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 Eleven Men Become United States Citizens of  Harlan County Ky--1928
These men were coal miners.

Froneca Bucca---Italian--Coal Miner Lynch Ky
Joseph Mirawhile---Italian--Coal Miner Lynch  Ky
Elisevo Mirslli--Italian--Coal Miner Lynch Ky
Joseph Larwence-- No Country Named-Coal Miner Cumberland Ky
John Dusino--France--Lynch Ky
Sebastainan Hillenbrant--Germany--Lynch 
Sam Rodavica---Germany--Lynch Ky
Themesticle Sarros--Bulgaria--Harlan Ky
Rosario Trucia--Italian--Harlan Ky 
Joseph Emillo--Italian--Harlan Ky

13 Men Become United States Citizens of  Harlan County Ky---1925
Arthur Balzareno- Slav
George Klovacs-Hungarian
Joseph Vazzana-Italian
Frank Stiburek-Slav
Milo Radulovich-Slav
Ignac Cipek-Seberian
Jackob Binderman-Russian
Andy Bresna-Slav
Pietro Solavika-Italian
John Kertez-Slav
Thomas Drage-Slav
Smanicle Trossky-Poland
George Sacco-Italian 

 Harlan County  is located in the eastern coal field region of Ky. Harlan has been immortalized in books and forever preserved on film. Harlan County USA a film by Barbara Koppel depicting life in the coal fields of Harlan, Ky .This documentary won a academy award.  Harlan County is one of the most famous counties in Ky. Harlan has earned it's place in History and is portrayed in our history books as "Bloody Harlan". Pioneers were of strong stock and  brawn. Many had served in the Rev War and their sons fought in the War of 1812. They battled the Indians making their way through the Wilderness Trail. Kentucky's, soil is soaked with the blood of the Shawnees, Cherokees, and Iroquois.  Pioneers  were of English, English-Irish, Scot -Irish and Scot  Highlander blood lines. Rugged to the terrain  of vast mountains and deep descending valleys, pioneers paved the way to the west through the Wilderness Road. Kentucky fought and won its freedom from Virginia in 1792 and became the fifteenth state to join the Union. It was 1916 when coal mining was fully established in Harlan, Kentucky that the influence of the North soon would change the lives of our fore-fathers forever. Visit our Kentucky Coal Miners site. Many Harlan County connections. 

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Harlan County Movie
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Hell In Harlan
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 Harlan County Movie 
Filmed in Canada
Harlan County Court House 
205 Central Street 
Harlan, Kentucky-40831-0670 
Harlan sits at the base of the Cumberland river. Black Mountain being the highest point, 4732 ft above sea level. Cumberland was the largest community but was remote from Harlan until the railroad was built in the early 1900s.
Today there is no public transportation to or from Harlan County. Corbin is the closest town for public transportation. I use to take the greyhound from Harlan to Lexington but greyhound no longer operates in Harlan County. Harlan is considered remote and the outer areas are still unspoiled by modern technology.

Old Harlan High School and the old Harlan Hospital
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Harlan County was formed in 1819 from a portion of Knox County. In 1842 it lost a small portion at the northeast end to the formation of Letcher County. It remained the same size until 1867, shortly after the Civil War, when a western portion of the county was taken off to become the eastern half of Bell County. In 1878, part of the northern section of the county was joined to parts of Clay and Perry Counties to become Leslie County. Use the links below to visit the neighboring counties

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