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Alphabetised Greenup Marriages 1804 through 1820
Transcribed by Darrell Warner
Aills, Benjamin to Young, Polly  5-30-1814
Alexander, Asa to Gorman, Polly  10-11-1817
Alexander, Dorkas to Wimberly, Thomas  7-7-1813
Applegate, Hannah to Scott, John  7-19-1808
Applegate, Hannah to Leveree, John  2-28-1820
Arthur, Nancy to Mills, James  5-13-1820
Ashley, Elizabeth to Gilliam, William  12-21-1812
Auxen, Daniel to Virgin, Polly  date not given
Bacon, Benedict to Ward, Susanna  12-10-1810
Bacus, Joseph to Smith, Millie  12-27-1816
Bagby, Nancy to Scott, Gabriel  8-26-1810
Baly, Wiatte to Lowry, Sally  8-22-1812
Baker, Nancy to Duncan, Charley  11-15-1819
Barklow, Susanna to Hannah, John  3-5-1812
Barnett, Nancy to Savage, Edward  11-26-1819
Bartley, James to Nicholls, Cassandra  10-2-1819
Barton, Beaver Kimber  to Fuqua, Polly  7-19-1813
Beckner, John to Parker, Polly  2-5-1815
Bell, Jefferson to Hord, Lucy N. T. 1-19-1820
Biggs, Susanna to Crank, William  3-4-1805
Blomer, Henry to Deflinia, Margaret  10-18-1817
Bloomer, Gilbert to Sutton, Margaret  9-2-1819
Bond, Anna to Mcguire, John  10-19-1820
Bond, Rebecca to Sprigs, Joseph  6-18-1817
Boone, Minerva to Warner, Wynekoop  7-2-1817
Botts, John to Cornelius, Judith  1-8-1805
Botts, Rowland to Terrill, Lucy M.  2-21-1807
Boyd, Rody to Davidson, William  12-25-1815
Bradshaw, Isaac to Osborn, Susanna  3-17-1817
Brag, A. C. to Morton, Susan  6-15-1812
Bragg, Blakemore to Crump, Lucinda  7-12-1817
Brandon, John to Pancake, Starean  11-13-1809
Brandon, Lucy to Pancake, Abraham  6-21-1810
Briant, John to Shope, Catherine  4-1-1805
Brown, George to Tomes, Nancy  12-23-1818
Brown, Nelson to Stratton, Jane  1-12-1810
Brown, Solomon to Hood, Elizabeth  1-27-1811
Brubaker, Abraham to Poage, Elizabeth  4-25-1811
Bruce, William to Ferguson, Peggy  7-19-1808
Brumfield, James to Rice, Elizabeth  11-9-1818
Bryan, Zephaniah to Roman, Rachel  7-11-1807
Bryant, John to Leakins, Sally  1-21-1805
Bryson, Priscilla to Rice, George  5-6-1816
Burns, Nancy to Gitthens, John  12-20-1820
Bush, Jeremiah to Scroggins, Polly  6-4-1819
Bush, July to Richards, Thomas  9-25-1817
Butler, Clifford to Gorman, Sarah  8-28-1816
Butler, Elizabeth to Smith, William  4-18-1818
Cain, Margaret to Hood, Henry  9-17-1811
Canterbury, Benjamin to Huson, Susanna  1-6-1805
Canterbury, John to Lycan, Nancy  9-18-1809
Canterbury, Reuben to Lycan, Elizabeth  9-19-1808
Cain, John to Wells, Lucinda  6-2-1807
Cain, Mary to Hood, Andrew  10-19-1807
Cane, Ginny to Griffith, David  9-5-1812
Carter, Joseph to Crump, Emily  3-1-1820
Cartwright, Levi to Guilkey, Sally  3-12-1818
Cartwright, Sally to Stump, George  8-2-1817
Cartwright, Thomas  to Everman, Babara  8-1-1810
Cary, Sarah to Horsley, Matthew  11-22-1818
Chadwick, Cynthia to Love, Daniel W.  1-3-1818
Chapman, Lucy to Littlejohn, John  11-17-1806
Chapman, Martin, to Ulen, Nancy  3-26-1817
Chapman, Reuben to Fuqua, Nancy  7-28-1809
Chinn, Bayman to Nicholls, Patsy  2-28-1808
Chitwood, John R. to Frame, Malvina  10-12-1819
Clancy, Nathan to Ham, Sally  9-5-1816
Clare, Cary to Hood, Peggy  9-18-1818
Clark, jane to Jones, Mons  11-5-1816
Clark, John to Duncan, Sally  11-27-1810
Clark, Richard to Johnson, Sally  3-25-1816
Clarke, Nancy to James, Edward  8-12-1818
Clarke, Richard to Davison, Nancy  6-7-1817
Crank, William to Biggs, Susanna  3-4-1805
Cobb, Jane to Cornelius, Austin 3-1-1808
Colegrove, Anna to Vonevey, John  10-16-1816
Colgin, William to Hatton, Nancy  3-10-1808
Collins, Mary to Rutherford, Thomas  3-17-1806
Cornelius, Austin to Cobb, Jane  3-1-1808
Cornelius, Eleanor to Ulen, Benjamin  4-27-1816
Cornelius, Jane to Darnell, Levi  7-16-1810
Cornelius, Judith to Botts, John  1-8-1805
Cornelius, Rowland to Howe, Eleanor  10-6-1804
Craycraft, Charles to Stevenson, Sarah  12-12-1809
Crehe, Thomas to Grayson, Elizabeth  10-24-1820
Crone, Drusilla to Holland, Wright  6-7-1808
Crump, Emily to Carter, Joseph  3-1-1820
Crump, Lucinda to Bragg, Blakemore  7-12-1817
Cummins, Walker to Everman, Ann  12-22-1806
Currant, Rebecca to Mahew, Myra  1-13-1805
Cutright, Elizabeth to Hush, John  3-26-1817

