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The following were taken from the Hickman Courier weekly newspaper of Fulton County, Kentucky from the year 1909. Obtained from microfilm at the McCracken County Public Library in Kentucky. Abstrated by Andrew Stahr April 25, 2005

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Hickman Courier - January 14, 1909  Thursday
   John Regie, aged 93, was married to Lucy Metcalf, aged 56, at Tandsley, Clay County, last week, Regie’s first wife’s funeral was preached just two days before his marriage.
   Squire Futrell, of Fulton, performed the following marriage ceremonies at that place Sunday:

Miss Hannah L. Cummins and John R. Wood, of St. Louis.
H. C. Neale and Miss N. L. Cathey, of Wingo.
G. C. Clarke and Miss Bessie McClure, of Mayfield.
Rupert Wilkerson and Miss Beula Pryor.
Andy Jackson and Lula Oaks, of Jackson’s Store.

Mr. W. C. Croft and Mrs. S. A. Verhine were married at the home of Mr. Cothran in West Fulton Jan. 7. 7.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. McLeskey of the Cumberland Presbyterian church.  Immediately afterward Mr./Mrs. Croft went to their home in East Fulton.

J. Henry Beckman, son of H. C. Beckman, of Cape Girardeau, Mo., was married on Jan. 12th to Miss Edith Bruscher, of Rollaa, Mo.  They will remain in St. Louis several days before returning to Cape Girardeau, where they will make their future home.  Mr. Beckman is well known here and has the good wishes of his many friends.

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January 21, 1909  Thursday
   Miss Belle Knighton, of Fulton, was married Sunday, to J. Dickson, of Pullman conductor, of New Orleans.

   Mr. B. P. Moon and Miss Ludie Pullen were married at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Jake Roberts, in East Fulton, Wednesday.  Rev. B. J. Russell performed the ceremony

   Miss Rebecca Taylor and Dalton McQuirter, well known young people of Fulton, were united in marriage Wednesday night after an exciting get away from the bride’s father, Henry F. Taylor.  Some time ago the young people attempted to get married, but Mr. Taylor succeeded in frustrating their plans and is said to have threaten young McQuirter  so strongly opposed to the match was he that a tragedy would doubtless have resulted if the father could have located the young couple, who had fled across the line into Tennessee, where the ceremony was hurriedly said by Justice J. T. Futrell.

   Miss Jimmye White, of near Cayce, surprised her friends by marrying, last Sunday, January 17th.  She visited her old home in Lebanon, Tenn., where she met her old school mate and lover, a Mr. Beard, and the marriage was hastily consummated.
January 28, 1909  Thursday1January 28, 1909  Thursday

   Mr. W. J. Williams of Democrat force and Miss Mary Smith a popular young lady of Hickman were quietly married at the home of Squire Sacra.  The Squire performing the ceremony.  The many friends of Mr. And Mrs. Williams will jin us in wishing thema long and happy married life. – Union City Commercial.

   Miss Mattie Bushart, of West Hickman, daughter of N. J. Bushart, deceased, was married at the home of M. L. Bushart last night, at 9 o’clock, to Lewis Easley, of Nashville, by R ev. L. M. Blaney.  The wedding was quite a surprise.  Mr. Easley is a baggageman on the N. C. & St. L., running between Nashville and Chattanooga.

Will Clois and wife have a baby at their house.  Congratulations

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February 11, 1909  Thursday
   Miss Mattie Terret and Norman Sutton were married at the home of and by Squire R. L. Jackson on January 27.  Miss Terrett is a daughter of G. B. Terrett, and Mr. Sutton has been in the employ of Mr. Terrett for some time.

Arthur Williams, age 27, and Mrs. Lena Sutton, age 29, both of Missouri, were granted license to marry Feb. 3.

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February 18, 1909  Thursday
  A.R. Vaughn, of near McConnell, and Miss Rosa Frazier, of Fulton, were married Saturday.

   Billie Vaught went to Union City and brought back a wife.  We welcome her in our midst.

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February 25, 1909  Thursday
   Greatly to the surprise of their many friends, Miss Effie Haynes and Mr. John Pyle, were married in this city, Sunday night at 8:30.
   Owing to the recent illness of the bride’s cousin, a home wedding was dispensed with, and a few chosen friends accompanied the contracting parties to the home of Rev. Father Guerin, of the Holy catholic church, where the ceremony was performed.
   The bride was becomingly attired in blue foulard satin elaborately trimmed with baby Irish lace and bands made empire.  The groom was attired like all other grooms.   Mrs. Pyle, formerly of Ripley, Tenn., has been in this city for several months, making her home with her cousin, Mrs. J. O. Ryan, and has made many friends during her stay here.  Mr. Pyle is one of Hickman’s  popular young business men, and was reared in this city.  For two or three years he was Deputy Postmaster, but is now Asst. Cashier of the Hickman Bank.
   For the present, they will be at home with the groom’s parents, Mr. And Mrs. G. W. Roberts, in West Hickman. Here’s our sincere wishes for a long and happy life.

Wednesday evening at the palatial home of Chas. Parker in South Fulton,
occurred the marriage of unusual interest of his lovely daughter, Miss Nettie Parker, to Mr. James Snow of Obion county, a son of Levi Snow, one of the most influential men of Obion county.

