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William Franklin Clemons Private Journal

                            William Franklin Clemons                                    William Franklin Clemons and son, William Wheeler Clemons 

The above pictures were generously submitted to this site by Steven Clemons; thanks Steven!


INTRODUCTION: William Franklin Clemons, Private Journal, 1900 
(An index follows the text of the Journal) 

Cover of the Journal: Physician's Daily Memorandum for 1900 
Inside Cover: This book belongs to W. F. Clemons, Winchester, Kentucky  If found, please return to owner. 

Please Note:  This journal was generously contributed to Rootsweb by Steven Clemons.  William Franklin Clemons journal  mentions several families from Clark, Estill, Grant and other areas of the Country and gives us a wonderful view of what daily life was like at the turn of the twentieth century.  Steven has generously provided us with an index of all the names mentioned in this journal and the month and day where they appear.  The original submission was on several pages, in order to present this wonderful data on one page I have changed the format, however, the data is presented here in its entirety.  I have placed Steven's comments in italics.  If you have information concerning any of the people mentioned below please contact Steven and help him in his quest to discover their relationship with the journal's author. 

William Franklin Clemons was a popular minister in the Estill and Clark County regions of Kentucky.  He was also a pharmacist and kept a daily journal in a small red book, marked "Physician's Daily Memorandum 1900."  I believe that his family lived for some time in the Millers Creek region of Estill County.  However, he also lived in Clark County and had relatives in Powell County.  William F. Clemons' parents were Leroy Clemons and Eliza J. Kerr.  I've been trying to piece together more information on both of his parents, but that has not been easy. Eliza Kerr Clemons is buried at the Log Lick Church Cemetery in Clark County, along with some other Clemons family members.  However, William F. Clemons first two wives (of three) are buried at Mt. Tabor Cemetery in Estill County.  William F. Clemons married his third wife, Nettie Craig McGuire on September 16, 1901 and moved to Nicholasville, Jessamine County for about a year, after which he moved his family to Bartlesville, Indian Territory (later Oklahoma).  On July 17, 1904, William Clemons tragically fell from his buggy when traveling with a friend and his family to a Sunday School which he was establishing in Wann, Indian Territory and was killed.  He was one of the first ministers at the First Christian Church in Bartlesville.  The Bartlesville newspaper lists survivors as Nettie Craig (McGuire) Clemons, his wife; Leon Clemons, his eldest son (by an earlier marriage to Betty Fluty); Homer Clemons (by his earlier marriage to Betty Fluty); and William Wheeler Clemons, his one year old son by Nettie Craig (McGuire) Clemons.  It also notes that he was survived by a sister in Winchester, Kentucky, Mrs. J. Price Osborne, whom I know was Fannie (Clemons) Osborne.  There may have  been other half brothers and half sisters who survived him, but these people were not noted in his obituary in 1904.   William Franklin Clemons and Nettie Craig McGuire Clemons are buried at the White Rose Cemetery in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and his picture still hangs in the First Christian Church in Bartlesville. His journal entries below don't offer much about his thoughts and emotions like a modern journal might offer.  However, he shares quite a bit about his daily activities, where he traveled, whom he met, where he slept (he seemed to be moving around as a minister and pharmacist quite a bit), and what the weather was like.  There are numerous names which will interest other Kentucky researchers, and I will do my best to offer correct spellings.  I cannot read all of his writing, and as things, or his writing, become clarified, I'll try to repost this data so that it is increasingly correct.  If you have any comments, questions, or leads which may be useful to me on knowing more about the people in this journal, please contact me.  I am very interested in learning the connections between some of the relatives noted in this journal and my Clemons line.  He notes some people as cousin and uncle or aunt, but I don't know the linkages.  I think it would also be terrific just to know more about the people with whom he spent time. William Franklin Clemons was my great grandfather.  He died when my grandfather was just one year old.  My grandfather died when my father was just six years old, so this newly discovered journal goes a long way in filling in massive gaps in my awareness about my own family's background. I hope that you enjoy this information and find it useful in your own research.  By the way, I will note editorial comments of my own about various journal entries with an asterisk (*).  An index follows at the end of the journal. 


Monday, January 1, 1900
Stayed in store. 

Tuesday, January 2
Went to Town in wagon Took Storm and Leon to town.* 
*Leon is Leon Clemons, the eldest son of William Franklin Clemons and Betty Jackson Fluty (b. February 19, 1861 d. February 14,1896). 
I do not know what the reference to Storm is. 

Wednesday, January 3
Went to town Settled with Adenrose* *
This reference is difficult to read, and I am sure that I am not spelling this person or activity correctly. 

Thursday, January 4
Stayed in Store 

Friday, January 5
Stayed in Store

Saturday, January 6
Stayed in Store Went to church Bro Lowry Preached. 

Sunday, January 7
Went to church. Bro Lowry Preached. Bro Lowry and I went to Jas Crawfords for dinner Came Home.  Went to church at Night.  Came back Home. H. H. Eliott. Stayed all night. Dark and Cloudy 

Monday, January 8
Stayed in Store Boxed household to move to Clark* *
I believe that W.F. Clemons is moving from Estill County to Clark County  in this reference.  His second wife, Mattie Clay Reed (b. June 25, 1860 d. August 17, 1899) had died just four and a half months before and I believe that they had lived together at the Reed Homestead in Millers Creek.  This Homestead was referred to in Mattie Reed's obituary which I have posted previously and which was sent to me by Wavelyn Ginter.   I think that Homer and Leon Clemons, both still young boys, were living with Mattie's mother whom he refers to later in the journal as "Ma."  His own mother, Eliza J. (Kerr) Clemons (b. June 14, 1834 d. December 16, 1897) was no longer alive.  Eliza Clemons is buried at Log Lick Church Cemetery  in Clark County, Kentucky =96 and her gravestone notes that she was the mother of Elder W.F. Clemons.  There is no sign of her husband and W.F.  Clemons' father, Leroy Clemons, at this cemetery. Many of the early references in his journal are to just staying in a store which he owned.  He sold this store to T. H. West on February 20, 1900. 

Tuesday, January 9
Stayed in Store. Moved Household to Clark

Wednesday, January 10
Stayed in Store. 

Thursday, January 11
Stayed in Store 

Friday, January 12
Stayed in Store 

Saturday, January 13
Stayed in Store 

Sunday, January 14
Preached at Tabor* Came Home A.C.E.** and wife came home with us 
*Tabor refers to Mt. Tabor Church in Millers Creek, Estill County, Kentucky.   This church was one of two with which William F. Clemons was closely affiliated as a preacher and elder at this time. The other was Log Lick Church in Clark County. He preached at both of them frequently.  **A.C.E. refers to A.C. Estes 

Monday, January 15
Stayed in Store 

Tuesday, January 16
Stayed in Store 

Wednesday, January 17
Stayed in Store 

Thursday, January 18
Stayed in Store 

Friday, January 19
Stayed in Store 

Saturday, January 20
Stayed in Store 

Sunday, January 21
Preached at Tabor. Came Home. 

Monday, January 22
Stayed in Store 

Tuesday, January 23
Stayed in Store 

Wednesday, January 24
Stayed in Store 

Thursday, January 25
Stayed in Store 

Friday, January 26
Stayed in Store

Saturday, January 27
Stayed in Store

Sunday, January 28
Went to Clarence Estes Stayed for Dinner. Came Home. Made fire in Store to sun eggs.  * Cold Weather
 *This sounds as if he has made a fire in his store to "sun eggs."  I don't know if I am misreading the word "sun" or not. It might be some kind of expression which I don't understand. 

Monday, January 29
Stayed in Store Cold Weather

Tuesday, January 30
Stayed in Store Cold Weather Goebel ____ at Frankfort. 

Wednesday, January 31
Stayed in Store. Cold Weather 


Thursday, February 1
Stayed in Store till 10 O'Clock. Walked to Irvine.  Deposited $140.00 with W.T.B. Williams. Then took train for Richmond. Bro Shepherd took me to Kirksville.  * Stayed over night at Mrs. Dave Willis'.
*Both Richmond and Kirksville are in Madison County, Kentucky. 

Friday, February 2
Came from Kirksville. Bro Shepherd Brought Me to Richmond Took train. Bro Lowry came with me. Walked from Irvine Cool 

Saturday, February 3
Stayed in store some. Auctioned Sale for H.E. Neal (sent check to J.M.R.N&O $399.22
* Went to church. Bro Lowry preached Sub. Prayer and Duty. Went to A.C. Estes with Bro Lowry all night
*I do not know who H.E. Neal was, but Mattie Clay Reed's first husband was Benjamin C. Neal (b. November 16, 1856 d. April 01, 1894).  This auction may have been related to the sale of assets, or a home that may have belonged to the Neal family. Even though Mattie (Reed) (Neal) Clemons had married William F. Clemons, it is obvious from the journal that William F. Clemons was on very good terms with the Neal family. 

