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These Grant County Family Biographies, Histories and Ancestor Outlines, are submitted by their Descendants. Contribute your family data and I will post here.

Richard WortmanJediah AshcraftWilliam AnnessJames Clark
Arthur McClainGroves familyJohn E. Groves John Sipple
John Jump Sr.Abram DunnBenijah DunnWilliam New
Eli MannAmos MoreheadWilliam FrakesGeorge Lewis Wolfe
Joseph BeachJames Austin WebbThomas MilnerJoseph Dunn
Grover TurnerJoseph DaughertyMarksberry FamilyLoomis Family
John NortonJoseph AndersonNathaniel McClure Alexander McClure
Zachariah CarterZachariah BensonMoses RaceWilliam L. Stephens
My Kinman Ancestors Arthur Cunningham James Milton Vice Stephen Barker
William Bobbitt
Nathan McClure , ,


Our goal in submitting our family histories, is to provide information to assist you in locating your ancestors. Each of us has tried to document our families to the best of our abilities. We cannot guarantee its accuracy. It is the responsibility of every family researcher to prove their own family history. Hopefully, our research will give you a place to start. As we continue to build our family trees, we would appreciate you notifying us of any discrepancies you may find.

Visit the Pendleton County site for additional family histories.

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