   Jim Bowden and Miss Cattie Beevil, of Mayfield, eloped to Fulton and were married, Sunday.

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March 4, 1909  Thursday
   Polk Church, formerly of Union City, was married at Charleston, Ills., February 17th, to Miss Laverene Dowling, a popular young lady of that city.  The groom is well known here.

   Robt. Redfern and Miss Frances Stewart were united in marriage, Tuesday, at Fulton, Rev. Stanley officiating.

   Jodie Wooten and Miss Cecil Papanaul, of the Beelerton neighborhood, were married in Fulton, Sunday.
   One of the most beautiful wedding ever solemnized in the city was that of Miss Anna L. Reeves and Martyn D. Tenney, at the home of the bride’s parents, Wednesday evening.
   Mrs. Tenny, who is a daughter of Rev. W. G. Reeves, pastor of the Baptist Church, is one of the most popular young ladies of Chaffee, and is a very talented musician.
   Mr. Tenney has been in the Frisco office here for three years and his sterling qualities have won for him many close friends.—Chaffeee (Mo.) News.

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March 11, 1909   Thursday
   Will Dawson and Miss Francis Guill, a young couple of the west part of Graves county, were almost drowned in a stream of high water in their attempt to elope Saturday night.  He had just stolen the young woman from her home and the buggy was overturned in a deep creek in their efforts to reach Fulton.

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March 18, 1909   Thursday
   Mrs. Maud Thetford and Edwin James Parson were united in marriage at Fulton, Monday.

   Miss Effie Camp and L. C. Ringo were married in Clinton, Monday.  They will reside at Wolf Island.

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March 25, 1909   Thursday
   U. J. Smith and Mrs. A. F. Frost, of Fulton, were united in marriage, Tuesday afternoon.

   Bert Copeland and Miss Lula Gibson and S. G. Lamb and Miss Mira Carr, all of Mayfield, were married in Fulton, Saturday night.

   Will Pool and Miss Jossie Gardner were married Monday morning on No. 9 Lake by Squire R. L. Jackson.

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April 1, 1909 Thursday
   G. W. Baldridge and Miss Blanche Spicer, of Wingo, were married at Fulton Sunday.

   Sunday afternoon, March 28th, David Edwards and Miss Willie Wade drove to the home of Squire Bruer and were quietly married.  The wedding was a complete surprise to the friends of the contracting parties.
   Mrs. Edwards is the charming daughter of Dee Wade, of Dukedom, Tenn.  The groom is a well known, industrious young man of the Brownsville-neighborhood.
   Ben E. Calhoun and Miss Arzona Gibson, prominent young people of Mayfield, were united in marriage at Fulton, Saturday.

   Weldon King, of Fulton, and Miss Lucy Milner, daughter of Rufus Milner, of Bardwell, Ky., were united in marriage Sunday night at the home of the bride.

   The following marriage licenses have been issued from the office of the county clerk:  L. D. Overby, of this city and Miss Susan High of Hickman county.  Overby was recently discharged from the US Navy.  Luther Dotson and Miss Kate Barnes, both of this city.  The bride is a daughter of W. F. Barnes, the old ferryman.  They were married Wednesday night.

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April 8, 1909   Thursday
   On Thursday evening at 8 o'clock, in Fulton, Mr. Charles F. McMorris, of Clinton, and Mrs. Mary Anna Ashby? of Slaughterville, Ky., were united in marriage by the Rev. Dr. Brooks, of the Methodist church.  The happy couple are now at home in Clinton.

   Sunday afternoon, March 27, at his home, Squire Bruer performed the marriage ceremony for Dave Edwards and Miss Willie Wade.  The bride is one of Dukedom’s fairest young ladies.  Mr. Edwards is a resident of Hickman, and a popular young man.

   Sunday April the 4th at the home of the bride at 10 o'clock a.m. Max Roper and Mattie Jefferies were united in marriage.  Mrs. Roper is the charming daughter of  A. I. Jefferies, a prominent farmer of near Fulton, and the groom is the youngest son of Mrs. Martha Roper.
   Maxwell Roper and Miss Katie ? were married at the home of the bride, near Cayce, last Sunday.

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April 15, 1909   Thursday
   Sunday afternoon at 3:15, at the Methodist parsonage, in Union City, Miss Mary Sue Waters became the wife of J. Edgar Naylor, Rev. W. C. Sellars officiating.
   The wedding came as a great surprise to the friends of both the contracting parties.  No one suspected their intentions when they boarded the train Sunday afternoon, accompanied by C. L. Adams and wife, until a telephone message brought the news.
   The bride and groom are both popular young people of this city.  Mrs. Naylor is the charming daughter of Rev. J. W. Waters, pastor of the First Methodist church, and is a social favorite.  Mr. Naylor is a son of the late Eugene Naylor – one of the oldest and best families in the county – and a successful business man of this city.  He is the junior member of the firm of Millet & Naylor, als proprietor of J. E. Naylor & Co’s. book and novelty store.
   The happy pair returned to Hickman on the 8:30 train Sunday evening, and are now at home in Hickman, where they are receiving the congratulations and good wishes of their many friends.

   Tonight at 9 o'clock, Miss Lily Hubbard, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Hubbard, will be married to Ascher E. Kennedy, at the residence of the bride in this city.  The will leave at 10:30 for Louisville and other points.