Sunday, February 4
Came from A.C. Estes'. Raining Rained all day! Stayed at home.  Bro. Lowry, Bro Mc and John McIntosh, Chilton, Retha & I stayed No Meeting. Turned Cold.  Bro Lowry stayed all night.
* *The reference to various brothers must mean that these people were active in the same Christian Church in which William F. Clemons was active.  I am not sure, but I believe that "Bro Mc" may reference one of the McGuires with whom I know that William F. Clemons had acquaintance.  I think that the Chilton referred to is Chilton Neal.  Neal was probably related to Mattie Reed's first husband or may have even been the son of Mattie Reed and Benjamin Neal.  Later in the Journal, William F. Clemons refers to executing a bond as Guardian for Chilton Reed. Clemons stayed at Chilton Neal's home many times.  The "Retha" who is referenced is Retha Estes. She married Chilton Neal on June 22, 1899. 

Monday, February 5
Bro Lowry went Home Stayed in Store. Received present of Pr. Sox from Mrs. M.A. Neal Made up Pain Paint
* *Mrs. M.A. Neal must have been a relative of Mattie Reed's first husband, Benjamin Neal. In recording the words "pain paint," I may be misreading this but I don't know what other options there would be. 

Tuesday, February 6
Stayed in Store Cool Cloudy 

Wednesday, February 7
Stayed in store Rained all Day Letter from G.B. Shep=97* and from J. Wagers
 *This letter is from G.B. Shepherd, but I do not know if this person is the same as or has a relationship with Brother Shepherd, referred to earlier. 

Thursday, February 8
Stayed in Store. Sent A. a letter To G. B. Shepherd A., M., N. Came Co in Slair ment.  * Clear till Eve Rained late in eve Battled Pain Paint W B C 
* I have no idea what he is referring to in this section and although I can read the letters in his words, I have no idea what he is trying to say.  He is abbreviating something with the names and has created little numbers above each of the letters A., M., and N. and drawn a semi-circle from N =96 marked with the number 3, to A =96 marked with a 2=,to M =96 marked with a 1. 

Friday, February 9
Stayed in Store Cold wave Fair Trade 

Saturday, February 10
Stayed in Store good trade Cool Cloudy Closed out notions
Bill to F.P. Newell + morning #

Sunday, February 11
Went over to see Uncle G.B. Kelley Took dinner at A.C.  Estes. Came Home. Shaved & c. Wrote to W.G. Whiteman, John Wallace, G.B. Shepherd, J.W. Koonts 

Monday, February 12
Stayed in store. Sold A.M. Durkin Bill Rained Hard rain in the P.M.  Boxed some things to move # 

Tuesday, February 13
Stayed in Store Boxed shoes

Wednesday, February 14
Boxed goods in Store Worked all day 

Thursday, February 15
Boxed Goods Worked on Store Went to E.B. Scrivner Stayed all night Big snow fell. 

Friday, February 16
Came from E.B.S.* Boxed goods. Snowed No letter from any one, but,Business of Standard Oil Co. & New York Life Insurance Co. 
*E.B.S. is E.B. Scrivner. 

Saturday, February 17
Boxed up finished ready to load very cold Neal Settled with me
* *This "Neal" refers to Chilton Neal I believe. 

Sunday, February 18
Stayed at Chilton's till after Dinner. Went Milty Estes.  * Stayed all night. Cold. Weather Snowed. Cleared off at night. 
*I think that this refers to Chilton Reed and believe that "Milty" is "Milton" Estes. 

Monday, February 19
Came from Milty's. fix up in office letters to C.L. Valkenburg cash Standard Oil Co.  Annie Fluty * A.M. School Healing Courier J. Pub Co Word & Works The Democrat E.P. Wilson Sec., M.M. Associates J.M. Powell W.B. Belknap W.T.B.  Williams J.P. Osborne
* *I believe that Annie Fluty is the sister of Clemons' first wife, Betty Jackson Fluty.  **J.P. Osborne =96 actually J. Price Osborne =96 was William F. Clemons brother- in-law and married to his sister, Fannie Clemons. I still don't know very much about J. Price and Fannie (Clemons) Osborne. 

Tuesday, February 20
Loaded goods in boat. Sold out to T.H. West
* Moved them back in the house. Warm weather. Snow melted. Cloudy. E.B.S. & wife here. 
*This is Thomas H. West.

Wednesday, February 21
Invoiced Goods all day (rained in P.M.) Stayed all night with T.H. West. 

Thursday, February 22
Invoiced goods (rained & snowed) Stayed all night with T.H. West. Turned cold 

Friday, February 23
Invoiced goods all day. Went to Mr. Wests. Spent the night.  Weather medium. Temperate Rained late in night. 

Saturday, February 24
Came from Mr. West's Went to Irvine, Ky.  Executed new Bond as Guardian for Chilton Neal.  came home.  Stayed home. terrible snow storm.  Blowing terrible. very cold at night

Sunday, February 25
Went to M.A. Neal's took Dinner (1)2 Came to Green Estes spent the night cold weather 

Monday, February 26
Came from Green Estes' finished invoicing goods Went to Mr. West's, spent the night. Cold weather 

Tuesday, February 27
Cleaned up and finished up store business. went to Milty Estes' spent the night 

Wednesday, February 28
Came from Milty's Came by E.B. Scrivner's Came to the store. fixed up for to leave.


Thursday, March 1
Went to Store. Went to C.W. Sales* & to G.B. Kelley's & to Jas. Crawford's.  Came back to Store. Stayed with Chilton all night. Snowed. 
*Mattie Clay (Reed) Clemons' mother was Elizabeth (Sales) Reed, and C.W. Sales may have been a relative of hers. 

Friday, March 2
Left Millers Creek Chilton brought me to town; took train to Rich*, Nicholasville, Lex & Winchester. ----Stayed at the Winchester Hotel Cold, snowed. 
*This refers to Richmond, Kentucky. 

Saturday, March 3
Went from Winchester to Pine Grove. Went to P.W. and B.F. cut calves moderated thawed snow went off. Stayed at Phillip.
* *I do not know who P.W, and B.F. might be at this point.  I believe that Phillip is Phillip Webber, a witness at his first wedding to Betty Jackson Fluty, and possibly a relative. Pine Groveis located where Todd's Road, Colby Road and Combs Ferry Road intersect near the Clark/Fayette County line.  All that is there is a grocery store and post office now. 

Sunday, March 4
Stayed at Phillip's. Cleared & clouded & cleared. cool 

Monday, March 5
Came from Phillip's to Winchester. on train obtained livery and came to Price's.  * Warm Cloudy rained some. 
*I do not know for sure who Price is, but I strongly believe that his many references to Price are to his brother-in-law, J. Price Osborne.  As mentioned previously, J. Price Osborne was married to Fannie Clemons, William F. Clemons' sister. I believe that after William F. Clemons' second wife, Mattie Reed Clemons, died, he sold his store and moved his children and household from Estill County to Clark County.  I believe that Price and Fannie Osborne's home became his home base for a while and that Fannie played the role of surrogate mother to Homer and Leon Clemons, his two sons, until he remarried in 1901. 

Tuesday, March 6
Opened up things in the storehouse, to air. Cloudy. cooler.  Em, man
* *I do not know what he is referring to with this notation. 

Wednesday, March 7
Stayed at Price's. opened up goods to air. Cool. 

Thursday, March 8
Spent the Day at Price's in straightening out my things in 
store. Cloudy. . .cool 

Friday, March 9
Straightened up things in store house. Cloudy & cool. 

Saturday, March 10
Went to Log Lick to Church.* Followed Bro Doug. Came back to Price's.  Bright & Clear
*This refers to Log Lick Church in Clark County, Kentucky. 

Sunday, March 11
Went to Log Lick to Church. Introduced Bro McIntosh. Preached  Came back to Price's.  Clear & bright. 

Monday, March 12
Went to Commodores to have Deed signed. Straightened up in store house. Went down to mill. Clear Pretty Day. 
*I believe that this is Commodore Richardson. 

Tuesday, March 13
Went to Winchester. Dined with Bro. Lowry Went to P.G. all Night  * Fair.
*I think that P.G. refers to Pine Grove. 

Wednesday, March 14
Went to Lexington. Pd Insurance. Cool to Cloudy. Ret to P.G. 

Thursday, March 15
Stayed at P.G. Snowed, all day. 

Friday, March 16
Stayed at P.G., Cold & snowy. Eve. K.R.

