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Upper Benson Church

In 1795, a small group of Presbyterians, under the leadership of Samuel Shannon, a Princeton graduate and Presbyterian minister, formed the Upper Benson Church.  Located
in the hills of the Upper Benson Creek, they constructed a log meeting house.  The church prospered and in 1804 Shannon organized the Lower Benson Church, located near
Bridgeport on lower Benson Creek.  Samuel Shannon served both churches until his resignation in 1812.  The Upper Benson Church was dissolved in 1822.  Many of the members
joined the Lower Benson Church and together in 1848, they built a more modern church on the Louisville Turnpike near Bridgeport.

List of Ministers, including those who were pastors and stated supplies, together with others who were pastors elsewhere and supplied this church at the same time.  The pastors
of the Frankfort Church, Rev. Drs. Edgar, Baker and Bullock, during their respective terms of office supplied this church during the vacancies of its' pulpit, preaching regularly
Sabbath afternoons during the pleasant season of the year.  Upon these occasions the two Benson congregations usually worshiped together.

Rannells, Rev. Samuel 1799-1800 Minister
Campbell, Dr. John B. 1800-1802 Minister
Cameron, Rev. Archibald 1803-1805 Minister
Shannon, Rev. Samuel 1806-1812 Minister
Smith, Rev. Eli 1824-1829 Minister
Hawthorn, Rev. James 1829-1837 Minister
Winston, Rev. D. M. 1838-1840 Minister
Lynn, Rev. E. K. 1840-1843 Minister
Proctor, Rev. D. C. 1845 Minister
Mills, Rev. Benjamin 1846-1847 Minister
Goodwin, Barclay     1841-1846 Deacon
Paxton, John H. 1841-1846 Deacon
Paxton, Thomas                     1795-1844 Ruling Elder
Armstrong, Robert 1795-1806 Ruling Elder
Hamilton, Robert 1800-1830 Ruling Elder
Boyd, William 1800-1830 Ruling Elder
Hutton, James 1827-1837 Ruling Elder
Miller, Henry 1827-1840 Ruling Elder
Davidson, Matthew 1830-1845 Ruling Elder
McBrayer, James 1830-1846 Ruling Elder
Conner, Fielding L. 1835-1846 Ruling Elder
Kellogg, J. A. 1841-1846 Ruling Elder

Upper Benson Church Members

Hugh Alexander Marguerite Alexander Ann (a slave)
Jane Armstrong Robert Armstrong Mrs.Pauline Baker
Mrs. Frances Bennett Miss Ann Black Miss Jane Black
Nancy Boyd William Boyd Mrs. Abigail P. Briggs
Miss Eliza Brown Mrs. Elizabeth Brown I (J.) Bacon Bush
Miss Sarah Bush Mrs. Sarah Bush Miss  Susan Bush
Mrs. Daniel Carlin Charles Carter Mrs. Charles Carter
Jane Chapman Ellen Clark Abram Cofer
Barbara Cofer Fielding L. Conner Mrs. Jane Conner
Miss Mary N. Conner Miss Kitty Ann Corban Miss Sarah Corban
Hamilton Crockett Elizabeth Davidson James Davidson
Matthew Davidson William Davidson Miss Rebecca Davidson
Artemesia Ford Miss Clarissa Ford James Ford
Jerry Ford Miss Mary Ford Miss Elizabeth Ford
Miss Sarah Ford Barclay Goodwin Hannah Goodwin
Mary Goodwin Norman Green Miss Jane Hamilton
Mary Hamilton Robert Hamilton Hannah (a slave)
Hannah Hutton James Hutton John Hutton
Sarah Johnson William Johnson Mrs. Julia Ann Jett
Julia Ann (a slave) Nancy (a slave) Mrs. Fidelia Kellogg
J. A. Kellogg Mrs. Elizabeth Lane Mrs. Margaret Latta 
Miss Mary Jane Latta William Long Mrs. H. B. Lynn
Elizabeth McBrayer Miss. Elizabeth McBrayer Hiram McBrayer
James McBrayer Jane McBrayer Marcia McBrayer
George McCormack Mrs. Elizabeth McFall J. A. McGill
Mrs Jane A. McGill John A. McGill John McGill
Miss. Mahala McGill Mrs. Margerite McGill Mrs. Mary H. McGill
Matthew McGill Miss Elizabeth McGinnis Mary McKendrick
Mahala (a slave) Mary (a slave) Esther Mayhall
Miss Jane Mayhall Timothy Mayhall Lucy Milam
Benoni Nelson Mrs. Frances Nelson William Nelson
Miss Elizabeth Paxton James Paxton Miss Jane Paxton
John H. Paxton Miss Mary T. Paxton Miss Rebecca G. Paxton
Rebecca (Hogsett) Paxton Miss Sarah E. Paxton Thomas Paxton
George Reading James Reading John Reading
Eleanor Reed Hankersoon Reed James Reed
Samuel Reynolds Charles Rice William Rice
Nancy Richardson Miss Rebecca Richardson Mrs. Rebecca Richardson
Samuel Richardson Mary Robinson Mrs. Margerite Russell
Sam (a slave) Rebecca Satterwhite Miss Eliza Shannon
Henrietta Shannon Miss Martha Shannon Mrs. Martha Shannon
Mary Shannon Miss Martha Ann Shannon Samuel Shannon
Mrs. Ann Sharp Miss Nancy Sharp Sarah Sharp
Abraham Sharpe Mrs. Ann Sharpe Elizabeth Sharpe
Mrs. Susanna Sutton Wm. M. Sutton Martha Theobald
Mrs. Ann Tracey Margerite Tracey Sebritt Tracey
Miss Nancy Twyman Allen Utley Henry Utley
Miss Mary Utley Mrs. Nancy Utley William Utley
James Waddell Mrs. Rachel Woodbury Mrs. Elizabeth Wash
Miss. Martha Wash George Williams

A History of the First Presbyterian Church, Frankfort, Kentucky, by W. H. Averill, 1901
Frankfort 200 Celebration 1786-1986, by Frankfort's 200 Birthday Historical Research Committee
Capital on the Kentucky, by Kramer

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