Mt. Herman Christian Church

Located on Highway 2140, about a mile south of the Middle Road
in the central part of Fulton Co., Kentucky

   On August 27th, 1890 for the sum of $92.25, G. B. Threlkeld sold and deeded to Hardin Maddox and J. H. Thomas, trustees and their successors, three acres and twelve poles of land located at the corner of the Dresden and Matson Roads for the Christian Church to be built on. The building was erected in 1892. This date was built into the highest point of the front of he building above the door. Later for many years it was the place of worship for the Christian and Church of Christ faiths, until years later when the Church  of Christ congregation built their new building just south of State Line.
   Some of the early ministers were: J. H. Roulhac, W. J. Shelborne, R. P. Meeks and A. I. Myhr. Quite a few young ministers preached their first sermons at the church as it was a small rural congregation and, after serving the church for a while with a little experience, moved on to larger congregations. It was the pride of the congregation that one of the young minister, the late Ollie James Sowell, was sent out to become a minister for his life.
   The church never had a full time minister, only a minister to fill the pulpit on the first Sunday of each month, and for the last several years there are so few members that there is no minister serving the church now, but they still have Sunday School every Sunday.

   This history was taken from the 1983 Fulton County History Book, published by the Fulton County Historical Society. Printed by Dave Turner and Associates of Paducah, Kentucky

   Record Book of Oak Grove (line drawn thru Oak Grove), Mt. Herman Christian Church
Aug. 9th, 1891 - M. A. McDaniel, Church Clerk. This is written on inside front cover.

Names of Members
Protracted Meetings
History and Pastors
Expenses of House
Board Meetings
Resolutions of Respect
Jeff Thomas
Sister Connelly
Sister Forschie
Hardin Maddox
W. R. Henry
Jas. P. Creed
Sister Johnson
Building Subscribers
Cost of Materials
Amounts Collected
1897 Treasurer's Report
Letter of transfer for R. P. Armstrong
Agreement of Arbitration

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