Saturday, March 17
Stayed Coop Place, P.G.* Cold and Snowy. 
*This refers to P. Cooper. 

Sunday, March 18
Stayed at Cooper P. P.G. Rained and Dark 

Monday, March 19
Came to Winchester Stayed with Bro Lowry Rained.   spent the night with Bro Lowry. 

Tuesday, March 20
Stayed in Town till noon. Came to Price's. R.T. spent the night. Cold Eve. M. 

Wednesday, March 21
   Stayed at Price's. Wrote following letters 
2. Geo. Henderson Lomso
1 Jas. Clemons* D.R. 
1 Jas. Ashcraft 1 W.F. Kerr** 
1 G.B. Shepherd 
1 J.D. Simpson 
1 H. Stedman 
1 W.G. White & Co. 
1 W.T. Ogden 1 J.M. Robinson, Norton & Co. 
1 Pocahontas Lab. Works Co. 
*I am not sure of this, but I suspect that this is James Clemons who, at this time, lives in Grant County, Kentucky.  I believe that this James Clemons is William F. Clemons' eldest half-brother. Later in the journal, William F. Clemons travels with his boys to visit the Clemons family members in Grant County. 
**William F. Clemons' mother's maiden name was Kerr, and this W.F. Kerr may have been a relative. 

Thursday, March 22
Came up to the Post Office Went to Vienna. Could not find the River.  Went to the mouth of the Red River.  Crossed the river. Stayed at Jas. Jordans* all night. Fair weather, cooler. 
*Carolyn Chism found a reference to James Jordan at RootsWeb.Com under VIOLENT KENTUCKY DEATHS in which it states that Lucy Stepp (Negro) shot James Jordan at Richmond.  He clubbed her for spreading false rumors". I do not have a date for this incident. 

Friday, March 23
Came to Irvine and to Chilton's. Kitten* and I went to E.B. Scrivner's. Stayed all night received letter from Minnie. Cool. *This reference to "Kitten" is someone named "Kate," although I do not know her last name or anything else about her.  I suspect that this may be Kate Sales who was a relative of his wife, Mattie Clay Clemons. 

Saturday, March 24
Came to Chilton's. brought Kitten. Went to Fitchburg.  H.C. Norton's & M.A. N's.* 
Took dinner. Went to Green Estes'. Went to Chilton's -- spent the night.  Rained at night 
*This is M.A. Neal.

Sunday, March 25
Chilton, Retha, Kate and I went to M.A. N's.* Took dinner.  Rained all day. Left M.A. N's for Bro McIntoshes. Spent the night with him.  Rained all night. 
*These people are Chilton and Retha (Estes) Neal and M.A. Neal.  I do not know who Kate refers to but suspect that this is Kate 

Monday, March 26
Left Bro McIntoshes Went to Town of Irvine put the Live Policy of S.B.  Neal for collection Adjusted some matters in Town Came back to Chilton's spent the night.  Clear & Frost night. 

Tuesday, March 27
Left Chilton's. Went to E.J. Broaddus & to Mrs. Neal's.  Secured power of attorney to collect Life Policy from Mrs. Neal and E.J. Broaddus. Clear and bright. Stayed with A.C. Estes all night. 

Wednesday, March 28
Went from A.C. Estes' to store. Then to E.B. Scrivner's took dinner. went to G.B. Kelley's & Anderson Crawford's. Then to Jas. Crawfords. - - -Then to store Home with Thos. West. spent the night.  Cleared off. 

Thursday, March 29
Came to Irvine. M.A. N., E.J.B.* fixed power of attorney.  Came to Price's. Rained.  Stayed all night. 
*These two people are E.J. Broaddus and M.A. Neal. 

Friday, March 30
Stayed at Price's Cold. Snowed Saturday, March 31 At Price's. Went to P. Office. Came back to Price's. Cloudy. Cool. 


Sunday, April 1
Stayed at Price's. C.T.A. & W. all day. Clear, Bright, Cool.

Monday, April 2
Went to Winchester (To Lex) To P.G. to Waw, A. Fac, spent the night Bright 

Tuesday, April 3
Came from W.A. to P.G. Stayed PW Went to Mrs. Camels & I stayed till 8 O'   Came to P.G.  Cloudy 

Wednesday, April 4
Went to Winchester from there to Lexington Ky and to P.G. over N----W.F. also stayed all night. Clear, Bright, Cool. 

Thursday, April 5 
Went Lex - Nich - Rich Irvine.* Spent night B.H.S. Fair, cool, warmer After noon. 
*Went to Lexington, Nicholasville, Richmond, and Irvine. 

Friday, April 6 Came from Irvine to Rich, Nicholas - Lex Stayed over night Jas. T. Adams Fair & Bright

Saturday, April 7
Came from Lex to P.G. Horse back to Winch.---+ went to Price's fair Suits for children * Suit & case.  Spent night at Price's. 
*His children were Leon and Homer Clemons. 

Sunday, April 8
Stayed at Price's till 10 o'clock Came to Winchester. Went to George Goosey's. Spent the night.  Warm, Hazed up Clouds in Eve. 

Monday, April 9
Left George Goosey. Stayed in town Went to Winchester Hotel.  Stayed one night. Hazy Cool 

Tuesday, April 10
Went Dawn in Town. Main Came in. Went to Lexington. NYL Office went to Southern Depot. Missed train. Went to Bro. Adams. Stayed till 6:45 Came to Richmond. Stayed Bro. Hamiltons. Rained. 

Wednesday, April 11
Stayed in Richmond till Noon. Gave inscriptions for Monument.* Came to Irvine.  Drove out to Dr. Marcum's. Came back to Wallace Hotel. Went to Church. Came back to Room. Wrote up. Wrote letters.
*I think that the inscriptions that William F. Clemons refers to are the inscriptions for Mattie Reed's tombstone at Log Lick Church Cemetery. The monument when completed read: Mattie G. Clemons, wife of Elder W. F. 6-25-1860--8-17-1899 Inscription: "Confessed her Savior 1874. Farwell Husband I'll wait for you there. Our unnamed babe born and died 8-5-1899."  Footstone inscription: "She done what she could." 

Thursday, April 12
Stayed in Irvine till 1:15. Came to Lexington. Train on S.C. behind. Had to stay in Lex. Over night, Palace Hotel ----- 1-4 McG* Cloudy, Cold 
*This is probably some kind of reference to someone in the McGuire family. 

Friday, April 13
Went from Lexington to Clay City. Went in Buggy to Stanton. Bro Marcum and I saw cousin Bettie H.* Returned to Clay City.  Took dinner. Came back to Winchester. Prepared. Went to P.G. To P.W. and spent the night. Cool, Cloudy.

Saturday, April 14
Went to Lexington. K. & I stayed all day. Came back to P.G. & P.W. spent the night Bright. Warmer.

Sunday, April 15
Stayed P.G. & P.W. Cool. Fair. Read Tempest Sunshine, spent night.

Monday, April 16
Came from P.G. to W---- from W--- to R.T. & Price's. Rained.  Spent the night. Recd L from M& L and 1 rec from J.C.
* *I think that this reference is to his older half-brother, James Clemons. 

Tuesday, April 17
Spent the morning writing. Wrote to Chilton, Ma, and children.* Went to Indian fields & to Winchester. Spent the night with Bro. Lowry.  Let from M.E.L. Cleared up bright in P.M.
 *I believe that "Ma" refers to Mattie Reed's mother, Elizabeth Sales Reed. His two children are Leon and Homer Clemons. 

Wednesday, April 18
Stayed in Winchester. Clear and bright.  spent the night with George Goosey. 

Thursday, April 19
Went from Winchester to Lex to Nich.---Rich--& to Irvine. Came back to Lex. & to P.G.  Clear & bright, Warmer Clouded up in night. 

Friday, April 20
Went from P.G. to W----. & then out to Price's. Rained in A.M. Cleared up in P.M. Stayed all night. 

Saturday, April 21
Stayed at Price's all day. Rained Cleared spent the night.

Sunday, April 22
Stayed at Price's till p.m. Went to T.J. Bushes, Came back to Price's. spent the night.  Clear and bright.

Monday, April 23
Came to Town with Glemmore Oliver.  Spent the day seen Bill Scroggins corpse  Went to (Lex) P.G.  Spent night.

Tuesday, April 24
Spent the day (Prep papers) (took re'cpt) clear. Pleasant.

Wednesday, April 25
Came to Winchester. Stayed all day.  Ret to Lex, P.G. spent the note  Clear Pleasant

Thursday, April 26
Came into Lex. Receive L. from M.E.L. & Ansd.* Came in Lex.  Clear & Bright  Came to P.G.  Spent Night
*He is writing that he received a letter from M.E.L and answered it. I don't know who M.E.L. might be at this point.