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April 22, 1909   Thursday
   Mrs. W. Edwards, of Fulton, and T. A. McAllister, of Abbeville, S. C., were married in Fulton, Sunday.

   In the presence of a large coterie of relatives and friends, at the home of the bride in this city, two of Hickman’s most popular young people, Miss Lillian Hubbard and Ascher E. Kennedy, were united in marriage last Thursday evening.
   The attendants were Miss Bess Hall, of Louisville; Jas. Deford, of Nashville; Miss Charlotte Hubbard and Willie Amberg, both of this city.
   Mrs. Kennedy is the eldest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Hubbard, one of Fulton County’s oldest and best families.  She is an attractive and beautiful young lady, possessing all those womanly graces essential to a bright and happy home.  She is also a very fine musician and a leader in social circles.
   Mr. Kennedy, whose former home is Wingo, Ky., is to e truly congratulated.  The groom is one of our promising young business men.  For the past year he has been in Louisville where he is taking a finishing course in pharmacy, and will likely embark in the business of his profession here in a short time.
   The out-of-town guests at the wedding were Jas. McConnell and wife, of Columbus; Mrs. W. K. Hall, of Fulton; Mrs. Bird Hubbard, of Cairo; Miss Mary Bell, of Nashville; Miss Roberta Marshall, of Union City.

    Miss Jessie Mai Burns and Wade Powell were united in marriage, Sunday, April 11th, at the Methodist parsonage here, Rev. Walker officiating.  They were accompanied by Otha Hammonds and Miss Ethel Edmiston.  The bride and groom are both popular young people of Cayce.  Mrs. Powell is the charming daughter of Henry Burns, Mr. Powell is on o Dr. Powell of Union City.  After the marriage ceremony the party repaired to the home of the groom where they partook of a bountiful feast.May 20, 1909   Thursday
   The first marriage in Kentucky, was that of Samuel Henderson to Elizabeth Calloway.  On August 7, 1716, the first white child was born of parents married in Kentucky.

   Woodford J. Shaw and Miss Nellie Ramer, of Moscow, were married in that city last Thursday night.
   Mr. Shaw is a son of B. F. Shaw, deceased, and was practically reared in this vicinity where he is well known, but has resided in the Moscow neighborhood for several years.
   The bride is a daughter of the late Lewis Ramer, and is said to be a charming lady.

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May 27, 1909   Thursday
   Marriage license were issued this week to Owen Bowman and Miss Ada Busby, both of the lower bottoms.  They were married Wednesday.

   J. E. Maddox, of Memphis, Tenn., and Miss Rosa Huff, of Union City, were united in marriage Tuesday evening, May 18, by Rev. E. P. Lindsey.

J. Wright and Miss Neda Morris, both of Fulton, were married in that city,
Thursday.  They will reside at Martin.

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June 3, 1909   Thursday
   Rumor has it that Dr. Peter Prather and Miss Kittie Mott Glenn, two prominent your people of the Jordan neighborhood, will be married tonight.

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June 10, 1909   Thursday
   Miss Kitty Mott Glenn, the pretty and talented daughter of Marshall Glenn, of the Mt. Zion neighborhood, was married on Thursday , June 3, to Dr. Peter Prather, son of Dr. John Prather, and a prominent young physician of Woodland Mills.  The wedding was solemnized at the bride’s home near Union City.  After June 15 they will be at home in Woodland Mills.
   Dr. Prather is well known in this city, and has a host of friends who join the Courier in wishing he and Mrs. Prather all the good things in life.

   Two of Hickman’s most popular young people were united in marriage in this city last night at 10 o'clock.  The contracting parties were Miss Icie Hale, the charming daughter of B. G. Hale, and Mr. Henry Sanger, son of J. Sanger.   The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. W. Waters, at the pastorium, in the presence of a number of “uninvited” guests, who having “got next” stormed the young people at the hour appointed for the wedding.  Miss Estelle Reneau and John Meacham were the only attendants to the contracting parties.
   The bride is well known to many of our readers.  For the past two years she has been employed as a teacher in the Hickman College, and is a talented young lady, possessing those lovable qualities embraced in the highest type of womanhood, which have won for her the esteem and admiration of a large circle of friends.
   Mr. Sanger hold a responsible position with the Hickman Hardware Co., and is popular in business and social circles.
After July 1, they will be at home in Hickman, in the residence now occupied by R. B. Johnson.

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June 17, 1909   Thursday
   Miss Adrian Brevard, of near Union City, was married last week to Mr. John Culbert McRee, of Union City.

   Mrs. McRee is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Brevard,, one of the best known families in West Tennessee.
Mrs. McRee has a host of friends in Hickman who extend congratulations.

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June 24, 1909   Thursday
   Miss Fredrica Peacock, of Tiptonville, and P. H. Bailey, were united in marriage in that city Tuesday.  Mr. Bailey and wife will reside in New Mexico.

   L. K. Nagel, of Columbus, and Miss Allie Lunsford, of Union City, were married in Union City, June the 10th.

   H. M. DeGraffenreid and Miss Margaret Knott, two Union City people, were married in St. Louis, June 9th.

   Marriage license were issued to Garfield Dunning, of Armistead, Ills., and Mrs. Cora McColgan.  They were married at the Court House, June 14.