Daily, James to Harson, Elizabeth  4-15-1811
Darnell, Levi to Cornelius, Jane  7-16-1810
Darville, Edmund to Powers, Elizabeth  4-17-1820
Davidson, Joseph to Kouns, Elizabeth  date not given
Davidson, William to Boyd, Rody  12-25-1815
Davis, Betsey to Howe, John N.  10-30-1819
Davis, Margaret to Gorman, Robert  3-13-1819
Davison, Nancy to Clarke, Richard  6-7-1817
Davison, Peggy to Thomas, John C.  7-15-1811
Davison, Polly to Johnson, Harry  3-25-1816
Deatley, Elizabeth to Rucker, James  1-19-1810
Deatley, John to McKinney, Nancy  10-16-1804
Deatley, Polly to Rucker, Ephraim  8-4-1808
Deering, Robert to Stratton, Sally  7-15-1809
Deflinia, Margaret to Blomer, Henry  10-18-1817
Demint, Samuel to Harsin, Deborah  4-15-1811
Devore, Nancy to Van Bibber, Peter  5-4-1815
DeWitt, Bejamin to Stump, Elizabeth  3-8-1814
DeWitt, Benjamin C. to Stump, Betsy  4-16-1816
Douglas, Susanna to Lambert, Joseph  4-6-1819
Downs, Emsey to Osenton, Emanuel  8-25-1819
Dummit, George to Moore, Elizabeth  10-5-1820
Duncan, Charley to Baker, Nancy  11-15-1819
Duncan, Joseph to Williams, Jemima  10-23-1817
Duncan, Linda to George, Martin  12-25-1818
Duncan, Phebe to James, Edward  9-27-1819
Duncan, Sally to Clark, John  11-27-1810
Durbin, Betsy to Lowry, Thomas  8-19-1818
Dupuy, Moses to Stevenson, Pheba  10-27-1818

Eastham, Hartwell to McGuire, Libby  11-25-1820
Edwards, Lucy to Whorton, Samuel  12-20-1814
Elgeton, Lucinda to Stith, Thomas  6-12-1817
Ellington, Clarinda to Newsome, James  11-7-1806
Ellington, Elizabeth to Newman, William  9-7-1815
Ellington, Prudence to Wade, John  10-29-1806
Elliott, John to Offill, Sally  10-10-1818
Emmens, William to Ham, Elizabeth 9-19-1816
Everman, Ann to Cummins, Walker  12-22-1806
Everman, Barbara to Cartwright, Thomas  8-1-1810
Everman, Elizabeth to Seaton, John  10-19-1807
Everman, Katy to Frame, David  7-15-1808
Everman, Mary to Mclaughlin, William  9-28-1807
Everman, Moses to Virgin, Eleanor  8-20-1815