Friday, April 27
Came to Winchester & out to Price's.  Found Policy. Came to Price's  R.G. Clear & Bright  spent the night.

Saturday, April 28
At Prices. Went to Dunaways.* Came back to Prices.  spent the night.  Clear & Bright.
*Dunaways is probably Dunaway Church in the Roundtree area, near Winchester.

Sunday, April 29
At Prices, went to Dunaway's to church.  Went to L. Brookshiers. took dinner Came to Round Tree to Church.  Clear & bright  spent night at Price's.
*Dunaways is probably Dunaway Church in the Roundtree area, near Winchester.

Monday, April 30
Went to Winchester with W.H. Rice.  got there  I went to Lexington & returned at noon, went to Richmond. stayed overnight  Clear and bright spent the night with Bro Hamilton



Tuesday, May 1
Came from Richmond. Took depositions in Beckner & Jowetts Office  went to J.N.C. Tuttles spent the night  clear and bright

Wednesday, May 2
Took depositions at Beckner & Jowett's Office in Winchester. Came out to Price's and spent the night. Clear & bright.

Thursday, May 3
Went back to Winchester. Secured livery went to Irvine and out to Chilton's spent the night. Bro Lowry went with me.  cool and clear. Frosted at night.

Friday, May 4
Went from Chilton's to Wm. Arthers. Came back to Chilton's took dinner came to Irvine  Came to Prices. Spent the night. rained.  Cloudy.  Rained showers at night.

Saturday, May 5
Came from Prices' to Winchester. Went to Lexington  Came back to Winchester, went to P.G.  spent the night clear, bright & warmer

Sunday, May 6
Spent the day at Lexington, P.G.  Rained, Cloudy

Monday, May 7
Went to Irvine, Ky  Dinner at Wallace H.* suppper, Mrs. Powell's spent the night, Wallace House Some what cloudy
*I believe though am not sure that Wallace H. may be Wallace Hamilton, but there may be other people whom this might be.

Tuesday, May 8
Went to Chilton's. Millers Creek. Wm. Arther's G. Estes, M.A. Neals, D. Powells, E.B. Scrivners Jas. Crawfords to Chilton's. Spent the night  Cloudy, sprinkled rain

Wednesday, May 9
Came from Chilton's to Irvine -Richmond Nicholasville: Lexington Winchester. Met Mrs. Nahuff.  spent night at Hotel Win House  Cloudy cool

Thursday, May 10
Went to Lex - Nich - Rich - Irvine. Livery  To M.A.N. & to E.B. Scriv*  spent the night  cool. clear.
*These references are to M.A. Neal and E.B. Scrivner.

Friday, May 11
Came to Irvine. Ma came with me.*  Took depositions. Dined at Wallace H**  Spent the night at Wallace House
*Ma is Elizabeth Sales Reed, William F. Clemons' mother-in-law. Wallace H could stand for  Wallace Hamilton, or just Wallace House. Right now, I am noting it in the index as Wallace Hamilton.

Saturday, May 12
Stayed in Irvine took depositions till noon.  Came to Lexington (P.G.)  Fair day

Sunday, May 13
spent the day at the P.G. Came to Winchester at 9 O'clock p.m. Fair day.  spent the night at J.R. Stokely's

Monday, May 14
Attended some business. Came out to Price's  Fair day. Spent the night

Tuesday, May 15
Stayed at Prices.  Layed in bed most all day sick  Fair day  spent the night

Wednesday, May 16
Stayed at Prices! Sick in bed most all day.  warm weather  clear after morning

Thursday, May 17
Stayed at Prices.  Sick. Clear.

Friday, May 18
Price & I went to town. came back sick not able to sit up. went to bed.  Clear  Put Horses out on Grass.

Saturday, May 19
Stayed at Prices. Sick  Went to see Com. Richardson.  sick child* & Lucy Hisle  came back went to bed - in bed the rest of the day
*I believe that this child was the younger of his two boys, Homer Clemons.

Sunday, May 20
At Prices, Went to Dunaways to Church*  Ed Allen Preached.  cool and dry  Sick not able to get about.
*Dunaways is probably Dunaway Church in the Roundtree area, near Winchester.

Monday, May 21
Stayed at Prices. Sick  clear and cool. Dry  

Tuesday, May 22
Stayed at Price's.  Sick! Cool & dry.

Wednesday, May 23
 Stayed at Price's in bed.  Sick. Clouded up. Sprinkled rain in P.M.  Jas. Clemons came from Grant Co. Ky*
*I believe that this is James Clemons, born 1855 in Clark County, who was William F.   Clemons' older half-brother. James Clemons parents were Leroy Clemons and Alice Barnes.

Thursday, May 24
Stayed at Prices. Sick.  Wrote to Ma, Chilton & Rained, Porely.

Friday, May 25
Stayed at Prices. Sick.  Flying Clouds.  Sun shone.

Saturday, May 26
Stayed at Prices  Porely.  some clouds.

Sunday, May 27
Stayed at Price's  Porely. -----  some Clouds

Monday, May 28
Went to town. Came back to Prices. Porely.  Cloudy. Rained some. Sun went into Eclipse.  Took Bet & Serel off grass.*
*I think that these names may refer to livestock, perhaps horses.

Tuesday, May 29
Stayed at Prices.  cut out and made letters for Decoration.  cloudy, some rain

Wednesday, May 30
Stayed at Prices.  Rained in A.M.  Cloudy P.M.  Porely, not able to get out.

Thursday, May 31  
At Prices. Jas. & I went to Post Office.  Fannie & I went to Log Lick to decorate  Some clouds. Jas & I walked out to Dunaways.*
*This is an interesting reference because this is the first mention of Fannie, his sister - and it is written as if she were in the immediate vicinity. Originally, I thought that the "Price" that is constantly referred to may have been Pryse McGuire, even though his name was spelled differently. However, I am inclined to think that when William F. Clemons sold his store in Estill County and moved to Clark County, he basically resided much of the time with his sister, Fannie (Clemons) Osborne and his brother-in-law, J. Price Osborne. "Price" must be J. Price Osborne - even though in several places in his journal, usually on travel elsewhere, he writes letters and refers to Price not as he usually does but as J.P. Osborne.  I think that this may be part of his particular ethic in maintaining records of correspondence in his journal. The Jas. mentioned here is James Clemons, his elder half-brother, who also appears to be staying at J. Price Osborne's home, or better known as Price's." 



Friday, June 1   
Stayed at Prices. Jas Here.  some clouds, some sprinkles of rain

Saturday, June 2  
Stayed at Prices.  Jas Here.  some clouds, stayed in. Porely.

Sunday, June 3  
Stayed at Prices Porely  Cloudy some sun shows some  Jas here  Jas left for Winchester

Monday, June 4  
ent to Winchester, Ky and to P. Webbers to take Leon H and Homer* to see relatives, at Pine Grove. fair.  Jas Left Prices
 (this line is erased, apparently by W.F. Clemons but still just a bit legible.)
*Leon H stands for Leon Haggard Clemons, William F. Clemons' oldest son. Homer Clemons is his second son. I don't know which relatives might have lived in Pine Grove.

Tuesday, June 5  
Stayed at Phillip Webbers.*  All day. Went to Athens to Strawberry Supper.  came back to Phillips.  stayed all night.  some clouds. appearance of rain.  cool in night.
*Phillip Webber was a witness at the wedding of William F. Clemons and Betty Jackson Fluty, Clemons' first wife. Webber may be a relative as he mentions visiting relatives on June 4th. He would be taking his relatives to visit the Fluty side of their line.

Wednesday, June 6  
Stayed at Phillips till noon. Rained.  came to Prices. Rained Hard!  spent the night.

Thursday, June 7
Stayed at Prices. Packed Grip for trip to hold meetings in Grant County.  Dark and cloudy, rained some.

Friday, June 8
Went from Prices to Win & Lex. & to Wmstown Ky.*  to Jas Aschrafts spent the night  Fair weather
*His travel itinerary shows that that he headed from J. Price Osborne's home to Winchester, then to Lexington, and then to Williamstown, Kentucky.  Williamstown is the county seat of Grant County which was founded in 1820.

Saturday, June 9
Spent the Day at Jas Ashcrafts. went home with A.M. Clemons spent the night  fair weather.

Sunday, June 10
At A.M. Clemons Went to Fair View Church  Came to A.M. Clemons from church.  Preached at night
came back to Marks*  Fair weather.
*I believe that Mark refers to Mark Clemons. There is a possibility that A.M. Clemons and Mark Clemons are the same person.

Monday, June 11
At Marks. Went to Jas Ashcrafts.  Spent the P.M.  Went back to Marks, spent the night. Fair weather.