   E. T. Mills, of Oakton, and Miss Gussie Shadwick, were married in Hickman yesterday.  Mr. Mills is a saw mill man.  Both are well known in Hickman county.

  Vertle Donnell, of this city, and Miss Grace Readenour, of near Hamby Pond, stole a march on their friends, June 12th, by going to Union City and being quietly married.  The ceremony was performed by Esq. Sacra in the presence of Henry Pollock and wife, Miss Learen Brown, Joe Terrett, Porter Ray and Vernon Brown, who accompanied the contracting parties.The bride is the  daughter of G. W. Readenour, a prominent planter of this county, and a charming young lady.
   Mr. Donnell is a son of the late J. R. Donnell, of West Hickman, and a promising young man.  He holds a position on the S. L. Dodds plantation below town. The couple will make their home in this city.

   The Courier failed to learn last week of the marriage of Julius M. Harkey and Mrs. Dora Creson, which occurred June 13th.   The wedding took place at the home of  J. S. Maddox, below town, Esq. Wm. Shanklin officiating.
   The groom is well known to the people of this city, having been employed for a number of years as cotton buyer for J. F. & S. L. Dodds.  He was born in North Carolina in 1840, but has resided  in Hickman since 1897.
   Mrs. Harky is a native of Tennessee, and is a niece of the late County Surveyor Holmes.  She came to this city about 4 years ago and has resided here since that time.  No one in West Hickman is held in higher esteem than Mr. and Mrs. Harky, and the Courier joins their friends in wishing them all the good things in life.  They will reside in West Hickman.

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July 1, 1909   Thursday
   W. O. Flatt and Miss Grace Kendall, of Graves county, were married Friday evening by Rev. T. J. McGill at the preacher’s home in Covington, Tenn.

   Mr. John Jackson and Mrs. Ruby Smith, of Union City, were united in marriage last Sunday afternoon at the parsonage by the pastor, Rev. E. L. Watson.

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July 15, 1909   Thursday
   Miss Fish and Zack E. Curlin, both of Obion county, were married since our last issue.

   Miss Elizabeth Fields and W. A. Lowe were married in Fulton, Tuesday, Rev. Tharpe officiating.

   Miss Hallie Thomas and Collin Cowardin, two of Fultons most popular young people, were quietly married Thursday afternoon at the residence of R. L. Dacus, on Third street.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. W. H. McLesky in the presence of a few intimate friends and relatives of the young couple.

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July 22, 1909   Thursday
   A.  D. Canifield, of Water Valley, Miss., attended the marriage of his brother, W. V. Canifield, at State Line last night.

   Last night at eight o'clock, at the home of the bride, Rev. Watson, of Union City, spoke the solemn words which united in marriage Miss Lena Threlkeld, of State Line and Editor W. V. Caulfield, of Gloster, Miss.  The ceremony was witnessed by a large number of relatives and friends of the contracting parties.
   The bride is the charming daughter of G. B. Threlkeld, and is one of the sweetest and most popular young ladies in this part of the State, and is a member of one of the oldest and best families in Fulton County.
   Mr. Caulfield is a prosperous newspaper man of Gloster, Miss., being editor and publisher of the Weekly Record.  He is spoken of very highly by those who know him best.
   The couple, whose romance was consummated last night, became acquainted in the editor’s home town, where the bride taught music two years.  After the wedding ceremony, the happy couple left for Dawson Springs to spend a few days before returning to Gloster, where they will make their home.
   Here’s hoping all their troubles may be summed up in a half-stick of pica and that their joys will fill endless columns of solid nanpariel.

   Jim Davie Covington and Miss Ruth Wright, of Wingo, were married on Wednesday evening.

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July 29, 1909   Thursday
   Miss Mary Crostic surprised her parents and friends Saturday by eloping with Hoyt Urey to Fulton where they were married.

   A.A. Craver and Miss Mary Samuels were united in marriage in Union City by Rev. Watson last week.

   W. G. Davis and Miss Nina May Wheeler, of Union City, were united in marriage at the Baptist parsonage by Rev. E. L. Watson, July 11.

   We were unable to give full particulars of the Threlkeld-Caulfield wedding at State Line, occurring Wednesday night of last week, and add the following:
   On July 21 one of the prettiest weddings of the summer was solemnized at the beautiful country home of Mr./Mrs. George Berry Threlkeld, when their daughter, Miss Lena Bell Threlkeld, became the wife of William Vassar Caulfield, of Gloster, Miss.  [Detail]

Marriage License:
    B.E. Gray to Miss Hattie Conner, Fulton.
    C.C. Cowderden to Miss Hattie Thomas, Fulton.
    Malcombe Chambers to Miss Annie Hughes, Fulton.
    A.L. Brown to Miss Cassie Donahoe.
    T. A. McCallister to Mrs. Adel Edmonds, Fulton.
    Geo. Winters to Miss Effie Patton, Fulton.
    W. V. Caulfield to Miss Lena Threlkeld, State Line.

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August 12, 1909   Thursday
   Miss Alta Keene and Melvin L. Nichols, a young newspaper man, were married at the Cumberland Presbyterian manse in Union City, last week.  Rev. J. L. Hudgins officiated.

   Jno. Wesley Jones, age 23, and Miss Florence Cross, age 21, married July 30.  They are both residents of this county.