Faun, Nancy to Humphries, Samuel  9-8-1812
Ferguson, Peggy to Bruce, William  7-19-1808
Fisher, Elizabeth to Ford, James  5-17-1805
Forrester, Betsey to Warnock, Johnson  6-1-1813
Forrester, Margaret to Lowry, John  12-26-1814
Frame, David to Everman, Katy  7-15-1808
Frame, George to Tate, Amy  1-5-1807
Frame, Malvina to Chitwood, John R.  10-12-1819
Frasher, Polly to Webb, Samuel  5-29-1808
Frasier, Lewis to Ratcliff, Elizabeth  5-18-1805
Frazier, Stacy to Ratcliff, Daniel  5-12-1805
French, Samuel to James, Patsy  11-8-1815
Friend, Jacob to Stratton, Ann  4-23-1808
Ford, James to Fisher, Elizabeth  5-17-1805
Foster, Nancy to White, William  4-2-1813
Foster, Sam to Throckmorton, Sarah  2-29-1816
Fuqua, John M. to Stevenson, Lydia  5-11-1813
Fuqua, Martha to Gammon, Samuel W.  3-23-1818
Fuqua, Nancy to Chapman, Reuben  7-28-1809
Fuqua, Polly to Barton, Beaver Kimber  7-19-1813

Gammon, Samuel W. to Fuqua, Martha  3-23-1818
George, Martin to Duncan, Linda  12-25-1818
Gethins, John to Mcguire, Susanna  6-22-1809
Gibbs, Mary to Truitt, Samuel  5-25-1818
Gilliam, Rhoda to Stambaugh, David  11-3-1807
Gilliam, William to Ashley, Elizabeth  12-21-1812
Gitthens, John to Burns, Nancy  12-20-1820
Goble, Sarah to Hartley, John  10-11-1811
Gorley, Samuel to Price, Polly  4-27-1820
Gorman, Polly to Alexander, Asa  10-11-1817
Gorman, Sarah to Michael (Last name missing) 11-26-1817
Gorman, Sarah to Butler, Clifford  8-28-1816
Gorman, Robert to Davis, Margaret  3-13-1819
Gray, John L. to Osborn, Elizabeth  9-18-1818
Gray, Margaret to Osborn, Morgan  9-5-1814
Grayson, Elizabeth to Crehe, Thomas  10-24-1820
Greenslate, Abagail to Osborn, James  12-25-1812
Greenslate, Mary to Meek, James  10-24-1817
Griffith, David to Cane, Ginny  9-5-1812
Gold, Ephraim to Virgin, Hannah  11-2-1807
Guilkey, Edward to Holden, Nancy  11-5-1814
Guilkey, Sally to Cartwright, Levi  3-12-1818

Ham, Elizabeth to Emmens, William  9-19-1816
Ham, Jacob M. to Stephenson, Sallie  9-10-1805
Ham, Sally to Clancy, Nathan  9-5-1816
Hammonds, Elizabeth to Landreth, John  12-8-1806
Hampton, Richard to Hanner, Elizabeth  12-31-1812
Hannah, Alley to McMahon, Joseph  10-27-1809
Hannah, John to Barklow, Susanna  3-5-1812
Hanner, Elizabeth to Hampton, Richard  12-31-1812
Hardwick, Sarah to Sheckels, Levi  4-14-1812
Harmon, Gabriel to Young, Jane  4-11-1812
Harson, Deborah to Demint, Samuel  4-15-1811
Harson, Elizabeth to Daily, James  4-15-1811
Harson, Garrett to Lowry, Mary  6-28-1814
Hartley, James to Richards, Mary  date not given
Hartley, John to Goble, Sarah  10-11-1811
Hastings, John to Ruggles, Mary Ann  8-20-1818
Hatton, Margaret to McVain, John  9-16-1806
Hatton, nancy to Colgin, William  3-10-1808
Hedge, Soloman to Rupell, Susanna  6-27-1805
Henderson, Esther, to Miller, William  8-28-1816
Hensley, George to Van Bibber, Ruth 5-20-1815
Hensley, Joseph to Miller, Hannah  1-14-1809
Hitchcock, Caleb to Furgus, Susanna  3-7-1808
Hoffman, Elizabeth to Willis, Joseph  7-15-1811
Holdon, Nancy to Guilkey, Edward  11-5-1814
Holland, Wright to Crone, Drusilla  6-7-1808
Hood, Andrew to Cain, Mary  10-19-1807
Hood, Elizabeth to Brown, Solomon  1-27-1811
Hood, Henry to Cain, Margaret  9-17-1811
Hood, Peggy to Clare, Cary  9-18-1818
Hood, Rachel to Howe, Joseph  12-10-1810
Hord, Lucy N. T. to Bell, Jefferson  1-19-1820
Horsley, James to Madden, Elizabeth  5-20-1815
Horsley, Matthew to Cary, Sarah  11-22-1818
Horsley, Nancy to Malone, Richard  7-13-1813
Horsley, William to Meadows, Nancy  3-5-1819
Howe, Eleanor to Cornelius, Rowland  10-6-1804
Howe, Joseph to Hood, Rachel  12-10-1810
Howe, John N. to Davis, Betsey  10-30-1819
Hulet, John to Lowe, Mary  7-30-1814
Humphries, Samuel to Faun, Nancy  9-8-1812
Hush, John to Cutright, Elizabeth  3-26-1816
Huson, Susanna to Canterbury, Benjamin  1-6-1805