Tuesday, June 12
Went to Brot Station. Stayed all night with H.T. Clemons*  Saw Lee, Nora, and the rest of the children.
Fair weather.
*I believe that H.T. Clemons is Henry Clemons.

Wednesday, June 13
Came from Henry's, to Jas Ashcrafts, Went to John Clemons spent the night fair & warm.  Put Nelly back on grass.*
*I believe that John Clemons is another older half-brother and that Nelly must be the name of William F. Clemons' horse.

Thursday, June 14
came from John's to James Clemons. Spent the day and went to Jas Ashcrafts - Rained in A.M.  Fair in P.M.

Friday, June 15
Went from Jas Aschraft's to Mark Clemons  stayed fair

Saturday, June 16
Stayed at Mark Clemons  Rained in P.M.  No meeting, Rained.

Sunday, June 17
At Mark Clemons'  Preached at Fair View  Came to Jas Ashcraft's took dinner  came to H.T. Clemons  spent the night  clear.

Monday, June 18  Stayed at H.T. Clemons  Rained in P.M.  not feeling well.

Tuesday, June 19
Stayed at H.T. Clemons  Clear and bright in A.M. & P.M.

Wednesday, June 20
Stayed at H.T. Clemons till P.M.  Came to Fair View Jas Ashcraft's.  Fair weather, Letter from M.E.L.

Thursday, June 21
At Jas Ashcrafts went to A.M. Clemons  Fair weather.  spent the day and night.

Friday, June 22
At A.M. Clemons  Went to Jas Ashcrafts in P.M.  Came back to Mark's spent night  Rained in P.M.

Saturday, June 23
Came back from A.M. C's to Jas Ashcrafts, spent the day and night  Rained in P.M.

Sunday, June 24
At James Ashcrafts went from there to John Clemons' spent the night  dark and cloudy in A.M.

Monday, June 25
Came from WmsTown to Winchester  Went to Pine Grove  After boys.* Spent the night. fair weather
Winchester Court 
*Homer and Leon Clemons, his two sons

Tuesday, June 26
Spent the Day with P.W.*  Looking at Stack Tab (or Job?)  Wheat TC.  Rained in P.M.  Made screens for Ky W
*P.W. is Phillip Webber.

Wednesday, June 27
Went to Winchester from P.G. and out to Roundtree.  Rained in A.M. & P.M. also

Thursday, June 28
Went to Millers Creek  stopped at Aunt K. Sales  went to Chilton's. spent the night.  Rained in Eve. warm

Friday, June 29
Went from Chiltons to M.A. Neal's 4-5 Went to Green Estes, to Milty Estes to E.B. Scrivner's to Jas Crawfords, and back to Chiltons  spent the night, fair weather

Saturday, June 30
Came from Chiltons to Dr. Marcums.  collected for survey.  came to Irvine. Came over to Round Tree.  spent the night. Fair weather.



Sunday, July 1   
Went from Round Tree to Winchester, Ky.  Stayed over night with G.M. Goosey  Clear  Leon Homer Price & Willie brought me to town
*I don't know who Willie is in this reference.

Monday, July 2
Boarded the train at Winchester at 7:09 Came to Cincinatti. Changed, left for St. Louis at 12:20 p.m.  arrived at St. Louis at 10 p.m. stayed at St. Louis over night Rained in Mo.

Tuesday, July 3
Left St. Louis 9:15 A.M.  Traveled all day and all night.  Fair in Mo.

Wednesday, July 4
Arrived in Muscogeee, Indian Territory, arrived at South McAlister  9:00 A.M. layed over till 3:00 P.M. boarded train for Oklahoma City 120 miles Arrived at 8:00 P.M. remained till 11:00 P.M.  started to Waterloo. arrived at Waterloo 11:53
Rained in I.T.*
*I.T. refers to Indian Territory, which later became the State of Oklahoma in 1907. 
Waterloo is a small town west of Oklahoma City.

Thursday, July 5
Spent the day with Squire Goode in Logan Co, O.T.*  Fair Pr
*O.T. refers to Oklahoma Territory.

Friday, July 6
Traveled over the country in wagon in Logan Co, O.T.  Fair

Saturday, July 7
Stayed with Squire Goode. Wrote letters to H.E. Neal, J.P. Osborne, Jas Crawford, Phillip Webber.  Fair weather. Some clouds in P.M.  In Logan Co., O.T.

Sunday, July 8
Spent the day in Logan Co, O.T. with John Goode, Esq.  Preached at Waterloo, O.T.  Fair weather

Monday, July 9
At Squire Goode's till 11 A.M. Went to Mr. Baldwin's took dinner A.S. Reed came for me, Drove me around to Donaldson's Bought farm.  Fair weather.

Tuesday, July 10
Squire Goode's took 15 mile Drive looking over the country came back to Mr. Goode's. Preached at Waterloo. spent the night with A. Reed near Waterloo. Fair weather

Wednesday, July 11
Came from Mr. Reed's Went from Squire Goode's to Wm. Jeffries, Spent the day.  seen Miss Pearl Anderson of Oskaloosa, Kan. Came back  to Goode's suppered drove to Edman, O.T. boarded the train at 11:22 P.M. for Gainesville.  Fair weather
Logan Co., O.T.

Thursday, July 12
7 O'Clock A.M. at Gainesville, Texas waiting for 9 O' train to Allen, Collin Co Texas. Arrived at Allen 2:18  Walked out to Mr. Horton's. Jasper Ws (?) F.F. Vaughn's, spent the night.  Clear and warm  Clouded up at night

Friday, July 13
Stayed at F.F. Vaughn's till after noon. Went to J.D.  Biggs Sister Mollie.  V. & I came back with her & spent the night
Cloudy part day Cleared up.

Saturday, July 14
Sister Mollie's folks & I went to J.D. Biggs spent the day, also the night.  some flying clouds, pleasant

Sunday, July 15
Spent the day at J.D. Biggs. Rained all Day.  could not get out disappointed the meeting spent the night also at J.D. Biggs

Monday, July 16
Came to Sister Mollies spent the day. Cloudy, showered in the P.M.  J.D. & Family went Home.  I spent the night at Frank's.*
*Frank is F.F. Vaughn.

Tuesday, July 17
Went from F.F. Vaughn's to Allen. Thence to Sherman, Thence to Whitesboro, Texas, arriving there at 10 O'clock P.M. putting up at Ewing House. staying over night.  Flying clouds, no rain very warm,

Wednesday, July 18
Left Whitesboro at 10:30 A.M. and arrived at Gainesville, Tex at 11:30 A.M. layed over till 11 P.M. boarded train for
Waterloo traveled all night  some clouds No rain

Thursday, July 19
Arrive at Waterloo spent the day & night two ladies also spent the night at Squire's some clouds & Hot  slept some in the day.

Friday, July 20
Went from J. Goode's to Guthrie. Bro Donaldson & I bade Jeffries & Miss Pearl Anderson Good by fixed up Deed, left Guthrie at 10:45 P.M.  came to Okla City  sprinkled rain spent the bal of night at Arcade Hotel 

Saturday, July 21
Came from Oklahoma City to Parsons, Kan.  Traveled all night Got to St. Louis, Mo. At 7:30 O'clock A.M. on the 22.
Dry, no rain.

Sunday, July 22
Arrived in St. L at 7:30 A.M.  Came from St. Louis to Cincinatti O.  Made acquaintance of Cora Jarrel. Clev O.  Stopped Corner Hotel Cin. Washed. Posted and Retired.  Cloudy, Rained some in Ills.

Monday, July 23
Came to H.T. Clemons from Cin. Arrived at 8 A.M.  spent the rest of the day and night  Clouds Flying.  very warm

Tuesday, July 24
Came from H.T.C.'s to Nora Blackwells. Spent the rest of the day.  Left at 5 O'Clock Came to A.M. Clemons spent the night
Rained in P.M.

Wednesday, July 25
Came from A.M.C.'s to Jas Ashcrafts.  rained, Dark & cloudy spent the night

Thursday, July 26
Came from Jas Ashcrafts to WmsTown boarded the train for Lexington Ky arrived at 9:53 spent the day-went from Lexington to Pine Grove, spent the night  fair weather

Friday, July 27
At Pine Grove, spent the A.M. Went to Mr. Hurts spent the P.M. took supper, came to P. Webber's spent the night  fair weather, warm

Saturday, July 28
Came from Pine Grove to Winchester. Came out with Price to Round Tree spent the night  fair and warm

Sunday, July 29
Spent the day at Prices  Rained pretty much all day. Replaced pictures in frame (Betties & Matties)* wrote letters & to. spent the night
*Bettie was Betty Jackson Fluty Clemons, William F. Clemons' first wife; Mattie was Mattie Clay Reed Neal Clemons, William F. Clemons' second wife.