   Brady Jones, age 22, and Miss Della Lucy, age 21.  They were married at 2 a.m. July 30th, by Rev. Turkington.

   W. W. Jackson, age 28, an employe on the Steamer Mengel Box Co., and Miss Arlie Norton, age 20, of Grand Tower, Ills., were married on the boat Aug. 9th, by Judge W. A. Naylo0r.  Mr. Jackson gave his home as Franklin, Tenn.  This is the first marriage that ever occurred on a boat in this city.

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August 26, 1909   Thursday
   W. E. Bugg and Miss Lillian Brazzell, well known young people of Clinton, twelve miles north of here, eloped to Fulton Sunday and were married at the residence of Esq. T. Futrell.  They returned home on the mid night train.

   Dr. F. W. Whitehurst, a dentist of Union City, and Miss Bessie Wolford, were married at the home of the bride in Nashville last week.

   Wesley Batts and Mrs. Kate Underwood were married last week in Fulton.  The wedding was planned as a surprise, but many friends of the couple were present when the appointed hour rolled round.

   Announcement has been made of the engagement of Miss Blanche Mo? one of Clinton’s most popular girls to Dr. Barnett Owen, a prominent young physician of Louisville.  The wedding will take place in Clinton early in October.

   ‘Esq. Futrell married six couples at Fulton, Sunday.  They were: Foy Cunningham and Miss Luby, of Mayfield;  T. J. Gills and Miss Ima Bynum, both of Pilot Oak; F. W. Isball and Miss Evelyn A. Cole, of Valley Park, Mo., Chas. Halmes and Miss Beulah May Bradley, both of Wingo; Ed Anderson and Miss Claudie Newton, of Wickliffe; and Evander Mitchell and Miss Elsie Langston, of Paducah.

   The following is from the Examiner Review, of Navastota, Texas, and tells of the marriage of a prominent Cayce man in that city, Thursday night, Aug. [9th?]
   Married last night at 8 o'clock, at the Wallis Hotel, Mr. J. W. Mayfield, of Cayce, Ky., and Mrs. Lizzie Upchurch, of Bedias, Rev. C. M.  Simpson of the Methodist church of this city, officiating.  The groom arrived yesterday afternoon from his Kentucky home and was here by the bride.  Mr. Mayfield formerly lived in this county and was born and raised at Roan’s Prairie.  He visited here last summer for the first time in several years and met his bride during that [?].
   The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Barry, of Mest, but has lived at Bedias for several months and is very much beloved by all who know here and Mr. Mayfield may well congratulate himself upon his conquest.
   The happy couple will visit various relatives over the county for about two weeks before finally leaving for their Kentucky home.”

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September 9, 1909   Thursday
   It is reported that Miss Mildred McGehee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. McGehee, of near Cayce, will be married next Wednesday evening to Bernice White, a popular young man of the same neighborhood.

   According to announcements, Jas. Maddox, one of the most popular young men of this vicinity, will be married tonight to Miss Eunice Adams, a well known and charming young lady, residing four miles southwest of Moscow.  The wedding will take place at 9 o'clock at the home of the bride.  The bride is a daughter of W. G. Adams, one of the substantial farmers of Moscow neighborhood; the groom is a son of L. C. Maddox, of State Line, a highly respected farmer of this vicinity.  Rev. Lowery, of Clinton, will perform the ceremony, after which the happy couple will leave for New York for a two week’s trip. Here’s the Courier’s best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Maddox.

   It is reported here that Miss Lillian Pollock, daughter of Tom Pollock, of this city, was married last week at Blythesville, Ark., to a traveling salesman by the name of Wilmuth.

   Friday afternoon Mr. Lonnie Lampkin, popular young merchant of Clinton, and Miss Helen James, one of the leading society ladies of the same place, went  to Fulton and were married by Esq. Milner in South Fulton.

   The rite of matrimony was solemnized on Wednesday, June 23rd, between Miss Ethel May Nelson and Cordeous J. Sarrett at the Methodist parsonage, in Union City, by Rev. W. C. Sellars.
   For the novelty of it, these young people kept their marriage a secret until about two weeks ago, when they first told it to a number o f relatives.
   The bride is the eldest daughter of J. N. Nelson and wife, of East Hickman, and for more than two years was an employe of the Courier, which position she resigned several weeks ago.  There is not a sweeter, more refined little lady in Kentucky than Ethel, and she will make the man of her choice a good wife and companion.
   The groom is the only son of Mrs. M. L. Sarrett, of this city, and is one of the foremen at the Mengel Box Co.   Until about six years ago his home was in Camden, Tenn.
   These young people are well known here and are very deserving of every good wish, and all the joy that may fall to their lot. Here’s wishing them a long and happy life together.
September 16, 1909   Thursday
   W. R. Christian, of Fulton, and Mrs. S. P. Bowen, of Pierce, Tenn., were married last Thursday.