James, Edward to Clarke, Nancy  8-12-1818
James, Edward to Duncan, Phebe  9-27-1819
James, John to Jones, May  6-4-1816
James, Patsy to French, Samuel  11-8-1815
Jeffrey, James to Tyre, Delilag  3-12-1810
Johnson, Harry to Davison, Polly  3-25-1816
Jones, John to Pettitt, Polly  12-18-1818
Jones, Mons to Clark, Jane  11-5-1816
Jones, Rebecca to James, George  6-15-1816

Kirk, Thornton  to White, Susanna  4-2-1813
Kite, James to Rucker, Peggy  9-14-1808
Knox, George to Trimble, Nancy  3-7-1808
Koun, Hetty to Osborn, Squire  11-11-1816
Kouns, Elizabeth to Davidson, Joseph  date not given
Kouns, John C. to Smith, Elizabeth  11-21-1818
Kouns, Sally to Neal, Jacob  9-16-1804

Lacy, John to Mayhew, Betsey  6-23-1805
Laidley, John to Pettitt, Rachel  8-1-1808
Lambert, Joseph to Douglas, Susanna  4-6-1819
Lambert, Thomas to Thompson, Mary 12-14-1816
Landreth, John to Hammonds, Elizabeth  12-8-1806
Laramie, Hugh to Rigg, Nellie  9-27-1813
Leakins, Sally to Bryant, John  1-21-1805
Leveree, John to Applegate, Hannah 2-28-1820
Lewis, Adaline to Ward, Joseph R. 3-21-1820
Lewis, Elizabeth to Ward, James  7-19-1815
Linn, John to Pancake, Betsey  3-23-1810
Littlejohn, John to Chapman, Lucy  11-17-1806
Littleton, John to Skidmore, Nellie  4-6-1818
Litton, Thomas to Troth, Nancy  3-25-1807
Long, Henry to Stump, Catherine  10-15-1813
Long, Henry to Skidmore, Elizabeth  12-24-1813
Lowe, Mary to Hulet, John  7-30-1814
Lowry, Betsey to Willis, david  3-21-1820
Lowry, John to Forrester, Margaret  12-26-1814
Lowry, Mary to Harson, Garrett  6-28-1814
Lowry, Sally to Baly, Wiatte  8-22-1812
Lowry, Thomas to Durbin, Betsy  8-19-1818
Love, Daniel W. to Chadwick, Cynthia  1-3-1818
Lycan, Elizabeth to Canterbury, Reuben  9-19-1808
Lycan, Nancy to Canterbury, John  9-18-1809