Monday, July 30
Bathed, Stayed at Prices went to Jefferson Bush's funeral.*  Came back to J.P. Osborne's spent the night. ----Hot
*This may be the same T.J. Bush who was mentioned on April 22.

Tuesday, July 31
Spent the day at J.P. Osbornes. Wrote letters to J. Goode, Theo. Jeffries, Land Agt. Austin Tex.  M.C. Broad P.M. Winchester & c.  Hot & clear


Wednesday, August 1
Spent A.M. at Prices Had washing done by Bet Parker.  went to pasture for Mare to ride to Millers Creek  clear & hot Went to Dillard Osborne's and wrote deeds for land division of land

Thursday, August 2
Came from Prices to Sam Berryman's. came on toward Irvine, Ky Took dinner with Lewis Wilson, Aunt K Sale, Cousins Harriet Winborn, and Bettie Hardwick.* Came on to Millers Creek. Spent night with Chilton.  stormed & rained.
*Bettie Hardwick is probably from the family that started the Hardwick Post Office on Hardwick's Creek (pronounced Hardis by the natives) just off Hwy. 89

Friday, August 3
Went from Chilton's out to C.W. Sale's store. Rained till noon.  Went back to Chilton's stayed at store with Mr. West Went to House. Took dinner Went over to E.B. Scrivner's  spent the night.

Saturday, August 4
Came from E.B. Scrivners to Chiltons. Stayed till Church time and went to Church & Home with Mrs. Crawford. Bro. Lowry & I spent the night Warm & clear

Sunday, August 5
Came from Jas Crawford to Chilton's. went to church back to to Chiltons for dinner.  Bro. L, Bro. Camp. & father.  and there went to Green's to see. Uncle Henry*  Hot & Clear
*Leroy Clemons was William F. Clemons' father.  He was born about 1822, and I do not know if this refers to his real father or to the father at Mt. Tabor church.  My guess is that they did not call their brethren in the church. I suppose that this could also be his father-in-law. This reference to Uncle Henry is Uncle Henry Estes, but I do not yet know the family connection.

Monday, August 6
Went from Green Estes to M.A. Neal's spent a few minutes came back to Green's, thence to Chiltons & over to E.B.S. for dinner and to the store & home with Clarence's.* spent the night  Very warm & clear.
*I believe that this is Clarence Estes.

Tuesday, August 7
Came from Clarences went around to Chilton's went to to the church and out some weeds came to Chiltons spent while at the store went over to E.B. Scrivner's spent the night

Wednesday, August 8
Came from E.B. Scrivners to David Pryse's. Then to Chilton's stayed awhile at Store. E.B. sent for Me. Baby sick* spent the night Very Hot
*I believe that this baby was the baby of E.B. Scrivner and his wife. I don't have a name.

Thursday, August 9
Came from E.B. Scrivners. Went to Fitchburg. Came back to Chilton's. Went to Hard Rock  Stayed at Chilton's. Very, Very Hot +

Friday, August 10
Worked at store on Cob Mountain. Took dinner with J.B. Dickenson spent the night with Jas. Howell M.&L. & I  Hot Hot

Saturday, August 11
Came from Jas Howells to Fitchburg over the Chilton's Went to Mr. Estes. Spent the night.

Sunday, August 12
Came from A.C. Estes to Chilton's. spent the day went down to Mr. West. Spent the night.

Monday, August 13
Came from Mr. West's. Worked on graves at Tabor* till P.M. Rained in P.M. came to the store spent the night with Chilton
Hot, Rained
*Tabor refers to Mt. Tabor Church.

Tuesday, August 14
worked on graves all day put up monument in the P.M.* Bro Hamilton came spent the night with Chilton. M.A. N.  Warm   weather
*This monument which he set up is probably for the grave of his recently departed wife, Mattie Clay (Reed) (Neal) Clemons.

Wednesday, August 15
Worked on the graveyard. Cut weeds till noon.  took dinner at A.C. Estes. Went to Uncle Milton Estes spent the night  Very Very Hot

Thursday, August 16
Came from Milton Estes to Chiltons & store to the church to Jas Crawfords and to E.B. Scrivners back to Chiltons. spent the
night.  Rained in the P.M.

Friday, August 17
At Chiltons wrote letters To Elder M. Elliott & Joel Reed went to Bro McIntoshes spent the night  Hot!

Saturday, August 18
Worked on Graves. Re-erected monument went with Ma* over to E.B. Scrivners spent the night Hot
*Ma refers to his mother-in-law, Elizabeth (Sales) Reed and the monument is the quite dramatic gravestone of his recently deceased wife, Mattie Clay (Reed) (Neal) Clemons.

Sunday, August 19
came from E.B. Scrivners to Chiltons.  dressed went to Cob Hill, Preach Room to & last took dinner with John Thacker came to Chiltons spent the night.

Monday, August 20
Came from Chiltons to Irvine. Stayed till 4 P.M. Came to Prices. Spent the night.  Hot

Tuesday, August 21
Went to Hall. to Mrs. Mollie Swope's funeral took dinner at J.W. Parrishes  came to office Rec. letters from Eld. Milton Elliott, Kate Reid; Came to Prices spent the night  Very Hot rained  rained at night

Wednesday, August 22
Wrote letters to Jas. Hamilton, Kate Reid, Milton Elliott, W.H.H. Goode. went to Post Office; came back to Prices  Very hard rain  went to Winchester with Mail Carrier spent the night with Brother Lowry

Thursday, August 23
Came from Winchester with mail carrier to Prices. took dinner went to Wm. Todd's spent the night Rained in P.M.

Friday, August 24
Went from Wm Todd's to Jane Todd's spent the day with J.B.T. came to J.P. Osborne's Went to Round tree to church. Spent the night at Price's Rained in P.M.

Saturday, August 25
Went to Church & P.O. went to Uncle Blue's for dinner and went to church. Came back to Uncle Blue's* -spent the night Bro. Stambaugh.  No Rain Hot
*Uncle Blueford is Blueford Kerr, married Sarah Wift on 20 September 1866 in Estill County.  Blueford was the sister of Eliza J. Kerr, William F. Clemons' late mother.

Sunday, August 26
went to church, took dinner at Mrs. Mollie Eades' came back to church came to Prices with Bro Stambaugh spent the night  No Rain Hot

Monday, August 27
Went to Winchester Court day Came back to Prices spent the night Hot nor Rain

Tuesday, August 28
Started from Prices went to Post Office and to Log Lick to Church wrote to Pearl A.* & M.C. Broad. Came back to
Prices. letters from M.C. Broad & others Hamilton & c.pepared to go to Mt. Tabor went to Log Lick to church at night came back to Prices with Bro. Stambaugh
*This is Pearl Anderson whom W.F. Clemons met on his trip to Oklahoma and Texas.

Wednesday, August 29
Worked on graves at Log Lick Baptized at ford of Lulbegrad. came to church went to J.D. Chism's for dinner.* worked on graves in P.M. Went to church at night. went to Prices Spent the night Bro. Jackson & I  Hot no Rain
* James D. Chism, the son of Nathaniel Chism and brother of Calvin Chism who married Mary 

Thursday, August 30
went to Mt. Tabor.  Bro. Jackson & I & Mr. Hix worked on graves. spent the night at Chiltons  Hot No Rain

Friday, August 31
Worked on graves at Tabor.  Went to church at night. came back to Chiltons.  Hot no rain

Saturday, September 1
Went to Reunion at Mt. Tabor spent the day.  tok supper at Clarences*  hot no rain  went to church at night. came back to Chilton's  Spent the night at Chiltons
*Clarence Estes

Sunday, September 2
Went from Chiltons to E.B.S.* came back to church! Went to A.C. Estes' for dinner. went up to Cob Hill to Baptize.  came back to church. went to Milty Estes' spent the night.  Hot No Rain
*E.B. Scrivner

Monday, September 3
Went to Chiltons and to Baptizing and to church to Uncle Henry Estes for dinner and to Mrs. Neal's for supper. Went church at night then back to Chiltons spent the night  Hot Rained

Tuesday, September 4
Went to church and to Milton Estes for dinner came back to Chiltons went to church at night went to Clarences. spent the night.
Hot no rain

Wednesday, September 5
Came from Clarence's to Chiltons went to church and to Jas. Crawford's took dinner and supper came back to church came back to Chiltons spent the night  Hot No Rain

Thursday, September 6
Went from Chiltons to church and to Bro. McIntoshes for dinner back and to E.B. Scrivners and to church and back to E.B. Scrivners spent the night

Friday, September 7
Went from E.B.S to Chiltons and to Baptizm then to church and then to E.B. Scrivners for dinner to Harry Scrivners for Supper. then to church and then to Uncle Anderson Hamiltons spent the night

Saturday, September 8
Came from Uncle A. Hamilton's to Chiltons.  Rented the Heirs land; went to church; then to Mrs. Mackey's came back to church. went to E.B.S. spent the night  Hot No Rain

Sunday, September 9
Came back from E.B. Scrivners to Chiltons. Went to Mill* to baptize to church. took dinner at Dr. C. Marcums went to Mrs. Mackey's baptized Sadie Howell & Hallie Norton.  came back to Clarences Spent the night  Hot No Rain
*Millers Creek, Estill County, Kentucky

Monday, September 10
Went from Clarences to E.B. Scrivners spent the day came to Chiltons spent the night  Hot and Dry.

