomas J. Milam, Private
Geo. W. Chambers, Bugler James Monroe, 1st. Lieutenant
Frank Chambers, Captain John E. Monroe, Private
Patrick H. Chambers, Private William Morrison, Private
John J. Christopher, Private Alexander Moss, Private    *
Wesley Christopher, Private    * William D. Robertson, 2nd. Lieutenant
James Coleman, Private   * James R. Page, Private  *
John L. Collins, Private William W. Perrin, Private
L. Craig, Private Almus W. Polsgrove, Private
James W. Cummings, Private   * John Polsgrove, Private
James B. Davidson, Corporal James N. Reed, Private
Daniel Easley, Private                 Benjamin Robinson, Private  *
Geo. W. Edwards, Private Stephen Sesfield, Private    *
Richard P. Evans, Corporal Wm. R. Satterwhite, Private
Chas. R. Featherston, Private James W. Sheets, Private
Enoch Ford, Private   *  Samuel Sheets, Private
William F. Gaines, Sergeant Robert Sheridan, Private
Richard A. Gayle, Private James Sherrin, Private
Ambrose W. Hampton, Corporal William Skyler, Private
William Hardy, Sergeant Norman, Sidbottom, Private
Abel P. Harris, Private Walker Stephens, Private
James W. Harris, Private  * James D. Taylor, Private
Ruben A. Hawkins, Private John Taylor, Private     *
John R. Hayden, Private Thomas J. Todd, Private    *
William M. Hayden, Private Lewis Tull, Private
Matthew L. Hazlett, Private  * Thomas Webb, Private
Thomas B. Heffner, Bugler James L. Williams, Private
William Henderson, Private W. Williams, Private
David J. Herndon, Private Merriat Young, Private
* Discharged due to disabilities


The History of Franklin County, Kentucky; by L. F. Johnson, 1912


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