Mackoy, Judith to Morton, Nathaniel  12-26-1815
Madden, Elizabeth to Horsley, James  5-20-1815
Madden, Mary Ann to Sartin, James  7-14-1818
Mahew, Betsey to Lacy, John  6-23-1805
Mahew, Myra to Currant, Rebecca  1-13-1805
Malone, Richard to Horsley, Nancy  7-13-1813
May, Sophia to Rawlins, Thomas  2-1-1817
McCallister, James to Young, America  1-6-1810
McCord, Rachel to Walker, John  2-20-1804
McCoy, James to Morton, Judith  11-14-1820
McDaniel, Nancy to Thornton, Elijah  12-4-1819
McDowell, William to Skaggs, Susanna  2-25-1812
McGlone, Betsey to McLees, Thomas  11-13-1818
McGuire, Elizabeth to Stratton, James  5-2-1815
McGuire, John to Bond, Anna  10-19-1820
McGuire, Libby to Eastham, Hartwell  11-25-1820
McGuire, Susanna to Gethins, John  6-22-1809
McIntyre, John to White, Nancy  6-15-1813
McKinney, Mary to Stephenson, John  8-18-1815
McKinney, Nancy to Deatley, John  10-16-1804
McLaughlin, William to Everman, Mary  9-28-1807
McLees, Thomas to McGlone, Betsey  11-13-1818
McMahon, Joseph to Hannah, Alley  10-27-1809
McVain, John to Hatton, Margaret  9-16-1806
Meadows, Nancy to Horsley, William  3-5-1819
Meek, James to Greenslate, Mary  10-24-1817
Miller, Hannah to Hensley, Joseph  1-14-1809
Miller, Thomas to Oggill, Mahala  3-15-1819
Miller, William to Henderson, Esther  8-28-1816
Mills, James to Arthur, Nancy  5-13-1820
Moore, Elizabeth to Dummit, George  10-5-1820
Morton, Judith to McCoy, James  11-14-1820
Morton, Nathaniel to Mackoy, Judith  12-26-1815
Morton, Susan  to Bragg, A. C.  6-15-1812
Murphy, John to Saken, Nancy  4-10-1819

Neal, Jacob  to Kouns, Sally  9-16-1804
Newman, William to Ellington, Elizabeth  9-7-1815
Newsome, James to Ellington, Clarinda  11-7-1806
Nicholls, Cassandra to Bartley, James  10-2-1819
Nicholls, Patsy to Chinn, Bayman  2-28-1808
Norton, Sally to Rouse, James  4-9-1816

Offill, Mahala to Miller, Thomas  3-15-1819
Offill, Sally to Elliott, John  10-10-1818
Osborn, Elizabeth to Gray, John L.  9-18-1818
Osborn, James to Greenslate, Abagail  12-25-1812
Osborn, Morgan to Gray, Margaret  9-5-1814
Osborn, Sarah to White, david  9-22-1814
Osborn, Squire to Koun, Hetty  11-11-1816
Osborn, Susanna to Bradshaw, Isaac  3-17-1817
Osenton, Emanuel to Downs, Emsey  8-25-1819

Pancake, Abraham to Brandon, Lucy  6-21-1810
Pancake, Betsey to Linn, John  3-23-1810
Pancake, Starean to Brandon, John  11-13-1809
Parker, Polly to Beckner, John  2-5-1815
Pettitt, Rachel to Laidley, John  8-1-1808
Pettitt, Patsy to Throckmorton, William  5-11-1816
Pettitt, Polly to Jones, John  12-18-1818
Poage, Allen to Terrill, Peggy  6-2-1805
Poage, Elizabeth to Brubaker, Abraham  4-25-1811
Poage, Harriet to Powers, Richard D.  11-24-1819
Poage, James to Poage, Jane  10-20-1806
Poage, Jane to Poage, James 10-20-1806
Poage, Mary to Wilson, Thomas  12-20-1813
Poage, Thomas to Powers, Polly  6-14-1815
Porter, Delia to Porter, Thomas  1-19-1820
Porter, Thomas to Porter, Delia  1-19-1820
Powell, Benjamin to Young, Nancy  1-4-1817
Powell, Stephen to Williams, Margaret 12-8-1819
Powers, Elizabeth to Darville, Edmund  4-17-1820
Powers, Polly to Poage, Thomas  6-14-1815
Powers, Richard D. to Poage, Harriet  11-24-1819
Powers, Sarah to thomas, Elijah  8-10-1810
Pray, Stephen to Randols, Polly  1-30-1816
Price, Polly to Gorley, Samuel  4-27-1820

