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Garrard County, Kentucky

No. 5627 Henry Ware’s Hrs. to Sabritt Doty (Deed)
Contributed by Mike McMurray.

This Indenture made and entered into this 16th day of August 1859 between Squire Ware and Julia Ann (Storms) his wife, William (Henry) Ware and Nancy (Storms) Ware his wife, and Tinsley McMurry, Thomas McMurry, and James McMurry of the first part and Sabritt Doty of the second part.

Witnesseth: That whereas on the 23rd day of July 1857 the parties of the first part and others filed their petition in the Garrard Circuit Court for the sale of the real estate of Henry Ware deceased and other purposes and whereas said land after assignment of dower to the widow was adjudged to be sold and was sold and the party of the second part became the purchaser of the same at the price of $2,861 as of the date 12 April 1858 for all the land except the dower of the widow aforesaid and the same party of the second part having paid the purchase money for said land to a Commr. appointed by the Court to receive the same and hold the same for distribution among the heirs as the Court may direct and in as much as it was proper that the female petitioners, parties of the first part should have made a relinquishment of their interest in said land before a Commr. appointed for that by the Court aforesaid sale was ordered and being satisfied that the land sold for it’s full value and desiring to confirm said sale and do all in our power to invest the purchaser with the legal title to the land so purchased. We, the undersigned parties of the first part do so by these presents hereby ratify and confirm said sale and here by convey unto the party of the second part all their right and title both legal and Equitable in the land named in the petition aforesaid and embraced in the sale made aforesaid as evidenced by the record in said proceedings which reference is had to him the party of the second part and his heirs forever, and we warrant the title. Given under our hands this day and year above writ =

Squire L. Ware

Julia Ann Ware

William H. Ware

Nancy Ware

Tinsley McMurry

James McMurry

Thomas McMurry

State of Kentucky

Garrard County

I, William B. Mason, Clerk of the County Court for the County aforesaid do certify, that this deed from Henry Ware’s heirs to Sabritt Doty was produced to me in the said county on the 20th day of August 1859 and acknowledged by Squire L. Ware and Julia Ann Ware his wife, William H. Ware and Nancy Ware his wife,

Tinsley McMurry and James McMurry, parties thereto, to be their act……

Given under my hand this 28 day of October 1859.

William B. Hanson, Clk.

By W.D. Hooper, D.C.