   Like a thunder-bolt from a clear sky comes the announcement of the marriage of Mrs. Pearl Roberts, of this city, and Mr. Jack Russel, of Greenville, Miss., the wedding having been kept a profound secret until Tuesday, at which time the bride, just before boarding the train for Memphis, made a quiet announcement of the affair to some of her friends.   This wedding of two months ago took place in Union City, Tuesday afternoon, July 13th, in the parlors of the Palace Hotel.  Rev. J. G. Clark officiating.  Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Clark, of Trenton, Tenn., were the only guests, and all parties kept their secret well.  Mr. Russel, it will be remembered, was here on his vacation at this time, and returned to Greenville as unceremoniously as if nothing had ever happened.  Mrs. Russell would have returned to Greenville with her husband had it not been for the extreme warm weather, and for this reason she decided to remain in Hickman until after the summer months.
   Mr. Russell, better known to most of us as “Jack” is a young man of good character splendid business attainments and full of activity.  For a number of years he resided in Hickman and held several responsible positions.  At Greenville he is head bookkeeper for one of the large cotton mills and as usual has many friends wherever known.
   Mrs. Russell left Tuesday for Memphis to join her husband, and will go to Greenville to make their home.

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September 23, 1909   Thursday
   On Sunday morning, Sept. 12, Mr. Robert E. Isbell and Miss Altie Mai Bryan were united in marriage, Rev. H. C. Felts officiating.  The bride is one of the most popular young ladies of the vicinity of Clayton, while the groom is a prosperous farmer.

   Married on Wednesday evening, Sept 15th, Miss Mildred, the only daughter of W. B. McGehee, a prominent farmer of Rush Creek, and Mr. Bernice White.  The Rev. Walker officiating in his pleasant and impressive manner, in the presence of quite a number of relatives and friends.  Many very elegant bridal presents were bestowed.  The attendants were:  Bob Alexander and Miss Murchison, E. McClelian and Miss E. Lunsford.
   The fortunate husband may congratulate himself that he is the recipient of one of the most accompliced young ladies of Fulton county.  After receiving congratulations of friends the happy couple left for the home of the groom where his parents, Mr. George White and wife, had prepared an elegant supper.  Many blessing attend them.

   Cards are out announcing the approaching marriage of Miss Lucile George, of Union City, and George Hall, of Martin, to be solemnized at the home of the bride on October, 6th.
   The item printed in the Courier last week regarding the marriage of Miss Lila Pollock should have stated that the groom’s name was Joe Easley, of Poplar Bluff, Mo., instead of the name given us.  The marriage took place at Caruthersville, Mo.,

   L. G. McAlpine and Miss Lora Choate, of Mayfield, were married in Fulton, Sunday.

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September 30, 1909   Thursday
   Mr. and Mrs. Archibald M. DeBow, announce the marriage of their daughter Ivey to William Luther Helm, on Tuesday, October the twelfth, 1909 at the hickanm Methodist Church.

Following is a list of marriage licenses issued in Obion county last week:
    Andy Pugh and Nannie White
    Frank Cranson and Roxie Bell
    R. M. Mayes and Carrie Morris.
    S. G. McAlpin and Lora Choate.
    W. J. Harris and Evie Chumley.
    E. V. Johnson and Allie Nunley.
    Virgil McBride and Mollie Wyatt.
    L. L. Vaughan and E. E. Redden.
    Charlie Anderson and May Bidwell

   Mr. and Mrs. D. A. George have invited friends to witness the marriage of their daughter, Miss Lucile, to Mr. George Trent Hall, on the afternoon of Oct. 6, at the residence in Union City.

*************************************** **************************************

October 7, 1909   Thursday
   Miss Sarah Cresap and Rev. John Dean, both of Clinton, Ky., were married at the Usona Hotel in Fulton, Monday evening.

   Rev. J. B. Moody, dean of Hall-Moody College at Martin, was married Tuesday at Princeton to Miss Jean Adamson, a former school teacher in the Paducah schools.  The former is about 65 years old.

Marriage License, The following were issued in Obion county last week:
    James W. Brent and Sallie Payne Davis
    Claud Dixon and Jessis Freeman.
    Herbert Dahnke and Miss Lura Oliver.
    Edgar H. Purdy and Minnie Wright.
    John Bailey and Miss Ruth Wilson.
    J. R. Robertson and Lavinia Cloyes.
    Clayton Rogers and Pearl Garner.
    Robert Blythe and Myrtie Cochran.

   Miss Lida Carroll, of Kenton, Tenn., and Dr. R. A. Freeman, a prominent dentist at Fulton, were married at the home of the bride, Tuesday.

*************************************** **************************************

October 14, 1909   Thursday
   S. N. Matthews, of Obion county, and Miss Dora Champion, of Fulton, were married in Union City, Thursday.  They will reside in Fulton.

   J. E. Luten, son of G. E. Luten, a prominent citizen of the vicinity of Woodland Mills, and Miss Olga Schooler were married at the home of the bride in Corinth, Miss., Oct. 4, 1909.  The groom is well known in Hickman.

   Surpassing in loveliness any like event that has transpired in this place for a number of years past, was the marriage of Mr. W. L. Helm and Miss Ivey DeBow, solemnized in the Methodist Episcopal church, on Tuesday evening, Oct. 1th Rev. E. K. Bransford, uncle of the bride, officiating.  This marriage was a beautiful culmination to a long and faithful courtship, and many are the friends who wish them bon voyage on the matrimonial sea of life which bids fair to be calm and peaceful always, because of the thorough congeniality and unwavering fidelity.
    The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. DeBow, one of Hickman’s prominent business men.  Mr. Helm, eldest son of the late Robert Helm.  Both families among the first in standing and for years identified with the growth and progress of the town.