Ralston, Jean to Reeves, Benjamin  6-10-1811
Randols, John to Wingo, Polly  8-7-1813
Randols, Polly to Pray, Stephen  1-30-1816
Rankins, Lincy to Swearington, Bartley  1-4-1813
Rarden, Sally to Stewart, Paul  5-15-1815
Ratcliff, Elizabeth  to Frasier, Lewis  5-18-1805
Ratcliff, Daniel to Frazier, Stacy  5-12-1805
Rawlins, Thomas to May, Sophia  2-1-1817
Reason, Lewis to Young, Aramanthia  2-14-1811
Reeves, Benjamin to Ralston, Jean  6-10-1811
Reid, Charles to Roby, Chloe  1-31-1807
Rice, Elizabeth to Brumfield, James  11-9-1818
Rice, George to Bryson, Priscilla, 5-6-1816
Richards, Mary to Hartley, James  date not given
Richards, Thomas to Bush, July  9-25-1817
Rigg, Nellie to Laramie, Hugh  9-27-1813
Roby, Chloe to Reid, Charles  1-31-1807
Rollins, Joshua to Van Bibber, Hannah  3-11-1815
Roman, Rachel to Bryan, Zephaniah  7-11-1807
Rouse, James to Norton, Sally  4-9-1816
Rucker, Ann to Willis, George  9-4-1808
Rucker, Ephraim to Deatley, Polly  8-4-1808
Rucker, James to Deatley, Elizabeth  1-19-1810
Rucker, Mary J. to Rucker, Reubin  10-18-1808
Rucker, Peggy to James, Kite  9-14-1808
Rucker, Reubin to Rucker, Mary J.  10-18-1808
Ruggles, Elizabeth to Shain, Thomas  4-8-1820
Ruggles, Mary Ann to Hastings, John  8-20-1818
Ruggles, Sally to Williams, James  11-20-1820
Rupell, Susanna to Hedge, Solomon  6-27-1805
Rutherford, Thomas to Collins, Mary  3-17-1806

Saken, Nancy to Murphy, John  4-10-1819
Sartin, James to Madden, Mary Ann  7-14-1818
Savage, Edward to Barnett, Nancy  11-26-1819
Savage, Jane to Smith, Woodrow  2-17-1819
Scott, Gabriel to Bagby, Nancy  8-26-1810
Scott, John to Applegate, Hannah  7-19-1808
Scroggins, Polly to Bush, Jeremiah  6-4-1819
Seaton, John to Everman, Elizabeth  10-19-1807
Shain, Thomas to Ruggles, Elizabeth  4-8-1820
Shannon, James to Wallace, Jane  4-27-1818
Sheckels, Levi to Hardwick, Sarah  4-14-1812
Shoap, Eleanor to Snedegar, John  10-13-1804
Shope, Catherine to Briant, John  4-1-1805
Skaggs, Susanna to McDowell, William  2-25-1812
Skidmore, Elizabeth to Long, Henry  12-24-1813
Skidmore, Nellie to Littleton, John  4-6-1818
Smith, Elizabeth to Kouns, John C.  11-21-1818
Smith, Millie to Bacus, Joseph  1-27-1816
Smith, Nancy M. to Ward, William  4-1-1820
Smith, Sally to Tinsley, Joseph  9-14-1820
Smith, William to Butler, Elizabeth  4-18-1818
Smith, Woodrow to Savage, Jane  2-17-1819
Snedegar, John to Shoap, Rosanna  10-13-1804
Sprigs, Joseph to Bond, Rebecca  6-18-1817
Stambaugh, David to Gilliam, Rhoda  11-3-1807
Stephenson, John to McKinney, Mary  8-18-1815
Stephenson, Sally to Ham, Jacab M.  9-10-1805
Stevenson, Lydia to Fuqua, John M.  5-11-1813
Stevenson, Sarah to Craycraft, Charles  12-12-1809
Stevenson, Pheba to Dupay, Moses  10-27-1818
Stewart, Paul to Rarden, Sally  5-15-1815
Stith, Thomas to Elegeton, Lucinda  6-12-1817
Stratton, Ann to Friend, Jacob  4-23-1808
Stratton, James to McGuire, Elizabeth  5-2-1815
Stratton, Jane to Brown, Nelson  1-12-1810
Stratton, Sally to Deering, Robert  7-15-1809
Stump, Betsey to DeWitt, Benjamin C.  4-16-1816
Stump, Elizabeth to DeWitt, Benjamin  3-8-1814
Stump, George to Cartwright, Sally  8-2-1817
Stump, Catherine to Long, Henry  10-15-1813
Sutton, Margaret to Bloomer, Gilbert  9-2-1819
Swearingin, Bartley to Rankins, Lincy  1-4-1813
Sweet, Charles to Ulen, Peggy  7-26-1815