Tuesday, September 11
Left Chiltons came to Irvine took dinner at T.C. Vaughn's.  came to Round tree spent the night at Prices  Hot & Dry.

Wednesday, September 12
Wrote letters went to post office  Spent the night at Prices  Dry & Hot

Thursday, September 13
Went to Post Office  wrote letters  spent the night at Prices

Friday, September 14
wrote letters and went to post office  came back to Prices spent the night  Rained shower

Saturday, September 15
Went to Winchester Pd  Pd McAber. Fee to E.S.J. and J.A.R.  2ent with Will Hisle  got mail at Locknam  came back to Prices

Sunday, September 16
Went to S.J. Shimfessels spent the day; came up to Robt Gravitts and over to John Chism's stopped a while; came back to Prices spent the night  cool and Dry.

Monday, September 17
Went to Log Lick came back to the Creek.  then up to Uncle Blueford's and around to the Post Office and to Prices spent the P.M. and night.  cool & dry

Tuesday, September 18
went to Log Lick with Jas Hisle and hauled rock for foundation to monument took dinner at Uncle Blues came home to Prices
spent the night  Clear and Hot.

Wednesday, September 19
Went to Post Office and to Log Lick in the P.M. came back to Mart Chambers, and to Prices spent the night  Clear. Pleasant.

Thursday, September 20
Dug out and made foundation for monument at Log Lick. Came to Prices in P.M. Rained from 11 O'Clock A.M. to 2 P.M. went to F.M. Stoves for wagon came to Prices Spent the night

Friday, September 21
went to Winchester to meet Eliza Ellen Harbert, Millie Karr, and Lucy Kerr. Came back and went to Uncle Blue's spent the night  clouded up. and sprinkled some  Cleared at night.

Saturday, September 22
Came from Uncle Blue's to Post Office and to F.M. Stoves to take his wagon home came to Price's took dinner went to Sim B. Kerr's spent the night  Clear in A.M. Clouded in P.M. Rained all night

Sunday, September 23
Stayed at Sim B Kerr's Jr. till after dinner came to Prices Bob Adams and family were at Prices left in P.M. Rained some in the A.M.  Cleared up in the P.M. spent the night at Price's.

Monday, September 24
Went to Winchester Court took the little boys.*  Came back to Prices spent the night  Flying clouds but no rain.
*The little boys were Leon and Homer Clemons, his sons.

Tuesday, September 25
Went over to Uncle Blueford's.  brought Eliza Ellen Harbert, Millie Karr and Lucy Kerr over to Prices. Uncle Blue & Aunt Sarah Sim B. Kerr and Florence came too spent the night at Prices  Clear and hot.

Wednesday, September 26
Stayed at Prices washed my pants and underwear kerchiefs & spent the eve reading; and writing  very Hot and Dry.  rained at night

Thursday, September 27
Spent the day at Prices pressed pants and stuck hems & c.*  Hot and Dry.
*pretty sure that this "c." stands for collars

Friday, September 28
went from Prices to Post O. and to Depot. thence to Cincinatti (to (M)) Hot  and dry. no rain

Saturday, September 29
Went from L Hotel to Fulner (?) and investigated rates to Okla Adjusted matters came to Hotel spent the night  Hot and Dry

Sunday, September 30
Went from Cincinatti to Lex. (M to A) spent the day. At Reed Hotel (Crof River) and the night also  Hot and Dry.


Monday, October 1
Came from Lex. O.D. to Indian fields & to Prices Thence to S.S. Vaugn's

Tuesday, October 2
spent the day with S.S. Vaughn. Ma was there and quite a crowd of the relatives there   Hot and dry no rain

Wednesday, October 3
Came from S.S. Vaughn's with my mother in law. spent the day. Preached at night, and spent the night with J.W. Sparks  Hot & Dry. no rain

Thursday, October 4
Left J.W. Sparks went to see Thos. Stoves family went from there to Jas. Jordans took dinner. Willie & I came to Price's spent the night.  Hot and dry. no rain

Friday, October 5
Went from Prices to Winchester with the boys* took in Big show. came back to Prices spent the night  Warm & dry. no rain
*The boys are Homer and Leon Clemons.

Saturday, October 6
Went from Prices to P.O. & came back to Prices. spent the night

Sunday, October 7
Went from Prices to Mouth of the R River* and to Dudley Berrymans, thence to James S. Jordans spent the night Rained.
*Red River

Monday, October 8
went from J.S. Jordans to J.W. Sparks, and thence to Stephen Vaughn's spent the night cool & dry

Tuesday, October 9
Came from Steven Vaughn to E.B. Scrivners, brought Ma, spent the night at E.B.'s

Wednesday, October 10
Came from E.B. Scrivners to Chiltons. Went to Fitchburg came back to Chilton's spent the night.

Thursday, October 11
Wrote affidavits at Mr. Wests store went to E.B. Scrivners took dinner went to G.B. Kelleys to sale. Thence to J.S. Crawford's
spent the night. Rained

Friday, October 12
Went from there to Why Not spent the day ------ came back to Chilton's spent the night.  cool and pleasant

Saturday, October 13
Went from Chiltons to Berry's* for dinner and there to Doe Creek to church and to Brother Campbells. spent the night Bro Lowry and I.  cool and clear
*This is DudleyBerryman

Sunday, October 14
Went to Doe Creek to Church. took dinner at Tandy Centers' came to Mt. Tabor to church in P.M.  went to Clarence Estes spent the night Bro Lowry & I  cool.

Monday, October 15
Went to Irvine paid tax took dinner at Aunt Kate Sales went back to Millers Creek & to J.S.C's*  Went to E.B. Scrivners spent the night  cool and clear

Tuesday, October 16
Wrote deed for E.B.S. to J. Maloney went to Milton Estes.  Henry Estes with mother in law.  came by the Post Office Back to E.B. Scrivners

Wednesday, October 17
Came from E.B. Scrivners to Chilton's and then to Irvine then J.W. Sparks & over to S.S. Vaughn's -- back to J.W. Sparks
spent the night  cool.

Thursday, October 18
Came from J.W. Sparks to Prices. Sent Leon to Office wrote letters to Pearl A. and N.C. Mc* spent the night at Prices  Cool.
*These two people are Pearl Anderson and Nettie Craig McGuire, who later became William F. Clemons' third wife.  They were married September 16, 1901 in Nicholasville and moved to Bartlesville, Oklahoma about a year and a half later.

Friday, October 19
Wrote letters at Prices went to Post Office and to sugar mill came back to Prices spent the night.  cool & dry

Saturday, October 20
Went to Post Office and to Log Lick and back to Prices spent the night   cool & dry

Sunday, October 21
Went to Robt Adams (crossed out in journal) Buck Kerr's in P.M. spent the night  Clouded some

Monday, October 22
Went to Winchester Court spent the day in town came back to Prices spent the night  rained some

Tuesday, October 23
Worked on old house at Prices.  Spent night at Price's  

Wednesday, October 24
Worked on house at Prices spent night at Prices.

Thursday, October 25
Worked on old House for Price.  spent night at Prices.

Friday, October 26
Went to Post Office, and went with Surveying crew on line between Pa* and J.H.O's heirs  Spent the night at Price's.
*I do not know if this is William F. Clemons' father-in-law or whether this is his father, Leroy Clemons.

Saturday, October 27
Went to P.O. got letters from N.C.M, P.A., M.E.C. went to J.N. Williams sold Fannie came back to Prices  fair and pleasant*
*N.C.M. is Nettie Craig McGuire; P.A. is Pearl Anderson; but I don't know who M.E.C. is.  Fannie is Fannie (Clemons) Osborne, William F. Clemons' sister.

Sunday, October 28
spent the day at Price's Worked on scrapbook - wrote letters.  Fair and pleasant.