*************************************** **************************************

October 21, 1909   Thursday
   The marriage of Miss Edna Smith and J. L. Moore, of this city, Sunday afternoon, came as quite a surprise to the friends of the contracting parties.   In company with Miss Maggie Henry and Irvin Faulks the couple drove to the residence of Esq. Bruer, of Obion county, for the purpose of having the worthy magistrate act as master of ceremonies, but upon their arrival, they learned that he was away from home.  Since love laughs at locksmiths and mounts every barrier, they soon had Rev. Metheny on the scene and he proceeded to make them man and wife.
   The bride is a daughter of C. F. Smith, the gas engine manufacturer, and resided with her parents in West Hickman.  Besides being one of the most charming and sensible young ladies of the city, she has a host of friends in her social circles.
   Mr. Moore is a son of Mr. and Mrs. B. Moore, also of this city, and is well known to most of our readers, having looked after the wants of our people in the paint and papering line for a number of years.  He is a hustler and well liked by his many “bachelor” friends.

   Invitations have been issued to the wedding of Miss Lillian Leech, of Wingo, to Mr. Horton Brooks Porter, of Hillsboro, Texas, to be solemnized at the home of the bride’s parents, Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 7.
   Miss Leech is quite an attractive young woman and very popular in he home town.  She has hosts of friends in Hickman where she often visits the family of D. B. Watson.

   Esq. Futrell, of Fulton, had a busy day last Sunday.  He broke all this former records by uniting in marriage eight couples.  They were:
    Grover Dallas and Miss Mollie Burnham, of Pilot Oak.
    Sol Gray and Miss Sallie Beadles, of Wingo.
    Odie Vaughn and Miss Tona Elliott, of near Clinton.
    Andrew Gardner and Miss Ollie Ferguson, of Crutchfield.
    J. F. Smith and Miss Inez Watson, of Boaz.
    Fred Yandall and Miss Pearl Ford, of Graves county.
    Oscar Cope and Miss Mary Marchall, of Hickory Grove.

*************************************** **************************************

October 28, 1909   Thursday
The following marriage license were issued in Obion county last week:
    John Moore and Edna Smith.
    L. Crider and D. L. Thurman.
    Henry Oliver and Nora Copeland
    Dan Holloway and Virgie Tanner
    Hal P. Cotton and Beatrice McCaw
    S. F. Holland and Miss Lilla M. Dibrell.
    J. N. Cartwright and Florence Forsythe.
    B. F. Harrison and Miss Sallie DeMyer
    Herman Dietzel and Miss May Ella Harris

*************************************** **************************************

November 4, 1909   Thursday
   To the surprise of their many friends, Miss Corinne Smith and John Cox, two well known and popular people of this city, were united in marriage by Rev. M. L. Blaney, at the Christian Church yesterday evening at 7 o'clock.  Only a few friends and relatives of the contracting parties witnessed the ceremony.
   The charming bride is a daughter of R. H. Smith, a well known resident of West Hickman, and was reared in this city where she has a host of friends.
   Mr. Cox is one of the firm of Dillon & Cox, managers of the Lyric, and was formerly of Union City.  Since he has been in Hickman he has made many friends.  And there is not a more clever, sensible and energetic young fellow in this neck of the woods.
   The Courier takes pleasure, along with their many friends wishing them a happy and prosperous future.

   Marriage licenses granted in Obion county last week:  Otise Laird and Effie Ownby;  Ed Drain and Ethel Eaker;  Sam Daouglass and Rosa Lee Smith;  Charles McDaneil and Wallace Smith.

   Invitations will be out this week from Mr. and Mrs. Samuel V. Holman, of South Fulton suburbs, announcing the approaching nuptials of their daughter, Miss Nina Allen Holman, who will be married on Thanksgiving day, November 25th, to Mr. Robert Lee Cummings, a well known young business man, of Union City.

   W. V. Williams and Miss Minnie May Evans, of Clinton, were married in Union City last week.

   Cards are out announcing the approaching nuptials of Miss Nelle Alexander and J. E. Fall, of Fulton.  The wedding will take place Wednesday evening, November 10th.

   Married, at the home of the bride, on Sugar Tree Ridge; Sunday, J. I. Dawson and Miss Gertrude Dunn.  The wedding was a quiet one – only a few relatives being present.  They will begin house keeping next week.
November 18, 1909   Thursday   Clarence Kimes, of near this city, and Miss Katie Grubb, of Dresden, Tenn., were married at the home of the bride, in that city, Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, by Esq. Tucker.
   The bride is that daughter of Ed. Grubb and wife and was reared in the city where the marriage took place.  She is a charming little lady, and will make Mr. Kimes a good help mate.
   The groom is a son of H. J. Kimes and wife of Route 1, residing near this city.  He is too well known to most of our readers to need any eulogy from the Courier.  He is, to say the least a promising young man.
   Hickman, Friday morning to visit the parents of Mr. Kimes.  We are glad to learn that they will make this their home. Congratulations.
   In honor of their 35th anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Brevard entertained a few friends at dinner Wednesday.  Those present were H. Buchanan and wife, A. M. BeBow and wife and Postmaster Stephens and wife.  After and elegant repast, the guests were entertained with vocal and instrumental music by their hostess.  The Courier joins their many friends in the hope that they may live to celebrate 35 years hence.

