Burris School - 1900 - Bourbon County

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Burris School, 1900

Burris School - 1900

Located on Burris Road near Convict Road in Bourbon County.

Teacher, Will Hamilton of Nicholas County, Kentucky. 

Left to Right 

Row 1: Olin Boardman, Ray Bordman, Sidney Burris, Albert Henry, Thurman Hinkle, & Russell Clinkenbeard. 

Row 2: Russell Hinkle, Effa Couch, Sidney Burris, Clay Henry, Eva Crouch, Vista Hinkle, Mayme Hinkle, Mary Hord Clinkenbeard, John Bordman, & Blanch Crouch. 

Row 3: George Bell, Charlie Henry, Ora Henry, Mittie Clinkenbeard, Earnest Boardman, Irene Burris, Everett Crouch, Aimes Burris, & Kate Crouch. 

Row 4: Henry Bell, Clarence Hinkle, Cleve Henry, Curtis Henry, George Fishback, Rose Crouch, Minnie Crouch, Lelia Crouch, & Nora Crouch.


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