Monday, October 29
Went to Post Office. came back to Price's.  got dinner. T.T. Bush and I went to Winchester spent the night at George Goosey's.
clear & dry 

Tuesday, October 30
Went from Winchester to Lexington came back  to Winchester and then to Indian fields and back to Price's spent the night  Warm some clouds dry.

Wednesday, October 31
Packed trunk for Oklahoma.  Went to Post Office  Cool & dry -


Thursday, November 1
Finished packing trunk and grip.  Cool.

Friday, November 2
Went from Prices to Indian Fields, thence to Winchester thence to Richmond thence to Valley View  Spennight ad Dud Fielder's

Saturday, November 3
spent the day in Valley View, and the night at Dudley Fielders  cool & fair

Sunday, November 4
spent the day with General Cashius M. Clay* in Madison Co Ky spent the night with Dud Fielder  cool and fair
*actually spelling of his name is Cassius Marcellus Clay, Republican nominee for Vice-President in 1860, General in the Union Army during the Civil War and famous anti-slavery newspaper editor in the South. Clay was born October 19, 1810 and died, of kidney failure, in Madison County, Ky., July 22, 1903.  Interment at Richmond Cemetery, Richmond, Kentucky. Abolitionist Cassius Clay's home "White Hall" is open for tour.  Located right off I75 at the Boonesboro exit, Madison County. Part of James Michener's "Independence" was filmed there. It has been restored and has a very rich history.

Monday, November 5
Came from Valley View to Nicholasville, thence to Lexington, thence to Winchester spent night at Mrs. Johnsons. cool & fair

Tuesday, November 6
Came to Lexington Ky Departed at 2 P.M. for Louisville. Departed from thence at 9:12 P.M. for Memphis, Tenn.

Wednesday, November 7
Arrived at Memphis, Tenn at 8:10 A.M. Departed at 9:10 for Shawnee, Okla T.  Fair & cool

Thursday, November 8
Arrived at Shawnee, Okla T. at 4 A.M. went out with Cousin M.C. Broad.  spent the day & night  cool and fair

Friday, November 9
Spent the day and night at Cousin M.C. Broads  cool and fair

Saturday, November 10
Went to Tecumse. took dinner at Cousin Will Becknells; came back to Cousin M.C. Broads spent the night  cool and fair  sent to church at night.

Sunday, November 11
Went to Rock Creek to church Delivered a S.S. Lecture. Bro. Patch Preached.  back to Cousin Mit's for dinner* went back to
Rock Creek and Preached  back to Cousin M.C.'s  cool and cloudy
*By reading through the journal, it's fairly clear that Cousin Mit is M.C. Broad, but I do not know what Mit is short for.

Monday, November 12
Spent the day with Cousin Mits went to see farm in P.M. Cousin Lollie, Mecia and Bettie Becknell.  cool and fair.  spent the night Retired at 12:15, arose at 2:30

Tuesday, November 13
Came from Cousin Mits to Shawnee took train for Okla. City got breakfast and dinner, and went to Waterloo. spent the night with John Goode.

Wednesday, November 14
Stayed at Waterloo took dinner at Albert Goodes came back to John Goode's  spent the night

Thursday, November 15
Went to Wm. Jeffries took dinner, went to look at D.W. Jeffries farm came back to John Goodes  spent the night

Friday, November 16
Went from J. Goode's to Waterloo spent the day. Came back to John Goodes spent the night

Saturday, November 17
Squire, Cousin Mit & I looked at Eyers farm & Browns farm  Spent the night at John Goodes

Sunday, November 18
Went to Wm Jeffries Spent the day Rained.  Spent the night with Cousin Jeffries.

Monday, November 19
Came up to Waterloo went back to my farm Came up to Squire Goode's spent the day  Cousin Mit went to look at Graff farm
spent the night at John Goodes

Tuesday, November 20
Went to Edmond spent the day till noon.  went to OK City and to Shawnee and out to Jas Baldridges.  spent the night.

Wednesday, November 21
(Stayed) came up to Shawnee went back to Jas Baldridges spent the day till 3 O' P.M. then came to Tecumseh Junction, thence to Shawnee took train to OK City  spent the night.

Thursday, November 22
Came to Waterloo, looked at my place, went back to Edmond went back to Waterloo  spent the night

Friday, November 23
Spent the day at Waterloo  Cool.  spent the night.  cool

Saturday, November 24
Spent the day at Waterloo  Cold, inclement Rained, Sleeted  spent the night

Sunday, November 25
Spent the day at Waterloo  cool & fair  spent the night

Monday, November 26
Spent the day at Waterloo  cool and fair.

Tuesday, November 27
spent the day at Waterloo.  cool and fair

Wednesday, November 28
Went to Edmond, back to Waterloo.  spent the night.  Clear & Pleasant

Thursday, November 29
Mr. Seeley came for me, went with him
spent the day. Ate Thanksgiving dinner
smoked Manilla cigars, and had good time
as they call it.
Came back to Waterloo.

Friday, November 30
spent the day at Waterloo. Went to Clayton's Wood with W.H.H. Goode  spent the night with Goode



Saturday, December 1
Went from Waterloo to Oklahoma City. arrived near noon spent the P.M. and Eve. in taking in the Western City.  Slept at Alexander Drug Co.  pleasant and fair

Sunday, December 2
Arose at 9 A.M. stayed till 2 O'Clock P.M.  took dinner with J. Couchman  Drove to Waterloo 19 miles  turned cool in Eve and
rained at night

Monday, December 3
At Waterloo, spent the day  wrote letters.  cool and cloudy.

Tuesday, December 4
Spent the day at Waterloo.  Cool.

Wednesday, December 5
Went to Edmond, & to Okla City  and spent the night  Cool.

Thursday, December 6
Went out to Shawnee and to Jas Baldridges  cool and clear

Friday, December 7
Spent the day at Jas Baldridges  cool and pleasant  clear

Saturday, December 8
Went to Shawnee with Chas. Murphy and Willie Becknell. Went back to Jas Baldridges. Spent the night  cool and clear

Sunday, December 9
Went to Rock Creek to church.  Came back to Jas Baldridges  spent the night  cool & clear

Monday, December 10
Came from Jas Baldridges to Shawnee on to Okla City, thence to Waterloo, Okla  spent the night  Cool & clear

Tuesday, December 11
Went to look at Brown farm, took dinner at Mr. Browns.  Came back to Waterloo  spent the night  clear, clouded at night

Wednesday, December 12
Went to Edmond with Cousin Mit and fixed up about his farm he bought of Brown.  Cleared off came back to J. Goodes spent the night

Thursday, December 13
Spent the day at Waterloo Cousin Mit went home  clear & pleasant

Friday, December 14
Went to Mr. Brown's  Stayed around Waterloo  Pleasant 

Saturday, December 15
At Waterloo  Pleasant

Sunday, December 16
spent the day at Waterloo.

Monday, December 17
Spent the day at Waterloo.  cool and pleasant  spent the night at John Goode's

Tuesday, December 18
spent the day at Waterloo  Pleasant

Wednesday, December 19
At Waterloo. Went to Seward with J. Goode  Pleasant

Thursday, December 20
Went over to Brown place with Cousin Mit and to Edmond came back to Waterloo, spent the night  Pleasant

Friday, December 21
Auctioned Mr. Gates and Mr. Williams Sale  Came back to Waterloo. spent the night  Windy

Saturday, December 22
At Waterloo. Went to Edmond & to Okla City, spent the night  never slept any at all  cool.

Sunday, December 23
Went from Okla City to Shawnee, and to Jas. Baldridges.  Pleasant, clear  spent the night

Monday, December 24
Came from James Baldridges to Shawnee & E. Dale, and to McCloud  Cold & Windy  camped out

Tuesday, December 25
Traveled from near McCloud to near Edmond vill, Choctaw Jones  camped out  cool, clear

Wednesday, December 26
arrived at Waterloo about 10 A.M. took dinner at Will Foxes at Waterloo  spent the night at Jn Goodes.  cool. Windy

Thursday, December 27
Auctioned C.B. Brown's Sale, =BD mile east of Waterloo, Okla. T.  Spent the night at Jn. Goodes in Waterloo.  Pleasant, clouded in P.M.

Friday, December 28
Assisted Cousin Mit & Bro Brown at the Brown farm. took dinner at Albert Goodes

Saturday, December 29
(No Entry)*
*This is the only day during the entire year of 1900 that William F. Clemons did not make a journal entry. He must have been tired.

Sunday, December 30
Stayed at Cousin Mits took dinner at A.G. Goodes went with Cousin Lollie to Okla City  spent the night at Arcade Hotel, Okla City

Monday, December 31
Came back to Waterloo from Okla City Went to Cousin Mits spent the day


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