Tate, Amy to Frame, George  1-5-1807
Terrill, Lucy M. to Botts, Rowland  2-21-1807
Terrill, Peggy to Poage, Allen  6-2-1805
Thomas, Elijah to Powers, Sarah  8-10-1810
Thomas, John C. to Davison, Peggy  7-15-1811
Thompson, Mary to Lambert, Thomas  12-14-1816
Thornton, Elijah to McDaniel, Nancy  12-4-1819
Throckmorton, Sarah to Foster, Sam  2-29-1816
Throckmorton, William to Pettitt, Patsy  5-11-1816
Tinsley, Joseph to Smith, Sally  9-14-1820
Tomes, Nancy to Brown, George  12-23-1818
Trimble, Nancy to Knox, George  3-7-1808
Troth, Nancy to Litton, Thomas  3-25-1807
Truitt, Samuel to Gibbs, Mary  5-25-1818
Tyre, Delilah to Jeffrey, James  3-12-1810

Ulen, Benjamin to Cornelius, Eleanor  4-27-1816
Ulen, Nancy to Chapman, Martin  3-26-1817
Ulen, Peggy to Sweet, Charles  7-26-1815
Van Bibber, Hannah to Rollins, Joshue  3-11-1815
Van Bibber, Peter to Devore, Nancy  5-4-1815
Van Bibber, Ruth to Hensley, George  5-20-1815
Virgin, Eleanor to Everman, Moses  8-20-1815
Virgin, Hannah to Gold, Ephraim  11-2-1807
Virgin, Rebecca to Wells, John  7-25-1806
Virgin, Polly to Auxen, Daniel  date not given
Vonevey, John to Colegrove, Anna  10-16-1816

Wade, John to Ellington, Prudence  10-29-1806
Walker, John to McCord, Rachael  2-20-1804
Wallace, Jane to Shannon, James  4-27-1818
Ward, James to Lewis, Elizabeth  7-19-1815
Ward, Joseph R. to Lewis, Adaline  3-21-1820
Ward, Susanna to Bacon, Benedict  12-10-1810
Ward, William to Smith, Nancy M.  4-1-1820
Waring, James  to Waring, Lydia  2-4-1808
Waring, Lydia to Waring, James 2-4-1808
Warner, Wynekoop to Boone, Minerva  7-2-1817
Warnock, Johnson to Forrester, Betsey  6-1-1813
Webb, Samuel to Frasher, Polly  5-29-1809
Wells, Lucinda to Cain, John  6-2-1807
Wells, John to Virgin, Rebecca 7-25-1806
White, David to Osborn, Sarah  9-22-1814
White, Nancy to McIntyre, John  6-15-1813
White, Susanna to Kirk, Thornton  4-2-1813
White, William to Foster, Nancy  4-2-1813
Whorton, Samuel to Edwards, Lucy  12-20-1814
Williams, James to Ruggles, Sally  11-20-1820
Williams, Jemima to Duncan, Joseph  10-23-1817
Williams, Margaret to Powell, Stephen  12-8-1819
Willis, David to Lowry, Betsey  3-21-1820
Willis, George to Rucker, Anny  9-4-1808
Willis, Joseph to Hoffman, Elizabeth  7-15-1811
Wilson, Aaron to Sally Wilson  9-8-1815
Wilson, John to Wilson, Polly  2-1-1815
Wilson, Polly to Wilson, John  2-1-1815
Wilson, Sally to Wilson, Aaron  9-8-1815
Wilson, Thomas to Poage, Mary  12-20-1813
Wimberly, Thomas to Alexander, Dorkas  7-7-1813
Wingo, Polly to Randols, John  8-7-1813

Young, America to McCallister, James  1-6-1810
Young, Aramanthia to Reason, Lewis  2-14-1811
Young, Jane to Harmon, Gabriel  4-11-1812
Young, Nancy to Powell, Benjamin  1-4-1817
Young, Polly to Aills, Benjamin  5-30-1814