The following marriage licenses were issued in Obion county last week:
    B.A. Andrews and Lizzie Sanders
    C.C. Taylor and Mary E. Catron
    A.B. Witherinton and Cora Adams
    Clarence Gearing and Pearl Davis
    J.E. Fall and Nellie C. Alexander
    L.D. Johnston and Minnie Curry
    Grover McQueen and Pearl Keith
    Gleaves Bandy and Victor Jones
    Walter Rogers and Bettie Demming

*************************************** **************************************

November 25, 1909   Thursday
   Percy Shatto and Miss Henrietta Wearn, both  of East St. Louis, Ills., were married in St. Louis last week.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wearn, of Kentucky, and has been in East St. Louis about six months as a nurse at the Lutheran Hospital.
   Shatto was granted a divorce from a former wife two days before his marriage to Miss Wearn.
   Miss Wearn will be remembered as a daughter of J. C. Wearn, who was employed as a printer by Geo. Warren several years ago.

   B.R. Newport, a well known young business man of Fulton, was married Wednesday night to Miss Erin Walston, a beautiful young lady of Crutchfield.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. F. C. Ross at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Walston.  A large crowd was present to witness the nuptials.  Mr. and Mrs. Newport left for a honeymoon trip through the South.

  Miss Emma Latta and Vodie Hardin were married yesterday, at the home of the bride near Fulton.

   Monday afternoon to the surprise of their many friends, Miss Elsie Ervine and Will Rogers were quietly married at the home of the bride in West Hickman.  Both are residents of West Hickman. —Fulton Commercial.
   The marriage did not occur in this city, but in Obion county.  They are well known young people of the west end.

   Miss Mary Davis and S. R. Grace, popular young people of Hickory Grove, Ky., eloped to Fulton, Monday and were united in marriage by esquire J. T. Futrell.

*************************************** **************************************

December 2, 1909   Thursday
   Miss Ellen Alexander and Joe McGaugh, two popular young people of the Mt. Zion neighborhood, were married at the home of the bride, last Wednesday evening, Rev. Ellis officiating.  There were about 50 guests present.  The bride is a daughter of Dr. Wess Alexander and a charming young lady.  The groom is a son of Robt. McGaugh.  He is a well known, progressive young farmer.

The following were granted license to marry in Obion county last week:
    Sam N. Winston and Mary Davis
    C.I. Estes and Jennie Butler.
    Ben Taylor and Josie Glasco
    S.T. Calley and Maude Golden
    H.R. Parks and Mattie Sanger
    Harry Howell and Amzonia Nailling
    H.L. Rich and Florence B. Gates
    E. Hudson and Maggie Douglas
    Oliver Gunter and Katie Goldman
    Howard Shore and Allie May Hayes

Miss Ira Evans and Horace Byasseo both of Clinton, were married in Fulton, Tuesday.

   Sunday afternoon, to the surprise of their many friends, Miss Roena Jones, of Clayton, and Rhoda Alexander, of this city, drove to the home of Squire Bruer and were quietly married.  They were accompanied by Miss Fannie Abernathy and Harry Patch, of this city.  Mrs. Alexander, who is an orphan, resided at the home of Clarence Bruer, at Clayton, and is well known in that vicinity.  Mr. Alexander, who formerly resided in that neighborhood, has been in Hickman for the past three years and has made many friends.  He is an employee of the Mengel Box co.  The happy couple will reside in West Hickman.

*************************************** **************************************

December 9, 1909   Thursday
   Mrs. Chas. W. Curlin attended the Edwards—Downing wedding in Union City last week

   Bryant Cox, who makes his home in this city and is well known here, will be married December 15th, to Miss Blanche Hindman, at Nashville.
   Mr. Cox is a brother-in-law of Mrs. J. E. Fuqua, of this city, and a splendid fellow. Congratulations.

December 16, 1909   Thursday
   Miss Nina Allen Holman, of near Fulton, was united in marriage last Thursday evening to Robert L. Cummings, of Union City

The following were granted license to marry in Obion county last week:
    C.C. Wood and Jane Pennington.
    Samuel P. Cox and Sallie Carter
    Horace Byassee and Ina Evans.
    George Smith and Myrtle Wilson.
    E.G. Logan and Jessie L. Prewett.
    Henry Clark and Mary Hartsfield
    W.B. Hagen and Bettie L. Inman.
    Ed Foster and Myrtle Ray.
    Ben McAlister and Minnie B. Baile.

  Arthur Ballard and Miss Beulah Carter, of Bardwell, were married in Fulton Sunday.

  Beeler Mullins and Miss Hettie Gray, of Wingo, were married in Fulton Sunday.

*************************************** **************************************

December 23, 1909   Thursday
   Dr. P. A. Moore, of Jordan, and Miss Jimmie Pharis, of Clinton, were married Tuesday at Mt. Pleasant M. E. Church, in the country.
   Robert Reeves and Miss Ruby Swift, of Fulton, quietly stole away with pretense of attending a show and were married Saturday night.

   Miss Maude Lemon, daughter of J. R. Lemon, editor of the Mayfield Messenger, is to be married Saturday to James C. Proctor, a Mayfield tobacco dealer, formerly of Hopkinsville.

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