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Newspaper Articles

1863 Delegates Appointed

Clayton Anderson

George T. Austin, Killed by a Cornstalk

Jesse Brock Murder

Fannie Brown Murder

Birth of Samuel Hancock Burdett

Burdette Shooting

Burnt Tavern

Carter - Miles Elopement

“The Central Record” - 1895

Comley Hanging

Col. W.R. Cook Arrest

Ephraim Dodd Execution

Election Day Shooting

B.F. Evans Assaulted

Dr. Evins Defends Himself

Feline Contest

Ed F. Haley - Mattie Maupin

Thomas Hasty

Hurt and Short Store Robberies

Jesse Hurt Drowning

Will Hurt Accident

Capture of Grover Kennedy

Lillian, the Duchess

Investigation into the Killing of Mrs. Anna Major

Mrs. Charles Major Murder

The Case of John Morgan - Five Articles

Edward Naylor

Several Killed by Storm

Creedmore Turner - Luther Ray Duel

Wrecked Circus - Train Accident